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DA Form 638 Award Bullets

SSG Africom contributed to the CG's top priorities by developing leaders through coaching and mentoring of 12 subordinates, three peers, and 18 senior leaders in the implementation, use, and maintenance of the Contingency Command Post (CCP) communications systems in support of five named Operations, two Theater Security Cooperation Events, and 12 Joint Accord Exercises.

SSG Africom was the cornerstone that enabled the CCP communications team to facilitate capable and flexible mission command for USARAF during Lion Focus 16 and Judicious Response 17. SSG Africom seamlessly covered the responsibilities and duties of the CCP Communications Section's OIC and NCOIC for three months while running at 30 percent personnel strength, enabling the successful communication support of Operation Oaken Steel, African Readiness Training, and African Land Forces Summit.

SSG Africom protected the command from financial liabilities and set the standard for inventories by developing a system that meticulously maintained 100 percent accountability of over 400 pieces of equipment and sensitive items valued in excess of four million dollars. He was also responsible for drawing, maintaining accountability, and the destruction of all COMSEC material within the CCP. During his tenure, there were zero reportable COMSEC incidents and minimal down time on tactical communications.

SSG Africom while forward deployed in support of Operation Juniper Micron (OJM) established an emergency radio communications with the Embassy, improving reliability and security for the OJM team members. In addition, he maintained the Joint Coalition Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation intelligence network (BICES) in support of multiple coalition personnel. His hard work and dedication was crucial to the overall success of the OJM missions.

Sgt Deez exceptional leadership was vital to the success of J Company's force protection mission in support of Operation Freedom Sentinel. While operating over 800 miles from the nearest support facility, Sgt Deez's duties included NCO in charge of camp over watch positions, entry control points, random antiterrorism vehicle patrols, Airfield Security Operations, and as a quick reaction response force team leader.

SSG Soso, was directly responsible for facilitating weekly briefs and teleconferences that were invaluable to the operation. He served as a respective to the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard which help build joint service Esprit de core for all maritime services. His Unique skills and can do attitude greatly contributed to mission success.

SPC Thomas worked side by side with the civilian digital engineers and understood many of the complicated problems associated with server configurations and Joint Network Node integration. His expertise in the field of automation is far above that expected of a Specialist. His skill, competence, and leadership enhanced the preparation and overall accomplishment of Operation Blank and Blank, resulting in three major nodes to become fully operational.

SPC XXXX set the example for all other soldiers to emulate at the Regimental Engineer Squadron's Soldier of the Month Board. His extensive knowledge of various Army topics, attention to detail, and impeccable military bearing set him ahead of his peers and was instrumental in him winning the board over seven other Soldiers from the Squadron. SPC XXXX's hard work and professionalism has reinforced him as the new standard in which other Soldiers will be measured against in the future.

SPC Joe was chosen over 12 of his peers to assist the 412TH ASB motor pool in Shop Office operations. His skill, competence and leadership enhanced the preparation and overall accomplishment of Operation Task Force Harvest, resulting in over 2,000 pieces of equipment turned in without error. His hard work and positive attitude was vital to the turn in of over 12 million dollars worth of equipment.

SPC Merriweather set the physical fitness standard for other Signal soliders to follow, consistently scoring over 290 points on the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) and earning the APFT badge. He also regularly led the morning platoon PT formation in Physical Readiness Training (PRT). Being both dependable and athletic, SPC Merriweather frequently paced and avidly motivated fellow soldiers in all areas of the APFT. By doing this he single-handedly instilled the drive in many Soldiers to achieve higher scores than even they had imagined.

SFC Awesome distinguished himself while serving as the Senior Instructor for 12R10 class 005. SFC Awesome demonstrated to all that he is a professional Soldier, dedicated to excellence in his field of expertise. His untiring efforts and can do attitude testify to his achievements and accolades as an outstanding Soldier of the U.S. Army.

SFC Awesome showed constant concern for all students and cadre safety during the 12R10 Interior Electrican Course by monitoring the work/rest cycle and utilized composite risk management. His dedication to the safety of his students and those around him resulted in him adhering to the correct shop safety procedures and maintaining constant situational awareness thoughout the course. His commitment to safety resulted in zero safety accidents or incidents during the course.

SFC Awesome's willingness to step up to the plate and share his Interior Electrician experiences with all students throughout the course was instrumental in helping all students to grasp a complete understanding being an Interior Electrician. The end results of his actions resulted in all 7 students receiving a GO for final Performance Evaluation "Install a complete electrical system" and being awarded the 12R MOS.

While serving as Senior Instructor for the 12R10 class 006, SFC Awesome was recognized by the division quality assurance team for his unsurpassed use and knowledge of ALM and OE in the classroom. SFC Awesome was praised for his vast knowledge and creative implementation techniques. SFC Awesome was assessed by division as performing exceptionally well during his Install Electrical Boxes, Cable and Conduit Systems class. Many of SFC Awesome's ALM techniques and were recognized as sustains for the class.

While serving as Senior Instructor for the 12R10 class 005, SFC Awesome spent countless hours before and after class designing and creating demonstration boards for student to use during class in order to help implement ALM into the classroom. SFC Awesome's creativity and enthusiasm in helping students learn resulted in all 12 students receiving a 1st time GO on the block of instructions for "Installing Electrical Devices".

While attached to 1/11 ACR, S-3 Section, as a member of the Tactical Operations Center (TOC), SPC XXXX conducted jobs such as an Radio Telephone Operator and JCR operator. His high level of proficiency and knowledge regarding the SINCGARS radio system, radio etiquette and JCR system were critical in ensuring the 1/11 ACR TOC was constantly able to transmit and receive pertinent battlefield data and keeping the command team up to date with a rapidly changing battlefield during STX and rotational operations.

