Fitness NCOER Bullet Comments

o steadfast motivator of Soldiers; projected self-confidence, authority and enthusiasm while constantly enforcing high standards of conduct, discipline, and appearance

o developed a concentrated remedial physical training routine; incorporated high intensity workouts to enhance the physical conditioning of the entire platoon

o encourages other Soldiers to improve their overall score

o during this rating period, Soldier shows motivation to improve

o consummate professional in all aspects of duty and performance

o continually developed challenging PRT training sessions to demonstrate the versatility of the Army's PRT program and promoting the benefits of the program

o maintains a vigorous physical fitness regiment consisting of MMA, ruck marching, PRT, and weightlifting

o dominated the physical fitness test without effort

o awarded the Army Physical Fitness Badge for scoring a 291 on her Record APFT

o helped develop and implement the company's fitness program resulting in ten soldiers being removed from Special Population Physical Fitness Program

o uniform and appearance were consistently above the standards

o scored 300 on APFT maintaining her Physical Fitness Badge

o exceptional role model for Soldiers; projects self-confidence, authority and enthusiasm

o a physical fitness role model; consistently scored above XXX on his/her APFT

o supervised and executed PRT at Platoon and Battery level; directly responsible for physically conditioning over 800 Soldiers above the minimum BPFT standard

o one of 12 to complete arduous 13K Mountain Run on FOB Thunder

o dedicated to fitness; motivates others to exceed standards

o great physical and mental endurance

o impressive military appearance and bearing

o bearing and appearance are exemplary

o won PT award for highest PT score in ANCOC

o well-disciplined soldier; displayed the utmost in bearing and appearance

o developed a demanding PT program for his platoon

o physically fit soldier with strong stamina

o mentally tough; able to manage numerous tasks at one time

o maintained a positive attitude and deep pride in mission accomplishment

o designed platoon PT program; now used as company standard

o selected as USAEUR athlete of the year

o mentally quick and resourceful

o physically tough and mentally strong

o dignified in presence and appearance

o successfully completed the Army Air Assault School

o established Brigade Physical fitness Program; improved unit strength and readiness

o consistently displayed a positive attitude and high level of confidence

o physically challenged his subordinates to exceed standards

o positive mental outlook and attitude

o possesses unparalleled bearing and presence

o outstanding role model for noncommissioned officers

o appearance always immaculate; exceptional role model for soldiers

o never backs down from a challenge

o excellent role model in bearing and appearance

o excellent mental and physical attributes

o exceeds all standards of physical fitness

o responsible for subordinates fitness, led squad to a 280 APFT average

o confident, sharp looking NCO

o trained platoon to exceed Brigade standards of fitness

o consistently demonstrated sound physical and mental toughness

o underwent tattoo removal procedures to present a more professional appearance

o assumed duties as ISOPREP NCOIC for the ________; processed 158 Soldiers in a 3-day period bringing the unit's report status to 98%

Needs Improvement

o failed height and weight standards/exceed body composition standards by X.X% IAW AR 600-9

o failed to meet APFT standards due to lack of motivation

o displayed a pattern of not meeting minimum APFT requirements and currently lacks the mental and physical toughness to overcome these shortcomings

o took an apathetic approach to the health and welfare of troops; resulted in entire squad failing to meet the height and weight standard

o failed to complete 2-mile run during APFT, quit after 1 mile

o worked a demanding schedule that included changing between from nights to days, but frequently fell asleep during shift

o NCO displayed substandard appearance and military bearing for NCO of his maturity

o failed to meet the body fat standards during rating period; maintained three to eight pounds of weight loss and removed himself from the AWCP

o soldier is on profile and cannot conduct an Army Physical Fitness Test, or participate in any physical training events

o presented an unprofessional appearance and lacks military bearing

o he continued to undermine what it means to be a soldier, let alone a leader

o attempted to abuse position and authority to cheat on previous record APFT

o demonstrated a complete lack of integrity and military bearing when he attempted to cheat on the previous record APFT

o personal issues are interfering with military bearing

o failed to meet body fat standards IAW AR 600-9; measured at 27% body fat and maintained 2-3 pound weight loss per month while on the weight control program

o SFC Hero's participation in unit physical training waned during this rating period

o made satisfactory progress in run time but still approaching minimum standards in...

o presents sharp military appearance but needs to realize importance of subtlety

o counseled twice for disrespect toward an NCO; focus on relationship skills

o refused suggestions to attend counseling until problems escalated to the point of making him unfit for duty

o failed to meet APFT standards for the two mile run and sit-ups with a total score of 124

o soldier failed to meet height and weight requirements or make any progress


DA PAM 623-3 Para 3-7

NCOER part IV: block c—APFT
Action required: In the space after the word “APFT” the rater will enter “PASS” or “FAIL” and the date (YYYYMMDD) of the most recent record APFT administered by the unit; it will be within the 12–month period prior to the “THRU” date of report. However, the APFT date does not have to fall within the period covered by the evaluation report. If the NCO was unable to participate in the most recent record APFT (for example, due to a profile or pregnancy), his or her status at that time will be documented appropriately. The APFT for Soldiers without profiles consists of push-ups, sit-ups, and a 2–mile run.

