MOS 42A Human Resources NCO Duty Descriptions

HR NCO for a Headquarters and Headquarters Company
Serves as the HR NCO for a Headquarters and Headquarters Company; responsible for providing administrative support for XXX personnel; maintains enlisted rating scheme; provides daily readiness reports (PERSTAT); reviews awards, evaluations, promotions, personnel actions, and consolidated reports; directly supervises and responsible for the health, welfare, and training of eight Soldiers; responsible for accountability and serviceability of equipment valued in excess of $100,000.

Human Resources Sergeant
serves as the Human Resources Sergeant; responsible for personnel and admin support of 95 personnel; manages, processes, reviews, and coordinates admin tasks pertaining to personnel accountability, strength management, evaluations, awards, promotions, and reductions; processes needed updates to Soldiers electronic files; supervises, mentors, and is accountable for the health, welfare, morale, training, and actions of four Soldiers.

Human Resources NCO, PAD, 42A20
Human Resource Sergeant, Personnel Actions Division (PAD) for a MACOM level organization that provides direct support to a four star Army Command, including a Brigade Headquarters, three separate Battalions and five NATO Rapid Deployment Corps, and three Joint Forces Command Headquarters comprised of 1,400 personnel located in 35 locations encompassing 13 European countries; oversees the screening and dissemtion of senior enlisted and officer promotion boards; responsibile for monitoring and processing of personnel actrions and congressionals.

42A Human Resources NCO
Serves as a Human Resources NCO for a deployed medical brigade consisting of over 3,000 personnel; provides a full-spectrum operations of essential personnel services for the Army's largest deployed medical task force; an Air Force Theater Hospital, three Combat Support Hospital, two Multifunctional Battalions, and a Dental Company all geographically dispersed throughout the Iraqi Theater of Operations; manages a Direct Reporting Unit; responsible for the integration of all aspects of personnel accountability, personnel actions, awards, evaluations and strength management; supervises three junior NCOs and three Soldiers.

Human Resource NCO
Serves as a Human Resource NCO for a Brigade Rear Detachment supporting over 190 personnel; responsible for the overall supervision of the Brigade Rear Detachment Administration Center; advises and briefs the Rear Detachment Commander on personnel related issues; responsible for the health, welfare, and professional development of 2 NCOs and 6 Soldiers.

42A3O Human Resource NCO
Performs duties of and supervises the functions of the preceding skill levels; reviews consolidated reports and statistics; prepares recommendations for personnel actions to higher headquarters; reviews and prepares reports and data on strength (gains and losses) of personnel and makes duty assignments of enlisted personnel; reviews cyclic and other reports to assess systems performance; maintains liaison with servicing data processing facility and field managers of interfaced systems.

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