SPC excelled in teaching and leading his peers while assisting in the execution of 10 drivers training classes with a completion rate of 100% and over 250 soldiers being trained. While being assigned to the unit, SPC Kirton-Smith always displayed a high level of dedication and motivation. SPC Kirton-Smith was constantly being tasked for special taskings due to his ability to manage tasks and higher levels of responsibility.

Sergeant Doe enhanced the 119th Inland Cargo Transfer Company's image in the community by volunteering over 400 hours at the local elementary schools, actively engaging the students to assist with the lesson plans, assisting in the gym to keep the students active and orderly, and assisting the staff with everything from parent drop off at Alanton Elementary School, to helping with paperwork at John B. Dey Elementary School. Her involvement in the community promoted a positive image of Soldiers being viewed as role models.

SFC Snuffy has served as the standard bearer for all to emulate during his career. Throughout his tenure he has held several positions of great responsibility. From 2005- 2007 he served as Senior Human Resources NCO for the 95th AG Reception Battalion, Fort Sill, OK. He was responsible for the in processing of over 18,000 Initial Entry (IET), Soldiers into the Army's database. His attention to detail was constantly on display; ensuring each IET's medical, dental, clothing and administrative records were updated and filed accordingly.

SGT XXXXXX was a valuable asset to the 126th Military Police Company in support of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM 04-06. SGT XXXXXX provided needed intelligence to his squad to ensure they were abreast of the new TTP's while on combat patrols. He motivated and mentored 9 Soldiers to accomplish each mission. SGT XXXXXX's squad conducted over 1,900 hours of combat patrols within the Baghdad area.


SPC Snuffy's skill, competence, and leadership played a vital role in the success of training Second Platoon in preparation for Pacemaker Stakes. SPC Snuffy prepared classes trained and assisted more than thirty Soldiers on numerous tasks. His tact and hard work, positive attitude toward his job, and willingness to accept additional responsibilities were particularly vital to the 617th Engineer Company taking best company in the 864th ENG BN.


SPC XXXX has been an outstanding Paratrooper since his arrival to the unit in JUN 2012. As a PFC during the 2012 rotation at JRTC, he was one of the most reliable gunners for all convoys. He showed extraordinary situational awareness and tactical knowledge well above his pay grade, had an exceptional understanding on the operations of all weapon systems assigned to him and eagerly shared this information with his fellow Paratroopers, further advancing the combat effectiveness of his Platoon during Convoy Live Fires.

As a junior leader, SPC XXXX has repeatedly exercised initiative in the absence of orders from higher elements. His dedication to duty was prominently displayed routinely as he conducted transportation missions during the 2013 and 2014 JOAXs that required extremely early report times paired with minimal recovery time from the day prior. Eager to take on more responsibility, he was always the first to report, the last to leave, and was always ready to complete the mission to the standard typically associated with a well rested Paratrooper.

Following two of the three Company Training Exercises to the field in which he participated, SPC XXXX volunteered time not typically associated with the normal duty day for his fellow Paratroopers and the unit. His selfless service was made plain as he put the needs of his peers and subordinates above his own by offering to take additional duty shifts so that married Paratroopers could spend time with their families. His altruistic actions contributed to the morale of both Paratroopers and their families and showed great credit on the unit.

SPC XXXX served primarily as a Motor Transport Operator in the Distribution Platoon during his time with the White Falcons and has driven over 5000 incident free miles delivering classes I & V as well as transporting White Falcon Paratroopers, enabling them to complete vital training. SPC XXXX is task oriented and detail minded; completes assignments to the fullest while staying focused to make sound and timely decisions. SPC XXXX has kept inventory, maintained 100% accountability, and reduced incidental losses.

PFC Snuffy is an invaluable asset to Battalion Flight Operations. His superior and undaunting service, commitment to duty, motivation, and exemplary work ethic significantly contributed to the overall success of the Battalion. As a result of his "Take Charge" attitude, proficiency, and hard work ethic, PFC Snuffy was left in charge of running Flight Operations day shift.

PFC Snuffy assisted the battalion flight operations section in the administrative responsibility for over 120 crewmembers. He demonstrated managerial versatility by performing such duties as individual flight record management, army flying hour program, and the battalion's automated standardization reading card filing system.


________ was an integral part of the overwhelming success of First Battalion's funeral responsibilities from July 2013 to December 2013. ________ sacrificed a great deal of personal time, sometimes travelling out of town to provide family members with the most professional display of gratitude for their loved ones' service. _______'s unwavering dedication to duty and selfless service during this period of time gives clear testimony to the exemplary character of _________ and his commitment to excellence while providing the utmost fidelity to the U.S. Army and its soldiers.

SPC Mays achieved a milestone in her career by demonstrating competency in system security, network infrastructure, and organizational security. She sacrificed countless personal hours to prepare herself for the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) Security+ test. She successfully passed on her first attempt. This outstanding achievement demonstrates her initiative and dedication to the Task Force Maverick team.

SPC Martin devoted countless hours to developing himself and progressing in his military career. While in the 4-5 ADA Battalion SPC Martin maxed military correspondence hours, obtained 25 college credit hours and passed the Defense Language Aptitude Battery Test (DLAB) with a score of 100. Taking initiative, SPC Martin not only completed Structured Self-Development Level 1(SSD), but went further to even complete SSD Level 3 before it became unavailable to him. SPC Martin's determination to succeed was unmatched.

