SHARP Training NCOER Bullets

o trained over 2,000 Soldiers and Civilian employees annually; fostered a Garrison environment of unbiased treatment and cultural awareness

o provided accurate instruction during seminars; clarified Commander's policies and sustained a cohesive and positive working environment

o delivered SHARP training to both enlisted and officers; increased company wide knowledge of SHARP and facilitated the Company's mission

o achieved SHARP training objectives; 100 percent coverage and compliance; incidents and complaints nonexistent

o briefed all new unit members on the policies and procedures of the SHARP program in accordance with BN policies and AR600-20

o trained members on sexual assault, recognition and prevention; established a productive working environment

o as SHARP rep, delivered training to both enlisted and officers; maintained a cohesive and positive working environment

o facilitated training on SHARP goals; candid and productive responses exposed incorrect perceptions which were addressed to restore harmony

o kept Soldiers informed on SHARP directives; ensured Soldiers completed on-line training

o presented five briefings on SHARP and EO; increased Soldier understanding of regulations and encouraged a climate of trust and cooperation

o conducted training and climate assessments; engaged 145 personnel, gained insight into unit morale and established metrics

o improved SHARP program visibility and acceptance; teamed up with sister units for education, reduced Human Relations/EO incidents

o his effective training was directly responsible for team climate improvement as measured by an exemplary annual assessment

o mature leader; provided instruction during seminar and clarified Commander's policies; increased Bn-wide knowledge of SHARP

o spearheaded the effort to increase the Brigade's SHARP Victim Advocate qualification levels to 100%

o served as the Battalion SHARP Trainer; provided training for over 500 Soldiers and contractors on mixed-gender working environments

o trained 88 Soldiers on how to recognize and reduce the threat of sexual harassment and assault

o oversaw SHARP training for rear detachment Soldiers, tracked and documented certifications and ensured 100% compliance

o improved the understanding and perception of SHARP policies; facilitated acceptance, refocused attention on mission accomplishment

o initiated an EO and SHARP training program that increased awareness and reduced HR and Sexual Assault incidents to zero

o conducted annual sexual assault training and pre-deployment sexual assault training; increased readiness and team cohesiveness

o coordinated and conducted professional development and SHARP training for both military and civilian personnel on a quarterly basis; increased awareness by 25%

o trained over 100 personnel on sexual harassment across JBLM during I Corp's Equal Opportunity Leaders course

o identified SHARP training failures and short-comings; developed plan to overcome schedule, now compliant

o coordinated monthly training for all Platoons; promoted a professional and safe work environment that adhered to Sexual Assault Prevention and Response guidelines

o rescheduled hundreds of soldiers for make-up training with outstanding results

o supported SHARP program by initiating and engaging in discussions during unit training sessions

o managed a training program that achieved a 96% compliance with the Army's SHARP initiative

o trained 12 members of the Security Force Assistance Advisor Team (SFAAT) on SHARP incident identification and intervention

o attended 80-hour SHARP course; maintained SHARP coverage, multiplied effectiveness by repeating training to all members

o provided training on sexual assault, recognition and prevention; expanded Soldiers knowledge on program rights and responsibilities

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