o accepts greater challenges with determination of achieving a positive outcome

o dedicated to Soldier safety in all endeavors; ensured Soldiers applied proper risk management for training and activities on and off duty

o committed to helping Soldiers accomplish their goals; completed 290 hours of correspondence courses and 16 credit hours of college courses during the rating period

o rigorously planned and executed four company level competition boards; produced three battalion competition board winners within the rating period

o maintains 100% accountability of all assigned equipment

o conducts TA-50 shake downs to ensure all Soldiers have assigned equipment

o encourages Soldiers to better themselves through education programs

o exceeded mission objectives with limited resources

o displayed distinct character and warrior ethos in the discharge of all duties; maximized resources to the fullest

o encouraged peers to seek career advancement through education

o relentless supervision and oversight of PMCS procedures on assigned vehicles and equipment resulted in zero degradation of logistical assets during the rated period

o established a workplace and overall command climate that fostered dignity and respect for all members of the group

o contributed to the development of the turn-in internal/external SOP to reflect current procedures, practices, and regulations and significantly streamlined operations

o maintained detachment automation and equipment assets valued at over $5.3 million with zero loss, a key element to the unit's overall readiness

o assured reports transferred to LOGSA were transmitted in a timely and accurate manner; culminated in a 96% overall Group maintenance operational readiness rate

o responsible for the unit recycling and collection program; the collection and proper disposal of recycled items resulted in additional monetary budget savings for the unit

o can always be counted on, dependable and forthright

o assigned as a Team NCOIC until properly relieved by a new MSG

o worked as a safety NCO in a zero range resulting in an accident free exercise

o effectively used counseling statements to provide her soldiers with positive reinforcement and constructive criticism

o developed an accountability tracker that was used to maintain all current Soldier and family contact information for the commander

o prevented the potential loss of over $600,000 worth of government computers, by ensuring the computers were accounted for and placed on the TPE Property Book

o assisted the Battery Commander in turning in more than $1,000,000 of excess property within the Battery footprint during reset operations

o superbly mastered over 1900 travel and financial transactions and reduced cost expeditures by 75% keeping the commanders priorities on track

o safety-oriented during all phases of training resulting in zero injuries during NTC and Sergeant's Time Training events

o developed team and squad standard operating procedures which resulted in a large majority of the tactics, techniques, and procedures being adopted at the platoon level

o advised BCT Surgeon Cell in turn-in, destruction, and accountability of Medical Chemical Defense Materiel in preparation for pre and redeployment of OEF XII

o coordinated a unique intra-theatre transit of CLVIII; ensured rapid distribution and delivery of critical life-saving products

o made Composite Risk Management a top priority when dealing with all operations assigned significantly impacting the overall safety of his section

o superbly revised the Battalion's Defense Travel System SOP; reconciled over 50 outstanding travel accounts and reduced cost expenditures by $70,000

o expertly managed the battalion's monthly $50,000 cash account, purchasing numerous mission essential items, with no loss in money, paperwork always accurate

o saved the government over $8,000 by performing the time consuming and manual in-house labor for United States Army official functions

o maintained cleanliness and mission capability of four GSA issued vehicles valued at over $135,000

o willingly accepted extra duty of certified mail handler for FOB Salerno and FOB Lightning, solemnly executed responsibility

o always maintains personal equipment in a high state of readiness

o constantly seeks and accepts additional responsibilities

o his emphasis on driver safety resulted in 600,000 miles of accident free vehicle operation for his platoon

o encouraged career progression which resulted in all assigned soldiers enrolled in continued education

o ensured assigned equipment is always serviceable and maintained for mission readiness

o stressed career development for his soldiers

o emphasized risk management and safety and reduced safety incidents; resulted in no loss of life, limb, or eyesight during combat tour

o takes responsibility for good, bad, right, and wrong

o created reporting procedures for the IBP's assigned vehicles and equipment; standardized NMC reporting

o delegates responsibility effectively to subordinates

o no loss of property during three training exercises and one NTC rotation

o puts forth maximum effort; thrives on responsibility

o hard working; dedicated NCO, demonstrates by his actions to subordinates, the meaning of integrity