SPC Martin maintained an average score of 250 on the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). He also regularly led the morning platoon PT formation in Physical Readiness Training (PRT). Being both dependable and athletic, SPC Martin frequently paced and avidly motivated fellow soldiers in all areas of the APFT. By doing this he single-handedly instilled the drive in many Soldiers to achieve higher scores than even they had imagined. SPC Martin's level of inspiration was a cornerstone in the success of the Hardcore Battery and its Soldiers.

SPC Martin's efficiency and motivation greatly contributed to the Communications Relay Group (CRG) during his time in the 4-5 ADA Battalion. Using proficiency and skill he and his crew passed 2 Table VIII March Order and Emplacement (MO&E) certifications. With one particularly exceptional performance his crew became the only crew in the 4-5 ADA Battalion to have ever received a perfect score on the Table VIII MO&E evaluation. SPC Martin's capable disposition was paramount to the amount of success the CRG crew attained.

SPC Petersen was deployed as Systems Maintenance while serving overseas in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. During his deployment SPC Petersen engaged a multitude of systems issues that arose within the 4-5 ADA Headquarters and Headquarters Battery. SPC Petersen demonstrated motivation and determination in the face of strenuous times and increasingly difficult deadlines. SPC Petersen's strong mentality contributed to a successful deployment and a safe return back to Fort Hood.

SPC Petersen displayed initiative during many Battery and Battalion level events. SPC Peterson volunteered 46 hours of his off duty time in support of the Family Readiness Group and the 4-5 ADA community. SPC Peterson has demonstrated a magnified caliber of selfless service, and has individually raised over 500 dollars for the 4-5 ADA community. SPC Petersen's altruistic tendencies have made him an asset to the 4-5 ADA community and the United States Army.

SPC Petersen's ambition is exemplified during his tenure as Crew Member 1 of Crew 2 of the Communication Relay Group. SPC Petersen's ability to assimilate quickly to his position as Crew Member 1 of Crew 2 has characterized his motivation as a team member of the Communication Relay Group. SPC Peterson exhibits competence, professionalism, and discipline while performing all assigned tasks and additional responsibilities underlined as a Communication Relay Group Crew Member.

SGT Redic demonstrated excellent military knowledge and bearing well beyond that of her peers by competing and winning the NCO of the Month Board for the Brigade Troops Battalion, 4th Sustainment Brigade on 2 September 2010. She set a solid example for fellow Soldiers to emulate with her commitment to excellence and motivation during the board proceedings.

SPC Williams worked in the battalion mailroom and excelled at her duties while serving as the mail clerk. SPC Williams while working in the mailroom conducted daily mail operations by picking up, sorting, and distributing mail to over 1,000 Soldiers. SPC Williams' attention to detail and hard work did not go unnoticed.

SPC Williams exemplified the total Soldier by seeking self improvement while assigned to the 502nd HRC. She exhibited determination by taking college classes earning 30 college credits towards her Associates Degree. Her commitment to higher learning set the example for fellow Soldiers to follow which resulted in four other members of the platoon's enrollment in Distant Education programs.

SPC Williams participated in numerous platoon and company postal training exercises. She lived the Warrior Ethos by always placing the mission first. SPC Williams encouraged her team to perform the assigned tasks above the standards and ensuring the platoons success on postal operations.

While assigned to 4th Sustainment Brigade rear detachment, PFC Beradelli held the position of system administrator. In this position he helped maintain a 100% compliance with Directorate Of Information Management (DOIM). PFC Beradellis' responsibilities were supervising and overseeing the re-imaging for all systems on the network, updating system software to new Fort Hood standards, and also updating all user agreements within the rear detachment and supporting units.

PFC Beradelli assisted team members in the installation and operation of multichannel line-of-site and tropospheric scatter communications systems and networks. He performed and assisted team members in the performance of unit level maintenance on assigned communications equipment.

PFC Beradelli's tact, resourcefulness, and sound judgment, combined with his ability to work without supervision, contributed greatly to the structuring and implementation of the 4th Sustainment Brigades computer and networks operations. He contributed long hours and tireless efforts to ensure that daily operations continued to run both smoothly and effectively.

PFC Mays continuously worked through her personal time to ensure the staging, packet preparation, and all parts were on hand for equipment. PFC Mays excelled in her duties as a SAMS Clerk, by ensuring 4th Sustainment Brigade's equipment was ready for turn in to Left Behind Equipment Induction.

While serving as a SAMS Clerk for Headquarters and Headquarters Company, PFC Mays demonstrated unyielding sense of duty to accomplish the mission by completing 240 Left Behind equipment packets on the unit's rolling stock and equipment. PFC Mays' expertise and professionalism resulted in 100% accountability of equipment deficiencies before Left Behind Equipment Induction.

SPC Greene's loyalty to military Soldiers who never had a chance to return home and the friends and families of those who have served and continue to serve showed greatly through the Camp Buehring 5k Memorial Day candle light dedication. He spent the entire night prior setting up over 1000 candles and assisted with the execution of the event, guiding Soldiers to the lit field. His efforts contributed greatly to the overall morale and welfare of the Soldiers and Civilians serving on Camp Buehring.


While serving as a maintenance mechanic, SPC C..... was part of the driver s training team for the MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protective) vehicle, while at Ft McCoy Mobilization Site. He ensured that all soldiers were trained a 100 percent to standard, which was established by the 1-119th Maintenance section; licensing 409 soldiers and logging over 27,000 miles without accidents over a 3 week period.

SPC C..... was a member of the maintenance team that performed over 160 critical annual and semi-annual services on MRAPs, MAXPROs, Camin Plus, Forklifts, HEMTTs and LMTVs. He diligently worked over 1800 hours assisting the completion of over 1200 job orders which contributed to a high readiness rating of a 98% throughout the deployment. With his attention to detail and professionalism, it made him a key factor in the successful completion of the lighting upgrade to the MRAP and MAPROs.

