Rater NCOER Bullet Comments

Overall Performance. The rater comments on the NCO's performance during the rated period.

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o capably managed primary and additional duties to enable mission success

o displayed paramount dedication to his Soldiers and the mission; his competency was unquestionable

o exhibited a high degree of resiliency during stressful situations; exemplified profound discipline

o outstanding performance by a strong, capable, and dependable leader

o demonstrated excellent management skills with a multitude of competing priorities and tasks; sought out and applied the Commander's intent to all situations

o among the finest NCOs I have worked with in my career; excelled within the commander's intent daily

o exemplary performance from an absolutely committed and professional expert; inspired his team with his efforts

o outstanding performance by an engaged leader; truly cared for subordinates and ensured unit success

o dedicated NCO whose allegiance to mission is inspiring; a real asset to the Army

o a true professional; his dedication to mission excellence was essential to unit proficiency

o technically and tactically proficient NCO who is heavily relied upon as a leader to ensure accomplishment of all missions regardless of difficulty

o outstanding performance by one of the top NCOs in the Battalion; he is an exemplary performer and continually sets the example for peers and subordinates to follow

o #3 of 11 NCOs I rate; strives for personal excellence and is an outstanding role model for subordinates

o exemplary leadership; had an enduring impact on Paratroopers and the mission

o presence and demeanor shaped excellence in all aspects of readiness and leader development

o vital member of the organization with direct influence on the success of the Troop

o performed above his peers, always placed emphasis on the mission and Soldier care

o displayed great strengths as a leader, always accomplished short notice missions with excellent results

o possesses a wealth of technical and tactical knowledge, always provided valuable input to all Company missions

o displayed the strengths of a highly qualified leader, able to handle multiple short notice missions achieving outstanding results; currently performing at a Sergeant First Class level

o send to Battle Staff course and Law Enforcement Senior Leaders Course at first available opportunity

o there is no limit to this NCO's potential; continue to groom this non-commissioned officer as a future CSM

o has completed all NCOES schools and is ready for the next level of leadership

o works efficiently and effectively with superiors and is selflessly committed to the unit's mission

o his willingness to assume additional responsibilities, along with an innate ability to lead, personal initiative, and devotion to duty are traits that deserve recognition

o has demonstrated potential for positions of increased responsibility within the field of

o untapped potential in this NCO; assign to positions of increased responsibility to maximize her performance at a senior NCO level

o unparalleled duty performance; one of the best NCOs I have served with

o continue to groom this NCO for higher positions of responsibility (Fully Capable)

o send to SLC "NOW"

o mentally tough; able to manage many tasks at one time; uncanny sixth sense for the unanticipated

o a highly polished Sergeant First Class who brings out the best in his Soldiers; strong in character, pride, and professionalism

o a caring and gifted leader whose performance marks her as a true professional

o a true team player

o promote to MSG with a first time eligibility in the secondary zone; send to the 1SG course immediately

o profound ability to synchronize, support, and simultaneously manage and care for Soldiers with consecutive positive rippling impacts; unlimited potential

o committed to enhancing mission oriented goals characterized by a combination of meticulous applied skills and persistence to make the impossible possible

o unwavering trust by commanders, leaders, and Soldiers alike

o outstanding performer, promote now

o dedicated to the mission

o demonstrates the confidence needed to face the Army's toughest challenges; promote

o can accomplish any mission

o aided Facility Management for 3 months showing great efficiency when tasked; displayed great versatility

o best Drill Sergeant in Brigade

o mature and confident Soldier with extraordinary knowledge and initiative--immediately promote to SFC!

o enthusiastic NCO that should stay with soldiers

o clearly a superior Senior NCO with unlimited potential; will serve the Army well at the most senior levels of enlisted leadership

o to maximize his potential, assign to positions of increased responsibility

o exceptional enthusiasm demonstrated daily

o exceptionally talented NCO who leads by example and serves with extreme pride

o possesses great amount of integrity, sound judgment, and professionalism

o extremely conscientious and highly motivated to succeed

o stands for what is right

o a positive, can-do attitude; an example to his peers and subordinates

o puts the Army, mission, and soldiers before her own personal needs

o exceptional devotion to Army ethics and personal values

o competent, confident, caring leader of the highest caliber

o demonstrated potential for continued excellent performance at a higher rank

o displayed strengths of an exceptional quality leader

o daily performance routinely exceeds the highest professional standards

o continue to place in tough, demanding leadership jobs

o select for advanced NCO schooling and assign to challenging duty positions

o demonstrated the ability to perform at the next higher grade

o aggressive competitor; takes great pride in exceeding accomplishments of other

o professional and competent leader

o superior leader and professional; sets a high standard for his peers & all to emulate. ready for promotion

o flawless and consistent performance

o leads from the front; outstanding NCO role model

o totally dedicated to excellence

o highly skilled member and motivated NCO; valuable asset to the unit and vital to Army mission--promote!

