Develops NCOER Bullet Comments

Creates a positive command/workplace environment, Fosters esprit de corps, Prepares Self, Develops others, Stewards the profession.


o worked tirelessly months in advance on his administration and training records, for his promotion packet to be complete and ready for the next board

o encouraged Soldiers to attempt complex tasks; they successfully deployed four teams to JCETS USSOUTHCOM

o used 68W experience to enhance RSP First Aid classes and provided tough realistic medical training during drill weekends

o selected above 8 Soldiers to conduct RSP Blue Phase training to ensure that recruits are fully prepared to attend IADT

o taught PMI and weapons drills on crew-served heavy weapons leveraging years of experience as a gunner

o always willing to train and work with new soldiers to bring them up to date on effective ways to complete missions

o always leads with a positive attitude, showing junior soldiers how to remain positive even when faced with adversity

o coached one junior NCO to win the NCO of the month board and mentored him to earn his promotable status

o mentored his replacement on how to perform in his position, enabled her to achieve success in the position without incident

o willingly shares his knowledge and insight

o volunteered to pace solider struggling with APFT run event, continuously offering words of encouragement

o demonstrated optimism and encouraged others to develop and achieve; seized opportunities to teach, coach and mentor, improving the Team's productivity

o chosen to be the NCOIC for the 209TH's Tomahawk challenge 8 mile ruck march; responsible for completing the CONOP, DRAW and route recon

o completed Command Post of the Future (CPOF) operator course and Unit Prevention Leader (UPL) course, filling critical additional duties in the 209TH

o trusted junior Soldiers with critical segment of mission; turned bystanders into invested leaders

o encouraged Soldiers to attempt complex tasks; mistakes seen as steps toward success, not failures

o revised METL phases into simple-to-complex order to improve task completion rate

o motivated and prepared Soldiers for professional military schools which resulted in all of his squad completing WLC with top scores

o volunteered to prepare for and participate in the Soldier of the month board; produced effective leaders

o proactive; constantly guided his subordinates towards team accomplishment on time and with great accuracy for the CMT/CST

o mentored new Soldiers until they established themselves in the work center; facilitated shop harmony and efficiency

o invested time and effort to establish relationships with Soldiers; established or followed-up on career and personal goals; dramatic improvement in morale

o committed to teaching Soldiers common tasks and team building skills; extra effort resulted in a 93 percent graduation rate over three cycles, the highest in the company

o coached new planner in completing his duties; identified routine obstacles and work-arounds; guaranteed operational success for entire team

o researched, developed and implemented various training exercises to improve overall training effectiveness

o groomed team for success; consistently counseled and spot corrected soldiers on deficiencies and trends in order to direct them in the right path

o involved with Soldiers; worked long hours ensuring newly assigned Soldiers were properly trained and understood the company mission

o made effort to welcome new arrivals and integrate them into daily operations; key factor in section's readiness

o motivated Soldiers to excel during company APFT with an average score over 290; fostered teamwork and esprit de corp within his team

o established a Fusion Sergeant's Time Training for soldiers of all ranks; honed technical skills and developed and improved weak analytical skills on his team

o involved in the career decisions of Soldiers, gave them the knowledge necessary to make informed, intelligent choices

o mentored Geospatial SNCO on All Source Operations; enabled his organization to have a better understanding of the Intelligence Warfighting Function

o developed soldiers through positive counseling, coaching, and mentoring

o groomed platoon for success; tracked and arranged training necessary for advancement

o encouraged a workplace climate that fostered dignity and respect for all Soldiers and Civilians by making on the spot corrections

o taught Soldiers to meet challenges and objectives and accomplish critical mission tasks despite absence of supervision

o shared knowledge and experience; key to her section's 100% operational readiness

o fostered a professional climate and showed genuine concern for his Soldiers' personal and professional development

o established common task training program that resulted in 100% first time go on CTT

o maintained two-way communication with his team to ensure information was disseminated and that their needs were met

o used all available time to mentor subordinates on mission essential tasks to develop younger, inexperienced Soldiers

o molded a new platoon into an excellent fighting unit in less than 4 months prior to deployment to combat

o united a team of active duty, reserve and National Guard soldiers into one cohesive organization

o fostered an environment of unbiased treatment, cultural awareness and resiliency

o coached soldiers to win both Battalion NCO and Soldier of the Quarter Boards

o motivated his soldiers to perform to the best of their ability as individuals and as a squad

o inspired self-improvement and confidence in subordinates

o demanded the best training environment for soldiers; accepted nothing less than quality results

o established a workplace climate that fostered dignity and respect for all Soldiers

o shared his knowledge and insight; directly contributed to preparing soldiers for future deployments/contigency operations

o trained Soldiers on EO guidelines and reporting procedures; stressed the importance of acceptance and team building

o encouraged Soldiers to continue education, three increased their GT scores above 110; now enrolled in 4 credit hours of college

o demonstrated care for soldiers by inspiring and developing performance through counseling

o prepared subordinates for advancement; regular counseling ensured all growth opportunities were exploited

o challenged junior NCOs by assigning them additional areas of responsibility; promoted continuous professional growth

o concentrated on Soldier potential by promoting development and learning in a beneficial environment; did not dwell on Soldier deficiencies

o established a workplace and overall climate that fosters dignity and respect for all members of the group

o delegated effectively and empowered subordinates; produced most effective and mature technicians in the bn

o improved overall command climate by enforcing SHARP program; led and trained his team on how to Intervene, Act and Motivate

o effectively communicates with soldiers; provides guidance/motivation for subordinates

o recognized and rewarded superior performance; used counseling statements to provide Soldiers with positive reinforcement and constructive criticism

o cross-trained all Soldiers on his team to ensure 100% un-interrupted service to customers on COB Adder and FOB Echo, Iraq

o promotes a climate of dignity and respect and adherence to the requirements of the SHARP Program while fostering a positive EO/ EEO environment

o inspired two Soldiers to seek self improvement through Basic Education Skills Program; raised the Soldiers GT xx points

o prepared five Soldiers for the promotion board; resulted in all five Soldiers being selected for promotion

o fostered an environment of professional growth; organization of monthly Soldier and NCO boards resulted in the recommendation of 5 out of 6 Soldiers for promotion

o tracked her soldiers' qualifications, arranged for additional training and encouraged soldiers' professional growth; maximized opportunities

o ensured his Soldiers understood the importance of accounting for their personal and assigned equipment; resulted in zero losses during this rating period

o promoted a professional and safe work environment that adhered to Sexual Assault Prevention and Response guidelines

Needs Improvement/ Did not meet standard

o treated subordinates more as peers which fostered an unprofessional atmosphere at times

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