TRAINING NCOER Bullet Comment Examples

o developed TAC/TOC SOPs that facilitated the performance of the whole squadron and lead to several mission successes

o mentored and coached his team to qualify expert on assigned weapons; greatly increased his team's lethality

o ensured the Radio Branch training mission was accomplished with excellence; trained over 750 Soldiers with a pass rate of 98% of MOS qualified Soldiers

o shared his extensive experience on Communications Equipment with Soldiers by creating a more challenging approach by using ALM-15

o led and trained nine Soldiers during land navigation and Warrior Skills training events on Quarterly training days; achieved first time "GO" by all his assigned Soldiers

o took the lead on developing the annual language training plan for 14 linguists; resulted in increased language proficiency test scores throughout the company

o inspired excellence in his Soldiers; motivated a Soldier to achieve the title of Language Professional of the Quarter over six other linguists

o selected as the Battalion Combative Representative and primary instructor ensuring 46 Soldiers recieve Combatives Level 1 and 2 certification

o Soldiers vast knowledge of FSSP system was essential to the completion of our mission at warrior exercise 91 14-03

o Soldier was NCOIC of the M16 range during FY14 Battalion range exercise, qualifying 3 different companies without incident

o Soldier has been scheduled to Attend SLC phase 1 and 2 next rating period

o possesses the unique ability to capture and hold the attention and imagination of Soldiers during training sessions

o eager to share knowledge and insight; continually sought out by subordinates because of his vast intelligence, experience and knowledge

o assigned additional duties as Company Master Gunner; responsible for training over 70 Soldiers in preparation for FY14 AT crew serve weapons qualification and Live Fire Exercise

o trained and mentored 13 Soldiers on the M240 Abrams GST tasks with every Soldier receiving 100% first time GO's; excellent hands on trainer

o organized low density MOS training to cross-train allowing Soldiers from multiple MOS backgrounds to execute duties in the S2 shop increasing efficiency

o served as the Master Resilience Trainer/Instructor; provided resilience training for over 900 Soldiers and Family members on how to cope with stress and adversity

o willingly shared knowledge and experience from active duty service and deployments to mentor and develop surbordinates and peers alike

o oversaw NIMS training for rear detachment Soldiers and successfully tracked and documented certifications in absence of training NCO

o took the lead on company range fire to instruct and mentor subordinates safely and successfully

o developed and implemented STP 21-1-SMCT training for 26 personnel increasing the detachments 071-COM-1006 readiness by 75 percent

o displayed determined effort and steadfast commitment to the unit's training program as well as field time

o taught 20 Soldiers and NCOs of a Cavalry Platoon basic call for fire and attack helicopter talk on procedures; increased the Troop's combat effectiveness

o ensured his RTO was proficient in coordinating rotary and fixed-wing air assets; provided feedback and supervision for more than 50 platoon level missions

o conducted training utilizing the Call For Fire Trainer (CFFT) for the FIST platoon on multiple occasions; imparting much needed knowledge to junior enlisted Paratroopers

o selected by the Master Gunner to assist in the certification of seven Lieutenants and seven Sergeants First Class on Battalion Big Three Certification Test

o conducted M4 qualification range as the Range Safety Officer for the entire Battalion with a 82% qualification rate; 95% qualification rate within the Battery

o his dedication to his Platoon was proven when all 44 members received first time Go's on every task of the Artillery Skills Proficiency Test

o gave quality instruction with limited resources

o willingly shared information, military knowledge, and enthusiastically trained newly assigned NCOs

o coordinated and conducted professional development and cross training for both military and civilian HR personnel on a quarterly basis increasing HR support by 25%

o one of six certified UPL NCOs that accommodate seven UICs that totaled 230 plus Soldiers

o consistently utilizes opportunities to identify, train, and delegate tailored tasks and responsibilities that will expand another soldier's skill base beyond their current level

o devoted countless hours to training his Soldiers on rifle marksmanship, resulting in his entire section qualifying sharpshooter or higher on their personal weapons

o updated unit electronic technical manual library

o received 1-123 Field Artilery(FA) BN coin for excellence as a maintenance enabler and training during the FA annual training

o frequently assists other units in the brigade with training, security clearances, and MOSQ issues

o creates a positive work environment by selflessly sharing knowledge and skills with seniors, peers, and subordinates.