He effectively participated in the organizing and the turn-in of Class IX excess, 3.8 million dollars worth, more than the unit prior, and more than any single unit in the brigade. This resulted in a more efficient stock age and helped the readiness of the other units n ASG-Kuwait by providing needed parts.

SPC C..... showed outstanding performance and dedication to duty while working over 60 hours a week. He still managed to find time keep himself within the Army standards for APFT, scoring over a 220, passing HT/WT and qualifying as an expert with his assigned weapon, the M4. SPC C..... showed great pride and enthusiasm in every task he undertook, producing excellent results throughout the deployment.

SPC Perezramos' outstanding dedication to duty and focus towards mission accomplishment was instrumental in his teams success during Shadow Strike 13-02. He meticulously prepared his team for all stages of validation and inspection, in which, his team achieved outstanding results. Recognized by the Battalion Commander as the best overall team participating in Shadow Strike 13-02, and the standard bearer for all teams to emulate in future training event.

PFC Sotelo PMCS, Diagnosed, and Repaired communications in 40 vehicles and 20 radios over a 4 day time period. He constructed the OE-254 in order for the Company TOC to have 100% communication coverage over Muscatatuck Urban Training Center's 1,000 acres and 68 major buildings. PFC Sotelo was crucial for Company Operations to have Zero Communication failure during Mission Execution of Platoon MESL.

SPC Ross made significant contributions to the overall success of the unit's redeployment to Operation Enduring Freedom XI. He worked long hours to ensure all equipment was prepared for the unit. SPC Ross also aided new incoming Soldiers by welcoming and guiding them to the proper in-processing procedures.

SGT Gonzalez distinguised herself during the 2012 G1 Human Resources Workshop. SGT Gonzalez' expertise in the area of military awards was evident as she effectively instructed Human Resources Specialists in the area of Federal and State awards. In addition to conducting several hands-on blocks of instruction, SGT Gonzalez discussed important topics such as proper award routing and regulation and policy updates.


SPC Walker developed the training schedules. He coordinated field trips and training with supervisors. His dedication to checking out equipment ensured it was always available and training was effective.

SPC Jon showed his expertise when he gave a H966 Bucket Loader class during Sergeants Time Training. SPC Jon gave a class to a thirty man Platoon. During the Bucket Loader class SPC Johns taught Soldiers how drive, recognize the components, how to properly use the the Front Bucket and assemble the forklift attachment to the vehicle. He also taught the class Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services and how to properly carry out a lubrication order to standard to the Platoon.

As an Early Warning System Operator, SPC Doe crew successfully mastered the tactics, techniques, and procedures, of the TCS by never failing a Crew drill, SPEAR, MRE or an ORE. The vocal leader of his crew, SPC Doe work ethnic coupled with his acute attention to detail allowed his crew to effectively utilize all communication platforms to higher and lower echelons. SPC Doe dedication and eagerness to succeed has made him a tactical proficient Soldier who is dedicated to excellence.

SPC Penalope has been a shining example of hard work and discipline. He has proven to have diligence by reading the operator level TM and spending countless hours on vehicles after the maintenance day is done, trying to learn something new to add to his understanding. He spends his time training other soldiers, even those not on his team, about vehicles and communications equipment without being asked or advised to do so. His initiative is a strong commentary on his professionalism.

SPC Penalope's technical expertise on the M204B machine gun. One of the platoon's primary weapon systems was vital during training as he assisted other soldiers during a qualification range and escalation of force training. He assisted his squad leader in training the soldiers. So that the RCP's primary gunners had precision and experience as gunners and impeccable use of proper escalation of force undoubtedly contributed to his platoons safety while deployed in Afghanistan.

On November 14 2012, SPC Penalope was instrumental in saving the lives of two soldiers as he was in the vehicle that was struck by an IED. His TC was the one hurt, applied what ever aid was needed and helped escort this soldier off the vehicle onto the ground and on the litter and provided security. He remained at the Soldiers side and continued to speak to the soldier as he waited for the MEDEVAC to go through. He acted with the utmost professionalism and was vital to taking care of a battle buddy and took it seriously.

While appointed as the lead Husky driver with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), PFC Land cleared for over 150 combat route clearance patrols. He distinguished himself by ensuring that International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), Afghan National Security Force (ANSF), and local populist by clearing their main MSR`s. PFC Land diligence in rendering up information to RCP39 patrol leader was instrumental to the 72nd MAC CO. completing its mission, contributing to a more stable Afghanistan Government.

SPC Alvarado's outstanding dedication to duty and focus towards mission accomplishment was instrumental in the units success during Operation Enduring Freedom 2012-2013. Recognized by peer and senior leadership for his attention to detail and pure determination which was instrumental in eliminating the insider threat and ensuring the security and safety for the Afghan Advise and Assist Element and the Afghan National Army within keeping of the high "Thunder Horse" standards.

SPC Hend was among the few in the Cold Steel Company that was allotted to work with a seven hundred million dollar piece of equipment. He made it his own mission to perform the vital checks on the crew system every time anyone in the company left for a route clearance mission. With his skilled and faithfulness to his warrior companions he allowed over two hundred route clearance mission to come back without any remote initiated improvise explosive device to detonate.

SGT --- fulfilled the duties of -Unit- Safety NCO from --- 20xx through --- 20xx. He was charged with ensuring the safety of more than -- personnel and $-- million in equipment and supplies within the facility. During the successful performance of his duties, SGT --- maintained a 100 percent free accident record contributing to the unit accident-free running total of -- days.

