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Basic Training Graduation

o maintained 100% accountability of over $1 million in backshop equipment & property

o ensured accountability and safety of Soldiers during Unit training resulting in zero accidents during this rating period

o inspired and motivated marginal Soldiers within the Unit to willingly perform and be succesful

o extraordinary commitment and constant monitoring of ABCP and Soldier issues resulted in a 100% reporting rate

o cross trained to assist the Air Force Joint Inspection (JI) team with the loading of multiple C-130 and C-17 aircraft with supplies and equipment destined for Marathon Key emergency response point

o always motivated and eager to accomplish the task at hand and help others

o enabled mission assurance for critical cyberspace operations; his rapid COA development and implementation resulted in multiple successful operations

o coordinated, planned, and executed 4 ceremonies for a one star general

o regularly communicated successful procedures and used appropriate influence technique to energize others

o managed over 90 taskings with limited resources; balanced competing missions, trainings and base operation requirements

o designed and implemented a readiness status tracker spanning 10 UICs; improved readiness and training status more than 50%

o managed the execution of over 45 VIP taskings for a three star command team with no loss to mission capabilities

o successfully incorporated MOS cross training and ensured his Soldiers received mission focused training to prepare for NTC rotations 12-01 and 13-02

o coordinated, planned, and executed artillery missions for a one star general in three ceremonies; one on a two weeks notice

o personally recognized by a one star general for his superior performance during various ceremonies

o coordinated, planned, executed and instructed the BN CLS course for HHC and tactical company deploying to a combat zone

o qualified Expert on assigned weapon, highest score in his/her company

o revised and improved Battalion COMMO and maintenance programs; increased equipment serviceability rate by 20%

o completed all assigned COMMO preparations ahead of suspense date; used remaining time for site improvements and BN critical training during unit activation for National State of Emergency

o provided substantial, pivotal, and decisive Communications in remote locations during a civil response convoy

o essential during pre-mob training for platoons preparing for deployment

o trained Soldiers on critical weapons tasks; got three Soldiers to zero on IWQ

o sent five NCOs to attend NCOES and enabled ten NCOs to graduate military schools to fulfill required additional duties for unit readiness

o completed all assigned construction missions ahead of schedule; used remaining time for site improvements

o individual achieved over 450 hours of correspondence courses

o earned a rating of "exceeds the standard" on three additional duty areas during command inspections

o accomplished 130 of 145 qualification tasks; 75% completed on two airframes; ahead of peers

o achieved an outstanding rating on 3 out of 4 command inspections, best in the battalion

o exceeded course standards with academic average of 98% at Battle Staff NCO School

o first unit NCO to earn I Corps Distinguished Leader by demonstrating outstanding leadership skills

o produced finance and personnel actions for 250 soldiers with zero late transactions

o exploited scarce local resources to maintain mission production rate

o maintained 100% operational readiness rate during Operation Noble Anvil despite equipment and manpower shortages

o kept his crew alive during 23 IED attacks; detected another five IEDs before detonation

o revised and improved Battalion supply and maintenance programs; increased equipment serviceability rate by 20%

o provided daily logistics support to two maneuver task forces simultaneously, over 1,000 Soldiers across three provinces, the only FSC in the brigade capable of this mission

o maximized limited resources to build first-rate IMINT products ISO SOCCENT requirements

o organized internal maintenance program resulting in a 98% operational readiness rate for all team assigned equipment

o reduced waiting period for Computerized Tomography exams from 1 month to 1 day

o created the squad connex layout; improved squad efficiency and accountability

o used all available resources to accomplish the mission; coordinated with outside units to obtain support for personnel; eliminated admin delays

o trained Soldiers on all critical tasks; reduced errors on monthly AMSS reports to zero

o analyzed recruiting process, identified shortfalls, renewed focus; ROTC Detachment exceeded recruitment mission by ten percent

o established a training program within the squad that increased technician skills and decreased NMC vehicles by 40%

o delivered over 2M gallons of JP-8 aviation fuel to 110K aircraft annually; maintained impressive 15-minute average response time

o cleared over 2,000 miles during route clearance missions; detected two IEDs and safed, prevented casualties

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