MOS 42F HR Information System Mgt Duty Descriptions

Human Resource Information System Management Specialist
Oversees personnel information systems for teams assigned to Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti (CLDJ); ensures timely and effective personnel support; troubleshoots and resolves network hardware and software anomalies; ensures files are IAW Army standards; monitors interface with other automated systems; monitors data currency and status of unresolved errors and initiates corrective actions; assists members with data updates; responsible for the health, welfare, and professional growth of two junior enlisted Soldiers.

HR Information System Management Specialist
Receives, processes, and maintains personnel information files; coordinates and reconciles application, configuration, and data; prepares and transmits documents to servicing facility; maintains organizational and system control files; monitors and operates automated interface with other automated systems; monitors feedback from HQDA and takes necessary corrective action; monitors performance and identifies problems and discrepancies; provides assistance to users; updates regulations and other publications; maintains functional files.

Information System Management Supervisor
Supervises operation and maintenance of personnel information systems; advises commander on personnel system readiness; ensures installation of security fixes, operating system patches, antivirus software on workstations and servers; reviews cyclic and other reports to assess systems performance; coordinates with servicing data processing facility; plans for mobilization support; reviews system reports and statistics and prepares recommendations for personnel actions; responsible for equipment valued in excess of $1,200,000.

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