Specialist Smith's willingness to step up to the plate and share his detection asset knowledge and experience was instrumental in the initial instruction of the detection assets to the new soldiers of 2nd platoon, providing them with the standard skills necessary to operate the equipment, resulting in the success of the mission.

As a Senior Information Systems Specialist SGT _______ performed the duties of the Group Support BN S6, Senior IT Specialist. Those responsibilities included the completion of over 1,200 trouble tickets, establishing VOIP, VOSIP, NIPR and SIPR communications, video teleconferencing (VTC), and Army Training and Certification Tracking Systems (ATCTS), which tracked the BN for all automated training certifications.

PFC *** has dedicated over 35 hours to improving US-ROK relations through community serrvice. Her work includes serving with the Good Neighbor Program where she taught English to Korean students at Bongdeok Elementary School and providing Christmas gifts to the Gumi Orphanage for the children. In addition to helping out the community, she was also part of the relay for life walk to help raise funds for cancer research. She has proved time and time again that she will donate her free time to helping others.

Specialist Snuffy inherited duties and responsibilities far above his rank and completed all required tasks with proficiency. His familiarization with both garrison and combat operations has made him a valuable asset and outstanding Soldier for the 173d ABCT.

SPC Dirt served as a clerk in the Bravo Battery training room. He was responsible for as many as 100 service member information files at one time, ensuring that they were complete and maintained at all times. His attention to detail, ability to multitask, and dedication to the organization of the training room allowed information to be quickly and efficiently accessed. His ability to manage files was vital to the success of the training room mission.

SGT Doe participated in not only one but two deployments to Iraq in support of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team's mission and the War on Terror. SGT Doe deployed in OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM 08-09 and OPERATION NEW DAWN were he completed a wide verity of missions ranging from conducting mounted combat patrols to Company Intelligence Support Team lead analyst. His skills and ability were essential to GREYWOLF's mission and the Government of Iraq.

During Operation Enduring Freedom, SPC Berdan continuously volunteered to work above and beyond his peers during his down time to ensure the Platoons Howitzers were fully mission capable. SPC Berdan continuously took initiative to ensure his gun and radios were fully mission capable with little to no guidance. SPC Berdan contributed to the platoon by maintaining a 100% operational readiness.

SPC Floyd, was instrumental in the expansion of Camp Humpherys' communication infrastructure. His team's knowledge and skill helped the 501st Signal Battalion accomplish their mission. He worked consistently to maintain over 130 manhole cable junction boxes, installed seven miles of fiber optic and copper cable, and installed over 240 landline terminal blocks. SPC Floyd and his team was recognized by the 501st Signal Battalion Commander and First Sergeant for efficiency in communication operations.

SPC McQueen continued to sustain a high standard for herself as she effortlessly strived for self improvement. She attended college at University of Maryland and Central Texas College completing 42 college credits and maintaining a GPA of 3.0. SPC McQueen's influential initiative motivated other members in her section to continue their college education.

During JRTC rotation 10-10 SPC Mitchell set himself apart from his peers by going above and beyond what was expected. As a lower enlisted soldier in the Mortar Section SPC Mitchell consistantly carried out his tasks in a very proficient manner and not only met the standards set forth by the Mortar Section but exceeded them.

SPC Hernandez demonstrated a high degree of profesionalism skills. Her capacity to adapt, adjust, and overcome allowed her to resolve issues and stressors throughout the exercise. She executes extremely well and with unfaltering reliability; utilizes self motivation to successfully accomplish the most challenging of tasks.

SGT Alvarez distinguished himself by exceptional meritorious service, demonstrating to all that he is a professional Soldier, dedicated to excellence in his field of expertise. His untiring efforts and can do attitude testify to his achievements and accolades as an outstanding Soldier of the U.S. Army.

SGT Waters developed and published the Standard Operating Procedures for the company as it grew into a reception element for Wounded Warriors. She has worked to devise a structured supply program that adheres to regulation and policy. She established a precedence for conducting operations with both garrison and community agencies. She mentored her peers as they moved under Base Realignment and Closure to the new location six months after she set up her supply operations.

SGT DOE was an instrumental part of the Recovery Section for B Company, 204th BSB from 1 December 2009 to 1 June 2011. During his time with the section, he trained and certified 10 Soldiers and four NCO's in welding and recovery techniques that included multiple variants of the MRAP prior to the units deployment to Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). His exceptional knowledge and expertise allowed his section to complete 27 recovery missions safely and without incident during training events prior to the deployment.

His expertise and knowledge as a Fuel Equipment Operator, while serving as a drivers training monitor in conjunction with the company Master Driver has been instrumental in the company's mission accomplishment.

SGT sonso conducted over 200 technical inspections and unscheduled maintenance on an entire fleet of engineer equipment. His sucessful training exercise support and rigorous work ethic resulted in 12 Soldiers being well trained, attaining enhanced knowledge in their MOS, and being confident in all tasks and missions. SGT sonso showed excellent leadership skills and superior technical knowledge, ensuring the battalion readiness rate remained above 95% during his service with the unit.

SGT DOE displayed a high level of competence and professionalism while serving as a team leader, M240 gunner, and truck commander for CBRN/Security platoon 1BSTB. He was responsible for the welfare, accountability, and mission readiness of two Soldiers. SGT DOE proficiently trained and led his team in over 50 combat patrols which resulted in the security and force protection of COS Kalsu.

During his tenure here at 192nd Infantry Brigade, SSG Quiroga distinguished himself greatly by performing his duties as the BDE S-3 Training Resource NCO, AMMO, Land, Range and Transportation Management NCO. He has done a phenomenal job while assigned to the unit, training Soldiers, NCO's, coordination's and executing plans.

