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SHARP NCOER Bullet Examples

o promotes a climate of dignity and respect and adherence to the requirements of the SHARP Program while fostering a positive EO/ EEO environment

o established a workplace and overall climate in compliance with the Army SHARP and EO programs that fosters dignity and respect for all members of the group

o prioritized the Army's EO/SHARP program in order to create and foster an environment full of dignity and respect

As the VA/SHARP ensured fair, respectful treatment of all assigned personnel. Conducted monthly SHARP assessments of all assigned members and three classes for FY15. Conducted orientation briefs to all new unit members on the policies and procedures of the SHARP program in accordance with BN policies and AR600-20. Encouraged a workplace climate that fosters dignity and respect for all Soldiers and Civilians making on the spot corrections and living the Warrior Ethos.

o fostered an environment of unbiased treatment, cultural awareness and resiliency by supporting SHARP, Equal Opportunity and Resiliency Training programs

o stands behind principles; supported the Army SHARP and EO programs in both word and deed

o was committed to fostering a climate of dignity and respect by supporting the Army's SHARP Program through action and communication

o fostered a climate of dignity, and respect; demonstrated unquestionable adherence to SHARP

o supported the Army SHARP and Equal Opportunity programs; established a workplace and overall climate that fostered dignity and respect for all Soldiers in the platoon

o ensured that his rater included a SHARP bullet on his evaluation which meets the guidance given by MILPER message 13-306

o established a workplace and overall climate that fosters dignity and respect for all members of the group

o expressed the utmost concerns for Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention; informed all female Soldiers of her availablility if ever in need of a designated driver

o expressed the utmost concerns for Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention through the constant counseling and mentorship of his Soldiers; resulted in zero SIR or CCIR

o implemented a SHARP poster competition to inspire interest in topic of sexual harassment; conversations/awareness increased 500%

o enforced the strict adherence of the SHARP program within his squad and always maintained 100% trained for each quarter

o promoted a professional and safe work environment that adhered to Sexual Assault Prevention and Response guidelines by coordinating monthly training for all Platoons

o displayed concern for the SHARP program by initiating and engaging in discussions during unit training sessions

o supported the Army's SHARP program by fostering an environment free of harassment through training and by his own example

o ensured that his Soldiers were informed of SHARP issues and ensured that soldiers were getting online training completed and briefed during the weekend safety briefing

o supported the Army SHARP program and the equal Opportunity program in both word and deed

o fostered an environment of fair treatment, awareness and resiliency in the unit by fully supporting and participating in the Army SHARP, EO and MRT programs

o conducted climate assessments; engaged and surveyed 110 personnel, gained insight into unit morale and working relationships

o his effective training and unwavering principles were directly responsible for team climate improvement as measured by an exemplary annual assessment

o cultivated an atmosphere of understanding, harmony, and esprit de corps throughout 27th Infantry Regiment

o spearheaded effort to increase Brigade's SHARP Victim Advocate manning levels to 104% with demanding background

o advocated for an anti-discrimination work environment that paid big dividends in morale, loyalty, and productivity

o selected over three SSGs to serve as the Company SHARP Representative; trained 119 Soldiers on how to recongnize and reduce the threat of sexual harassment and assault

o initiated an EO and SHARP advertising campaign in support of OEF XII that created a full sense of awareness, thus reducing HR and Sexual Assault incidents to zero

o active and perceptive, kept chain of command apprised of sexual climate conditions and prevented obstacles to mission accomplishment

o as SHARP rep, he helped to improve the perception of equal opportunity throughout the Bn

o administered two surveys to personnel to assess morale; identified areas of concern and submitted improvement recommendations

o determined state of human relations climate in the deployed environment by making 5 organizational visits and provided real-time and useful feedback to the tactical Commander

o trained over 120 personnel on sexual harassment across JBLM during I Corp's Equal Opportunity Leaders course

o nominated for the SGM Larry Strickland Educational Leadership Award (SELA)

o recognized the absence of SHARP in the JBLM "Blue Book"; recommended the implementation of SHARP for future publications

o served as the Equal Opportunity Advisor and SHARP representative with the lowest complaint rate in the Division

o managed a training program that enabled the brigade to achieve a 97.8% training status and support the Army's efforts to implement the SHARP initiative

o trained 12 members of the Security Force Assistance Advisor Team (SFAAT) on SHARP intervention prior to deployment to Afghanistan

o provided assistance and mentorship for nine EOL's and seven SHARP Specialists, achieving a diverse work climate throughout the brigade

Needs Improvement SHARP NCOER Bullets

11B4E1B/Brigade SARC

o failed to respond to a complaint of sexual harassment/sexual assault

o retaliated against a victim that filed a report of sexual harassment; does not support the SHARP program or possess any of the seven Army Values

o committed an act of sexual harassment/sexual assault; severely lacks moral judgement

o refused to serve as a BN SHARP SARC even though he/she was one of three qualified and credentialed personnel; caused the BN to fall out of tolerance for maintaining SHARP coverage

o attended the 80 hour SHARP course; wasted government resources by refusing to be appointed in any SHARP which caused the CO/BN to be out of tolerance for maintaining SHARP coverage

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