o promotes harmony and teamwork

o a first-rate non-commissioned officer who is willing to face up to any task and tackle the issues head on

o his potential is unlimited

o performance as Acting Battalion CSM was excellent

Needs Improvement Bullet Comments

o adequate performance from a motivated NCO

o accomplished all assigned tasks with some guidance from the command

o demonstrated the competency expected of a NCO in his current grade

o completed assigned tasks on time and put forth adequate effort; duties and responsibilities met leader expectations

o performance met expectations for a NCO in his current grade and position

o lacked critical thinking in situations that required out-of-the-box thinking or innovation

o failed to seek guidance on how to complete multiple tasks; resulted in numerous delays and missed suspenses

o within the bottom third of NCOs I have previously rated

o SGT XXXX consistently failed to perform the duties and tasks required at his rank; incapable of handling even menial tasks without direct supervision

o needed some help to meet deadlines; could have benefited from delegating, prioritization and multitasking

o NCO's otherwise great performance was severely impacted due to his lapse in judgement during rating period; failed to uphold the Army Values

o with detailed instruction and supervision Soldier can accomplish assigned tasks

o unlimited potential; needs to work on his leadership and problem solving before executing duties of greater responsibility

o has potential, with more experience, to excel as a leader

o maintains professionalism and poise; performance is sometimes above average, but has a lack of loyalty and respect for superiors

o a technical SME and a great asset for training, but demonstrates a lack of morale in this Unit. May perform better in another Command.

o promote when NCOES is complete

o lacks personal drive to lead soldiers or accomplish tasks

o maintain at current position; personal life events have lowered morale within his section

o failed to set the example for his Soldiers to follow during this rated period

o disobeyed a direct order from the SSA Accountable Officer

o failed to comply with instructions given to him from the chain of command

o do not recommend for promotion at this time, with further mentorship and training this Soldier may be ready for greater responsibility

o performance is sometimes above average but erratic; undependable and cannot not rely on for unsupervised assignments

o NCO is not a contributing member of the U.S. Army; do not retain and remove from positions of responsiblity immediately

o NCO consistently fails to perform the duties required at his rank; incapable of handling even menial tasks without direct supervision (MAB)

o needs to develop his technical skills before advancing to the next grade with duties of greater responsibility

o maintains professionalism and poise, but lacks motivation to lead

o resists change and is unable to adjust or be flexible

o does not prefer to be in a leadership position, does not command respect from subordinates

o performance is sometimes above average but erratic and undependable, could not rely on unambiguous assignments

o keep with troops so our Soldiers can benefit from his leadership and selfless service

o rater was relieved during rating period

o promote to Staff Sergeant with peers; continue to groom as squad leader

o send to Advance Leaders Course when slot is available

o performs at expected levels, does not distinguish himself from his peers

o promote to SFC if slots are available, send to ALC immediately

o promote at the convenience of the Army

o unable to report to work on time and needs constant supervision. Retention is not advised.

o SSG Smith is uncooperative with leadership and fails to understand the difference between "taking care of troops" and following orders. His combative attitude is counter-productive and a liability to this Command.

o resists suggestions for improvement and actively works against the orders of his superiors

o put forward much effort but unable to progress; consider reclassification

o not fit for this type of activity, exhibits a negative attitude and should be disqualified

o has the potential to be an excellent technician but is often careless with...

o cannot work with his peers and is counter-productive

o allowed the pressure of family issues to affect her performance. Recommend release from duties and counseling until such time she can resume work without endangering others.

o despite increasing assistance and training, he continues to have serious difficulty completing assigned tasks, recommend reclassification

o lacks experience and fails to understand the importance of advancement

o unable to adjust to deployment or the diverse demands of a joint environment

o probably the worst performer in our Command

o failed to meet Brigade standards and should not be retained

o demonstrated a lack of skill in some duties, has potential, should double training efforts

o does not comply with regulations and is a threat to the safety of this battery. Recommend discharge at earliest opportunity.

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