SPC Rice assisted in the maintenance on over 200 direct support jobs. SPC Rice technical proficiency assisted in saving the National Training Center and the Army over $300,000 in parts and labor by troubleshooting and repairing components, as opposed to replacing major assemblies. His efforts greatly impacted the ability of rotational unit's to conduct world class training as well as training with foreign military components in preparation for upcoming deployments.

SM organized, conducted, and supervised the Bravo Company Change of Command 29 August through 13 October 2011 in the absence of a Company Executive Officer. Her superb management skills, direct supervision, and technical expertise enabled Bravo Company to conduct their Change of Command without any unaccounted for property.

SPC SO&SO set himself apart from his peers by attending, CLS, CWLC, and DEA Basic Course Course. His commitment to the mission, as well as his own self improvement, set the example for fellow Soldiers to emulate.

SPC Carter distinguished himself by his exceptional conduct in transporting over 50 tons of ammunition and other class VII supplies as a Motor Transport Operator during the Yakima Training Center Japanese CALFEX exercise in September 2010. His unwavering skill significantly contributed to the success of his unit's mission. His dedication and contribution to the success of the mission received praise from the Japanese General.

SPC.Doe went above and beyond the call of duty by staying after duty hours to help with aircraft and hanger cleaning and set up for a Company Memorial Service. His attention to detail made for all minor details being fulfilled and for the Memorial starting at the correct time. Without his willingness to stay and finish the tasks the Service would have been delayed.

While serving as an RTO for Task Force Shield & Team MOI, PV2 Snuffy monitored radio traffic, blue force tracker & mIRC transmitions for over 250 combat & logistics patrols. He distinguished himself by ensuring that maneuver forces had timely and accurate information on insurgent activities in the Brigade Area of Responsibility. PV2 Snuffy's diligence in providing up to the minute information to Warfighters was instrumental to the 105th MP Co. completing its mission, contributing to a more stable Iraqi Government.

PFC Soewardie served as the Casualty Operations Clerk during Operation Enduring Freedom XII. Due to his diligence, and dedication to duty 100% of casualty reports that were submitted to CJ1 were a first time go thus ensuring accurate and timely reporting of all injuried personnel. He expertly handled each situation with great care and respect for the wounded warriors. PFC Soewardie's actions during the most stressful and trying of times earned laudatory comments from every Battalion he assisted in reporting efforts.

PFC Soewardie also served as a Deployed Theather Accountability Clerk. His technical and tactical knowledge was instrumental in ensuring over 4,500 Soliders, Airmen, Marines, Sailors and Civilians were accounted for in a battle space containing four Proviences and over 10 operating bases on the battle field in Afghanistan. PFC Soewardie took great pride in his duties and executed his flawlessly. He consistantly worked above his pay grade to ensure accuracy on every report he created, updated or assisted with.

PFC Soewardie continuously worked during his personal time to ensure the Brigade flowed smoothly through the Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration of over 3,600 Soldiers while the Brigade entered and exited theater in support of combat operations for OEF 11-12. His efforts directly enabled the Brigade staff to focus, plan and prepare for onward movement into Afghanistan and also allowed for a nearly seemless transition as we redeployed the Brigade back to home station.

PFC Soewardie always stepped up to take on extra shifts, which allowed other S1 personnel to participate in battlefield circulation missions which enabled them to represent the Brigade S1 and to assist the Battalion S1's and ensure the highest standards of personnel service were met. His exceptional contributions helped foster a cohesive atmosphere among the S1 section team.

SPC Artz was the winner of the May Soldier of the Month Board for the 1-63rd Armor Regiment while deployed to Operation New Dawn. SPC Artz expertise and knowledge separated him from his peers and other 8 Soldiers that attended the May Soldier of the Month Board. His dedication to the task helped him proceed to the next Soldier of the Quarter for the 1-63rd Armor Regiment.

His expertise and knowledge as a Heavy equipment operator has being instrumental to the company's readiness, while serving as a drivers training monitor in conjunction with the company Master Driver.

Regardless of the rigorous OPTEMPO within the training Battalion, she continuously used company assets to better the entire operation of the unit and community by providing assistance to Soldiers Angels, Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers, Red Cross and Central Issue Facility. She has facilitated the movement of over 1,000 Soldiers during multiple concerts, ceremonies, holiday block leave and Mission Thanksgiving. She was instrumental in the development of new testing material by providing Soldiers to Academic Standards.

As an Instructor/Writer she was the subject matter expert for the Battalion Aid Station, Moulage and Patrol Lanes. SSG Doe spent countless hours developing and implementing the standard operating procedures, her efforts resulted in significant increase in the quality of training received by over 7,200 IET Soldiers annually. She displayed impeccable loyalty to the unit by serving as the EOL and ensured 100% training compliance.

Based on her attributes, SSG Jane, Doe was selected out of 65 Staff Sergeants by the Department of Combat Medic Training to be one of the first Platoon Sergeant for Yankee Company 112D Medical Battalion. Assigned to a new transition company, she successfully initiated, processed and tracked over 1,000 Soldiers being Reclassed or Chaptered. Her diligence resulted in streamlining the outprocessing time from 60 to 35 days, saving the Army over $250,000 per quarter and continuing to support the Army mission by filling density MOS

SFC Doe has been very instrumental as the new S4. He quickly saw the need for consolidated supply program. Consequently, he organized, supervised, and implemented a new consolidated supply program on Whiskey I. He created and integrated a shelving system in the back of each classroom incorporating tuff boxes and containers that hold Class VIII and all training materials. This enabled all team to easily access Class VIII, maneuver equipments, and conduct all training without congestion.

