42A Human Resources NCOIC Duty Descriptions

Human Resources NCOIC
Serves as the proponent for the Headquarters (HQ) Detachment providing regulatory guidance on issues concerning all aspects of MILPER operations; prepares the HQ Detachment Commander's policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs); maintains knowledge of MILPER programs; receives, reviews, coordinates, prepares, finalizes, and tracks a wide variety of MILPER actions to include military pay actions, requests for orders, in- and out-processing, leave processing, Electronic Military Personnel Office (e-MILPO) transactions, awards, officer and enlisted evaluations, promotions, and coordinating the sponsorship program; reviews the Total Officer Personnel Management System (TOPMIS) and Enlisted Distribution Assignment System (EDAS) for all projected gains; makes detailed regulatory and procedural review of special action cases to determine the sufficiency of the content and validity of each action; acts as the point of contact for all inquiries pertaining to these actions; provides immediate status reports, and files correspondence IAW The Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS).

Human Resources NCOIC
Serves as a Human Resources NCOIC for a Strategic Signal Brigade consisting of HHC Brigade and four Area Support Teams (ASTs) across the eastern half of CONUS; reviewed consolidated reports, statistics, and applications; reviewed and prepared reports and data on strength (gains and losses) of personnel, responsible for the timely and accurate eMILPO transaction submissions, strength reporting, Command Inspection Program; responsible for the health, welfare, training and supervision of three Soldiers; accountable for $75,000 worth of office equipment.

Rear Detachment Human Resources NCOIC
Serves as a Rear Detachment Human Resources NCOIC for the 306th Aerial Exploitation Battalion (AEB), consisting of 275 Officers and Enlisted; supervises and manages the processing and tracking of all personnel actions, awards, NCOERs, promotions, suspension of favorable actions, leaves and passes, Change of Command, award ceremonies and military pay actions; responsible for processing transactions into E-MILPO; responsible for the health, welfare, training and professional development of two NCOs and fifteen Soldiers; responsible for automation equipment valued at over $8000.

Advises, assists, and counsels the Commander, NCOs, and Soldiers on personnel matters; reviews and consolidates reports, statistics, and personnel actions submitted to higher headquarters; manages unit's Military Personnel Record Jackets (DA 201 Files), medical, and dental records; advises the commander on personnel strength, shortages, and overages; responsible for unit's financial transactions on RLAS; provides technical guidance and training section of 6 Soldiers; responsible for over $75,000 worth of equipment; coordinate quality of life program and promote esprit-de-corps.

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