o willingly sharing his knowledge and insight directly contributed to preparing soldiers for future deployments/contigency operations

o exceeding the Battalion standard, he trained three soldiers to achieve an average score of 279

o trained students to exceed normal standards

o quickly identifies and develops plan to overcome training shortcomings

o coached and mentored 8 Recruiters in all aspects of their profession

o willingly shares his knowledge and insight

o meticulous attention to detail brought outstanding results for training areas

o established a Platoon NCOPD program that became the Company standard

o demonstrates the ability to bring out the best effort of his soldiers

o developed his Soldiers into a lethal fighting force capable of conducting a full spectrum of combat operations; mounted, dismounted, or by air

o devoted his total attention to soldier development

o served as foreign weapons range NCOIC, qualified over 100 IBP soldiers in BRM, Short Range, and Close Quarters Marksmanship

o his platoon exceeded all Brigade standards during NTC rotation

o excelled in Tank Table 8 gunnery training his platoon; achieved a 93% first time go rate; best in the Brigade

o trained platoon to achieve 100% first time go rate on M16 and hand grenade qualification

o trained platoon to consistently exceed 90% first time go rate in all training related areas

o directly responsible for AIT company score of 98% on end of course APFT

o enforces teamwork and a positive training environment

o directly contributed to Platoon receiving Brigade Commander's streamer for training excellence

o qualified 50 out of 50 with assigned weapons

o conducted NCODP for company on administrative and financial actions

o demonstrated the patience and ability to articulate clearly so all soldiers understood the training

o trained 52 Soldiers in the platoon on RETRANS operations and proper use of the ANCD in order to support combat operations in Iraq

o effectively rescheduled hundreds of soldiers for make-up training with outstanding results

o thorough in resourcing and delivery of training objectives

o conducted physical fitness program within his squad; APFT average score of 270, best in company

o as unit HAZMAT instructor, doubled the number of qualified handlers

o established common task training program that resulted in 100% first time go on CTT

o effectively ensures training standards are met

o best Master Driver instructor in company

o experienced trainer; excellent with individuals or groups

o consistently seeks ways to enhance and improve company training

o developed and implemented a training program for AOAP NCOs

o stresses safety first during all training events

o planned, organized and implemented a diet and nutrition program for overweight soldiers

o dynamic teaching skills; motivates soldiers to excel in training

o conducted numerous M16 ranges for the battalion; earned recognition for achieving 90 percent qualification rate

o team player who trains students to achieve their maximum potential

Needs Improvement Bullets

o successfully assisted in the training of two NCO's on basic duties associated with the Intel Watch

o did not seek training or assistance when placed in a position outside of his typical duties

o he was not accountable for his actions when he went AWOL for 41 days, neglecting his basic soldier knowledge of being on time, in the right uniform and the right place

o does not use his free time to improve his knowledge of his MOS to become a more efficent and better leader

o overcame several obstacles to advancement but requires further training before...

o has made significant progress in qualification and may be ready for advancement

o demonstrated dedication and sincere effort to improve but limited by...

o negatively affected our state of readiness by...

o failed to take advantage of opportunities to advance

o achieved full qualification in position and needs to concentrate on...

o counseled by the Battalion CSM for having the least qualified platoon in the company

o failure to plan ahead or manage current training requirements reduced readiness

o his performance was below average and is in immediate need of retraining

o is indifferent to suggestions for advancement and misses many opportunities for improvement

o despite encouragement and efforts of peers, cannot qualify for duty and fails to make effort to improve

o will not use off-duty time for study or self-improvement, fails to advance in qualification

o failed to acquire the necessary skills and attributes to...

o despite the best efforts of trainers on and off-duty, was unsuccessful in...

o demonstrated a lack of knowledge in most assigned duties, does not comply with instructions and is a threat to the safety of this battery

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