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Basic Training Graduation

o achieved 100% of assigned recruiting mission during FY 18 in only 9 months; currently holds a 136% mission rating

o increased accessions by 200% at Tuscaloosa County HS and turned it into the highest producing high school in the team area

o achieved success with limited resources; actively empowers subordinate NCOs to complete tasks, on time and with accuracy

o flawlessly planned and supported transportation operations within the NCR; readily supported over 30,000 customers

o orchestrated the successful preparation and movement of over $10,000,000 in equipment to a forward deployed location

o assisted leadership with inspection of all unit sensitive items resulting in 100% accountability

o achieved section readiness through the employment of one vehicle, two Air Defense workstations and section equipment valued in excess of $120,000

o enforced safety during all ranges, training events and vehicle operations; resulted in zero injuries

o selected to be RSO for M249 night fire range; conducted PMI and achieved 90% of Soldiers qualifying on their assigned weapon

o maintained accountability of three HMMWVs with associated BII, weapons, and equipment valued in excess of $1,000,000

o synchronized PBUSE/ARIMS supply management files for over 185 LIN valued over $65M

o made sound and timely decisions in the absence of orders and took responsibility for herself and her Soldier

o achieved mission success with little or no guidance; consistently performed at high level

o demonstrated rare technical and tactical knowledge; selected for promotion

o shared his extensive gunnery knowledge and skill with his crew; crew achieved a qualification rating in their first HMMWV gunnery

o earned a Commendable rating for TRANSEC key control during Battalion Command Inspection Program

o accomplished all tasks assigned with total accuracy

o completed 9 semester hours of college towards a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice

o certified over 125 equipment items, key to laboratory's 3 day backlog, lowest backlog in 6 years

o achieved commendable rating as unit security manager on Battalion Command Inspection Program

o awarded AAM by DC for outstanding administration of unit's NCO-ER program

o achieved Senior Instructor level at the USAOC&S ahead of peers

o achieved superior results when challenged with major responsibilities and limited resources

o advanced through duty positions as Survey Team Chief, Reconnaissance NCO, and ultimately Operations NCO during his assignment with the 3rd CST

o orchestrated an efficient maintenance plan which recovered 15 UH60A aircraft upon redeployment from OEF and OIF

o reduced Qualified Not Enlisted rate from 10 percent to all time low of 2.8 percent

o revised the company Field Sanitation Program and SOP, raised the inspected area from black to green

o overcame obstacles to mission accomplishment; arranged training, obtained personnel, met mx requirements ahead of schedule

o served as the Supply Sergeant for six months in the Supply NCO's absence; focused research and planning ensured there was no degradation to the mission

o achieved success when challenged with limited resources; coordinated with other post agencies to share workload, delivered training aids in time for planning conference

o developed a plan to turn in over $60,000 of serviceable CLIX service and repair parts to the SSA; created a more efficient and clean parts bin

o charged to build Route Wanna checkpoint and reconstruct the road between two villages; completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule, enabled supply access for AUP to assist 200 villagers

o used all available resources to accomplish the mission; coordinated with outside units to obtain support for personnel; eliminated admin delays

o trained Soldiers on all critical tasks; reduced errors on monthly AMSS reports to zero

o analyzed recruiting process, identified shortfalls, renewed focus; ROTC Detachment exceeded recruitment mission by ten percent

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