SPC Blank served as the Fire Marshal on the Primary Care Clinic from Jan 2010 to present. Due to his diligence, there have been no fire safety hazards on the Primary Care Clinic. SPC Blank was in charge of checking all fire extinguishers, checking all exits in the clinic to be sure they were functional and unblocked, monthly checks of expiration dates and functionality of fire extinguishers, and ensuring all fire extinguishers were unobstructed from view.

SPC Doe continuously worked during his personal time to ensure the Brigade flowed smoothly through the Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration of over 3,600 Soldiers while in Kuwait in preparing for combat operations in support of OIF 06-08. He helped the Brigade staff to focus, plan and prepare for onward movement into Iraq.

His professional knowledge in the wide and local area network fields as the ADP Security Specialist in NETOPS supporting 3 JNNs and 9 CPNs on the Regiments network resulted in minimal outages

SPC Isbell managed over 700 accounts on the CENTRIX, NIPR, and SIPR communication networks for 8 different units and agencies throughout RC South. The S-6 shop completed over 2,500 trouble-tickets and SPC Isbell processed over 1,000 of those communication and automation issues with the majority of them being handled in less than 30 minutes. This process ensured that Task Force ODIN A had the required communications resources available to effectively assist the war fighter on the ground.

SSG Doe volunteered 84 hours of his off duty time to provide concessions and clean-up support to the St. Louis Cardinals and the stadium. His actions and support contributed to raising over $7,400.25 for the Transportation Battalion to use for organizational and morale building events.

SGT Doe went above and beyond his duties as FO during the Platoon STX following the LFX. SGT Doe memorized all the pictures, names, aliases, physical features, and duty positions of HVT's given in the order. His rote memorization of HVT's allowed the platoon to detain HVT's during all phases of the Operation, and also allowed for freedom of manuever of the Engineer to the power building in the middle of the hostile crowd. His ability to aid the platoon in all aspects let to mission success.

SPC Doe was given the complex task to replace both tail wheel bonded washers on a UH-60A tail wheel yoke. SPC Doe started the complex repair during winter like conditions at Vagabond Airfield in Yakima Training center. With loosely defined instructions SPC Doe attacked the repair task with vigor and ingenuity. Using a hair dryer, Honda generator and a poncho SPC Doe made sure that the parts were warmed up enough for the glue to cure properly. Thru his efforts the helicopter was repaired and returned to service ahead of schedule.

While serving as the communications support systems specialist during OEF 10-11SPC Lovatto demonstrated outstanding motivation and dedication in the setup of 526th Brigade Support Battalin's commuications platform. SPC Lovatto was part of the Advanced party to FOB Wilson. She took charge over three peers to ensure communication systems, tactical and automations, were established with 2 Brigade Combat Team.

SFC Landeros served as the acting TMR OIC five times and served as the Acting Distribution Section NCOIC three times during the deployment while also serving as the TMR Section NCOIC. As the acting OIC and NCOIC the TMR section did not lose visibility or accountability of TMRs

SPC Doe has been an outstanding contribution to the platoon as he had come from the battalion ACP/PSD Element after returning from his deployment with the 2-28 black lions. Right away Spc Doe demonstrated devotion to the platoon and worked hard to show proficiency to work his way to a team leader position. This dedication and motivation not only has been noticed but was also used a a shining example for others within the platoon.

Spc Doe moved to the position of team leader as Cco. 2-28 spartans had conducted operation saber dawn in Bulgaria wich consisted of rigorous training, and mission lanes in the mountains of Bulgaria. During this time not only did he support his team and help to make sure his team was physically and mentally healthy, but also helped be a part of a shining example in which his squad had performed a "knock out a bunker" lane to show the outstanding and unwavering motivation and dedication the squad had to their professional performance for General Hamm.

Spc Doe, continued to sustain a high standard as he volunteered to give classes on various weapon systems to a separated signal battalion. In this he not only demonstrated a personal dedication to his duties but also brought great credit to his company and battalion as well. By doing this Spc Doe had inspired the command of the 69th signal battalion to contact the 2-28 Cco command and announce their appreciation for the classes that were given while also awarding a coin where Spc Doe had given to the company demonstrating his own appreciation for the chances he recieves to adhere to his duties.

SSG John Doe has been instrumental in the success of the ADAM/BAE cell's day to day operations. His expertise not only in Aviation planning but also in the Air Defense systems allowed him to develop, refine, and implement Brigade TOC Battle Drills, resulting in increased efficiency throughout the Brigade TOC. This expertise was further shared with the Brigade Fires cell, creating an enhanced awareness of airspace issues for the Brigade Commander and his staff, allowing them to properly command and control the battlefield.

SPC Doe's dedication to duty and knowledge from a previous deployment enabled him to assist the soldier within the maintenance platoon to become ready for the deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 10-11 and Operation New Dawn. His attention to detail during the company's pack out for the deployment was a key factor in ensuring that E Company was one of the first units ready for the deployment.

SSG Knuclehead, epitomizes the NCO Corps, he is a true role model for his Soldiers as well as his peers. He mentored, coached, and guided Paratroopers to be the very best. During his time in 10-30th ADA, he led by example at all times, exhibiting the highest sense of duty, integrity and moral courage. SSG Knuclehead led the way by attending Advance Leaders Course, Property Book Course, Unit Supply Enactment Course and Unit Prevention Leaders Course.

SSG Snuff, during his tenure here at 108th BDE, 3rd Battalion 4th Air Defense Artillery Regiment distinguished himself greatly by performing his duties as the BDE S-4 Assistance NCO, BDE UPL, Property Book NCO, HHB and Echo Battery Supply Sergeant. He has done a phenomenal job while assigned to the unit, training Soldiers, NCO's, coordinating and executing plans. SSG Snuff was responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars of supply during deployments and abroad.

