Soldier of the Month Board Recommendation

15W Unmanned Aircraft Operator/ Unit Trainer

SPC Bass is an outstanding and capable soldier. He has a positive attitude and is an outstanding example to his peers and subordinates. Over the past 24 months, SPC Bass has accomplished the following:

a. SPC Bass was involved with eight Pohakuloa Training Area rotations with Bravo Troop. During his time at PTA, he planned and executed 3 gunnery training missions with AH64 pilots.

b. SPC Bass was involved with a rotation to Fort Magsaysay, Philippines for SK/BK22. While in the Philippines, SPC Bass was a subject matter expert teaching the Philippine Army Aviation Regiment about Reconniassance Techniques, Tactics, and Procedures as well as a RQ-7B shadow capabilities brief to promote international partnership. In addition, he crossed trained with the 15R Crew Chiefs and Pilots to improve integration of UAS and Rotary wing aircraft and enhance Manned-Unmanned teaming Capabilities. Finally, he joined the Grey Eagle UAS team to execute five combat missions in support of Operation Balikatan.

c. SPC Bass was involved in a Nakoa Fleek rotation at Wheeler Army Airfield. During this rotation, he trained three new soldiers from Readiness Level 3 to Readiness Level 1 in conjunction with his own career progression to Aircraft Commander. These actions advanced the squadron's UAS fleet readiness.

d. SPC Bass was involved in a Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Center rotation in OCT/ NOV of 2022 at Wheeler Army Airfield. During this training exercise, SPC Bass flew 66.2 hours as an Aircraft Commander to provide reconnaissance and communications for ground forces and the combat aviation brigade to complete their mission.

e. SPC Bass is a very dedicated and motivated soldier as well as teacher to soldiers above and below him. Because of this, he earned the title of Unit Trainer for Bravo troop UAS. He currently works directly with the Standardization Operator, Instructor Operators, and the commander to teach Bravo troop's UAS operators allowing a cohesive, well trained, operational fleet.

SPC Bass is a highly dedicated and motivated soldier. He is always up for whatever task is given to him and he always ensures that everything is done correctly and to the best of his ability. His dedication to the Army proves to his superiors, peers, and subordinates that he is ready to go to the soldier of the month board.

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