DA Form 638 for AAM for Achievement

Language Proficiency

SPC Doe distinguished himself on the Spanish Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) by exceeding the Army's 2L/2R standard. Due to his exceptional skills and language proficiency, he scored a 3L/3R rating on the Spanish DLPT 5 on 14 and 15 January 2018. SPC Doe's outstanding achievement sets the standard within the Command Language Program.

APFT Improvement

SGT XXXXX held the Platoon Sergeant duty position for 1st Platoon, A Company for two months. SGT XXXXX displayed phenomenal devotion to physical excellence and the development of the Soldiers in his Squad. As a leader in 1st Platoon, SGT XXXXX's motivation was an example for others to follow along with his demanding physical training regimen that became his Squad's standard for fitness. This resulted in his Squad's APFT average rising from 245 to 262 points in a two month span.

Funeral Detail

________ was an integral part of the overwhelming success of First Battalion's funeral responsibilities from July 2013 to December 2013. ________ sacrificed a great deal of personal time, sometimes travelling out of town to provide family members with the most professional display of gratitude for their loved ones' service. _______'s unwavering dedication to duty and selfless service during this period of time gives clear testimony to the exemplary character of _________ and his commitment to excellence while providing the utmost fidelity to the U.S. Army and its soldiers.


SPC Penalope has been a shining example of hard work and discipline. He has proven to have diligence by reading the operator level TM and spending countless hours on vehicles after the maintenance day is done, trying to learn something new to add to his understanding. He spends his time training other soldiers, even those not on his team, about vehicles and communications equipment without being asked or advised to do so. His initiative is a strong commentary on his professionalism.

SPC Penalope's technical expertise on the M204B machine gun. One of the platoon's primary weapon systems was vital during training as he assisted other soldiers during a qualification range and escalation of force training. He assisted his squad leader in training the soldiers. So that the RCP's primary gunners had precision and experience as gunners and impeccable use of proper escalation of force undoubtedly contributed to his platoons safety while deployed in Afghanistan.

On November 14 2012, SPC Penalope was instrumental in saving the lives of two soldiers as he was in the vehicle that was struck by an IED. He applied what ever aid was needed and helped escort this soldier off the vehicle onto the ground and onto the litter and provided security. He remained at the Soldier's side and continued to speak to the soldier as he waited for the MEDEVAC to go through. He acted with the utmost professionalism and was vital to the well-being of a battle buddy.


PFC Soewardie served as the Casualty Operations Clerk during Operation Enduring Freedom XII. Due to his diligence, and dedication to duty 100% of casualty reports that were submitted to CJ1 were a first time go thus ensuring accurate and timely reporting of all injuried personnel. He expertly handled each situation with great care and respect for the wounded warriors. PFC Soewardie's actions during the most stressful and trying of times earned laudatory comments from every Battalion he assisted in reporting efforts.

PFC Soewardie also served as a Deployed Theather Accountability Clerk. His technical and tactical knowledge was instrumental in ensuring over 4,500 Soliders, Airmen, Marines, Sailors and Civilians were accounted for in a battle space containing four Proviences and over 10 operating bases on the battle field in Afghanistan. PFC Soewardie took great pride in his duties and executed his flawlessly. He consistantly worked above his pay grade to ensure accuracy on every report he created, updated or assisted with.

PFC Soewardie continuously worked during his personal time to ensure the Brigade flowed smoothly through the Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration of over 3,600 Soldiers while the Brigade entered and exited theater in support of combat operations for OEF 11-12. His efforts directly enabled the Brigade staff to focus, plan and prepare for onward movement into Afghanistan and also allowed for a nearly seemless transition as we redeployed the Brigade back to home station.

PFC Soewardie always stepped up to take on extra shifts, which allowed other S1 personnel to participate in battlefield circulation missions which enabled them to represent the Brigade S1 and to assist the Battalion S1's and ensure the highest standards of personnel service were met. His exceptional contributions helped foster a cohesive atmosphere among the S1 section team.

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