RSP Training NCO Duty Descriptions

RSP Training NCO
Attend RSP UTA's; responsible for preparing RSP/Site training schedules, calendars and briefings; ensures all training requirements and logistical support are highlighted and forecasted; perform administrative or logistical tasks necessary to support Readiness NCO and prepare Recruits for entrance into and for success while a part of the RSP; complete and submit requests for orders, awards, promotions and personnel actions; monitor and evaluate training requirements; prepare and send corresepondence; maintain official military personnel records and financial records for RSP recruits.

Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP) Coordinator 01/2012 to 10/2014
Human Resource Manager
Maintained complete and accurate records of all personnel records.
Advised managers on organizational policy matters and recommend needed changes.
Directed personnel, training and labor relations activities.
Identified staff vacancies and recruited, interviewed and selected applicants.
Served as a direct contact between management and employees by handling questions, issues and other changes.
Human Resource Trainer
Analyzed each departments training needs and developed new training programs based on the analysis.
Planned and led training programs on staff development.
Effectively trained instructors and supervisors on techniques for managing employees.
Presented training information via role playing, simulations and team exercises.
Mentored team members to succeed and advance within the department and company.
New employee orientation and performance reviews
Training of all new hires on required employee handbook, company standards and new benefits.
Reviewed new customer orders and requests and manually entered data into a centralized database.
Conducted qualitative and quantitative analysis of logistics operations using simulation models and other tools.
Negotiated contracts with outside providers to minimize costs to the company and customers.
Oversaw the organizing and product storage in stockyard areas.
Built partnerships with local organizations to increase company offerings and improve services.

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