— For Soldiers with permanent profiles who have been cleared to take an alternate APFT, enter “PASS” or “FAIL” for the alternate APFT as prescribed by health care personnel and the date of the APFT. The APFT may include an alternate authorized aerobic event (walk, bike, or swim). No comment about the rated Soldier’s profile is required.

— For Soldiers with permanent profiles whose profiles prohibit them from taking the APFT, the entry will be left blank and the rater will explain the reason it has been left blank.

— Soldiers with temporary profiles at the time of the unit’s record APFT will enter “PROFILE” and the date (YYYYMMDD) the profile was awarded. The date of the profile must be within 12 months prior to the “THRU” date of the evaluation report.

— Sample entries are; “PASS 20100414”, “FAIL 20100507”, or “PROFILE 20100302.” APFT numerical scores will not be entered.

— The rater will address a “FAIL” entry for APFT in block c. Bullet comments for “FAIL” entries may include the reason(s) for failure and/or note any progress toward meeting physical fitness standards of AR 350–1.

— A comment on “PROFILE” entries will be made only if the rated NCO’s ability to perform his or her assigned duties is affected.

— The rater will explain the absence of an APFT entry in block c. If the APFT has not been taken within 12 months of the “THRU” date of the report the APFT data entry will be left blank and the rater will provide an explanation in block c. In accordance with AR 40–501, an APFT is not required for pregnant NCOs.

— For pregnant NCOs who have not taken the APFT within the last 12 months due to pregnancy, temporary profiles, and/or convalescent leave, the rater will enter the following statement: “Exempt from APFT requirement in accordance with AR 40–501.” Note. When using the Wizard application associated with the electronic form within the "My Forms" Portal on AKO, the APFT and height and weight statement will be combined.

— In accordance with AR 350–1, NCOs 55 years of age and older have the option of taking the three-event APFT or an alternate APFT, but they will not be considered as being on profile, unless a current profile exists.

— Additionally, NCOs 60 years of age and older have the option of not taking the APFT; however, they must maintain a personal physical fitness program approved by a physician and remain within compliance of height and weight standards of AR 600–9. If no APFT is taken, leave the APFT entry blank and make a comment addressing the blank APFT entry, “NCO exempt from APFT requirement in accordance with AR 350–1.”

— Deployed units unable to administer the APFT due to mission or conditions will annotate NCOERs with the following statement: “NCO unable to take the APFT during this period due to deployment for combat operations/contingency operations.” In accordance with AR 350–1, upon return from deployment, NCOs will be administered a record APFT no earlier than 3 months for active Army and 6 months for USAR and ARNG NCOs. Note. NCOs are not exempted from complying with height and weight requirements of AR 600–9.

— Rater-specific information on bullet comments in block c for the following:

— “Received APFT badge” may be entered as a bullet comment to justify “excellence.” The APFT badge is awarded for scores of 270 points and above with at least 90 points in each of the three events.

— NCOs who meet Army minimum standards for APFT, but fail to meet unit standards, will not be given a rating of “needs improvement” for physical fitness and military bearing, if such rating is based solely on the failure to meet unit standards.

Reference: AR 350–1, AR 40–501, and AR 600–9

NCOER part IV: block c—Height/Weight
Action required: In the space after “Height/Weight” the rater will enter the rated NCO’s height and weight as of the unit’s last record weigh-in. If there is no unit weigh-in during the period covered by the report, the rater will enter the NCO’s height and weight as of the “THRU” date of the NCOER. An entry of “YES” or “NO” will be placed in the space next to the weight to indicate compliance or noncompliance with AR 600–9.

Sample entries are: “72/180 YES” or “68/205 NO.”

— For NCOs 60 years of age and older, who must remain in compliance with height and weight standards, the “Height/Weight” entry will be completed. Soldiers 60 years of age or older are only exempted from the requirement to take the APFT.

— The rater will enter a “YES” for NCOs who meet the table screening weight or are in compliance with the body fat standards of AR 600–9, as determined by tape measurement and the use of DA Form 5501.

— The rater will comment on a “NO” entry, indicating noncompliance with the standards of AR 600–9, in part IV, block c. These comments should indicate the reason for noncompliance; medical conditions may be cited for noncompliance, however, the “NO “entry is still required because medical waivers to weight control standards are not permitted for evaluation report purposes. The progress or lack of progress in a weight control program will be indicated.

— For pregnant NCOs, the entire entry is left blank. The rater will enter the following statement: “Exempt from weight control standards of AR 600–9.” Note. When using the Wizard application associated with the electronic form within the "My Forms" Portal on AKO, the APFT and height and weight statement will be combined.

— Rating officials will not use the word “pregnant,” or refer to an NCO’s pregnancy in any manner when completing the NCOER.

— Unless the Soldier has an approved request for Army, DCS G–1 waiver of compliance with AR 600–9, the height and weight standards of AR 600–9 apply at all times, even when the officer is deployed for combat or contingency operations. If the Soldier has an approved Army G–1 waiver, the rater will enter “Rated NCO has an Army G–1 waiver of compliance with AR 600–9.” In such cases, a copy of the Army G–1 approval memo will be submitted as an enclosure to the evaluation report. This entry will not be left blank.

Reference: AR 600–9

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