o readily accepted responsibility for failure but recognizes success of subordinates

o is willing to accept ultimate responsibility

o promoted safety consciousness and responsibility in soldiers

o earned a commendable rating for key control during Brigade command inspection

o strictly enforced all safety policies and regulations

o implemented Fabric and Canvas repair at DS level; resulting in tremendous budget savings

o maintained an accident free 24 month period

o in the absence of guidance, always made sound and timely decisions

o made risk assessment an integral part of training

o gained 100% accountability within 30 days of assuming position vacated by a NCO relieved for fraud, waste and abuse

o encouraged squad members to enroll in Army correspondence courses

o maintained team equipment and readiness

o conceived and developed database procedures adopted by the entire Brigade

o ensured that load plans were properly developed and adhered to; no loss of sensitive item or equipment due to negligence

o displayed prudent and economical use of funds

o arranged free FCC license prepatory class for Soldiers resulting in all receiving licenses

o chose the hard right over the easy wrong; demanded that his Soldiers did the same

o took a special interest in soldiers’ family issues

o dedicated, hard working individual who shows his responsibility through the maintenance and condition of his assigned equipment

Responsibility and accountability are the proper care and use of personnel, equipment, and funds. Maintenance of weapons, vehicles, and equipment is a special Soldier responsibility because of its importance to the success of all Army missions. It includes the inspection of Soldiers' equipment, making Soldiers accountable for repairs and losses, and learning how to use and maintain all assigned equipment. It's making time for inventories and being aware of equipment status and taking action to repair or replace substandard equipment. It means being aware of where each soldier is, their condition and health, where they and their family live, and their general well-being. It involves the continuous assessment of the working environment to ensure safe working conditions in order to keep the level of accidents, injuries, and equipment damage as low as possible. Responsibility and accountability are also the provision of a healthy working climate in which Soldiers are encouraged to learn and develop their skills, free from sexual, racial, or gender bias or discrimination. And Soldiers must accept responsibility for and stand behind their, and their subordinates, decisions and actions.

Personal Responsibility Adjectives

Accountable, Conscientious, Careful, Cooperative, Consistent, Committed, Conservative, Cautious, Courageous, Diligent, Dedicated, Diplomatic, Dependable, Essential, Earnest, Efficient, Effective, Experienced, Involved, Loyal, Mature, Persuasive, Productive, Positive, Professional, Protective, Proactive, Reliable, Resourceful, Responsible, Sober, Selfless, Stable, Staunch, Supportive, Trustworthy, Understanding, Unyielding, Wise

Needs Improvement NCOER Bullets

o current level of responsibility is too great

o habitually late with irresponsible excuses

o failed to live up to his obligations by not returning to his unit after he completed his replacement detachment duty

o displays a lack of respect for superiors creating dissention in ranks lowering unit morale

o needs improvement on training soldiers

o failure to maintain accurate inventory delayed deployment

o follows orders under supervision but cannot be relied on to comply with orders without guidance

o works well under supervision but needs to develop self-discipline and work independently

o needs to realize importance of performing daily tasks and the effects of ignoring them

o is uncooperative when corrected and displays a consistent lack of interest in section goals

o his failure to follow orders led to the loss of his security clearance and now section is undermanned and unable to meet quota

o cannot be depended on and is frequently late for shift. Recommend remedial training.

o reported to work under the influence of alcohol and was unable to execute his duties as...

o was entrusted with our most critical and essential tasks but disappointed his mentors

o cannot be relied upon to maintain production rate in the absence of supervision

o cannot be trusted to oversee safe delivery of...must be supervised at all times

o was and is negligent in meeting his responsibilities causing numerous obstacles to mission accomplishment

o failure to supervise subordinates or follow procedures resulted in the loss of $2,000 worth of equipment

o unexcused absence from duty left soldiers unsupervised

o fails to understand the importance of his duties, takes advantage of every situation to avoid responsibility

o demonstrated little regard for the security and accountability of sensitive items during deployments

o wasted rations quota and now squad is under-equipped

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