He has gone above and beyond the call of duty taking his own personal time to help improve his fellow Soldiers. SPC John Doe took his own personal time to help two Soldiers pass their APFT exceeding the Army standard by over forty points. In addition, SPC John Doe worked diligently and sought self improvement to pass the Pre-Ranger APFT. He improved his own PT score by 30 points, increasing the Squad average by 20%.

SPC John Doe assisted the Battalion intelligence section in preparations for Operation Iraqi Freedom VII. His hard work and dedication allowed the S-2 section to complete pre-deployment requirements such as ISOPREP, Anti-Terrorism Level 1, and APR101A in a timely manner.

SPC John Doe assisted the Battalion intelligence section in the administrative responsibility for over 900 soldiers. He demonstrated administrative versatility and assisted in such duties as security clearance management, Security Clearance Access Roster submissions to Brigade, map custodian, and in the maintenance of various administrative databases.

SPC Smith's skill, competence, and leadership played a vital role in the success of the Distro Platoon mission. SPC Smith demonstrated exceptional resourcefulness and dedication to duty. His tact and hard work, positive attitude toward his job, and willingness to accept additional responsibilities were particularly vital to Echo Company 1-36 standing up.

SPC Joe spent countless hours picking up, sorting, counting, and delivering Ammo to all of 1-36 IN in order for them to complete Gunnery, Johnie Chimpo, and NTC. His dedication to duty and competence led to the successful completion of over 75 Ammo Section missions, allowing 1-36 IN to deploy trained and ready to succeed.

SPC Joe's attention to detail and superior skill enabled him to be a Gunner on over 7,000 accident and incident free miles in over 200 combat logistical patrols. He was instrumental in providing the Convoy with security necessity for the safe and timely delivery of vital supplies and combat equipment to units operating within the northern Iraqi theater. SPC Joe's contribution was a key factor to the success of these combat logistical patrol operations.

SPC Duzen's innovative methods of training created a flexibility that enabled subordinates to learn from many diverse sources during Operation Saber Dawn. He created, found, and used a variety of materials to challenge the squad and stimulate growth, as well as breaking down the training into appropriate segments for the time available and the ability level of the individual members of the squad.

Acted as a mentor for the ANA Combat Medic Course in RST-S. Supervised over 100 Afghan military personnel and ensured all were trained to standard. Set up the following units for success.

With his broad knowledge of technical and tactical procedures, SPC John Doe demonstrated exceptional resourcefulness and dedication to duty. SPC John Doe tact and hard work, positive attitude toward his job and willingness to accept additional responsibilities were particularly noteworthy. His attention to detail, enthusiasm, and indomitable spirit was instilled within his peers.

SPC John Doe assisted the Battalion intelligence section in the administrative responsibility for over 900 soldiers. He demonstrated administrative versatility and assisted in such duties as security clearance management, Security Clearance Access Roster submissions to Brigade, map custodian, and in the maintenance of various administrative databases.

SPC John Doe assisted the Battalion intelligence section by providing OSRVT and DCGS-A capabilities during NTC Rotation 09-07. His determination to provide accurate and real-time intelligence which was disseminated to seven companies.

SPC John Doe assisted the Battalion intelligence section in preparations for Operation Iraqi Freedom VII. His hard work and dedication allowed the S-2 section to complete pre-deployment requirements such as ISOPREP, Anti-Terrorism Level 1, and APR101A in a timely manner.

SGT John Doe assisted the 30th Brigade 8th Iraqi Army Divison Headquarters at FOB Hotel through the use of One Station Real Time Situational Awareness (OSRVT) during Ashura. Providing OSRVT capabilities to the Iraqi Army allowed for further situational awareness to the IA and a bird's eye view of over one million local national's who entered Najaf. During a time of increased threat to pilgrims, the OSRVT assisted the IA in making decisions to deter attacks in Najaf.

While assigned as the Battalion S-2 representative at Contingency Operating Station (COS) Endeavor, SGT John Doe has arranged for and adjudicated 184 Contingency Operating Station badges. SGT John Doe's attention to detail and technical expertise affected force protection efficiency rating to 100% during Brigade inspection.

While assigned to the personnel gate at the North CP, SPC John Doe was able to confiscate five fake Jensiyas, Iraqi Identification Cards from local nationals trying to get on to FOB HAMMER illegally. On the same day at the North Gate SPC John Doe also obtained information from different Iraqi's, that helped provide stability to the region during the elections.

SPC John Doe ensured the Quick Reaction Force was ramped up and ready to proceed to point of origin and point of impact grids, after multiple indirect fire attacks. His immediate actions, erudition of indirect fire drills, and auspicious decision making skills helped lead to the 100% accountability of over 2000 Soldiers and civilians on FOB DELTA.

During the six months SPC John Doe has been deployed, he has gone above and beyond the call of duty taking his own personal time to help improve his fellow Soldiers. SPC John Doe took his own personal time to help two Soldiers pass their APFT exceeding the Army standard by over forty points. In addition, SPC John Doe worked diligently and sought self improvement to pass the Pre-Ranger APFT. He improved his own PT score by 30 points, increasing the Squad average by 20%.

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, SPC John Doe continuously volunteered to work above and beyond his peers during his down time to ensure the 3rd MP Platoon vehicles were fully mission capable. SPC John Doe continuously took initiative to ensure four MRAP's and four HMMWV's were fully mission capable with little to no guidance. SPC John Doe contributed to the platoon by maintaining a 95% operational readiness rate during the first six months of deployment.

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