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TRAINING NCOER Bullet Comment Examples

o always manages a positive work environment that is conducive to learning

o creates environment conducive to learning and teamwork

o contributed to the S4 mission by completing assigned tasks timely and accurately

o spent days off organizing and creating a driver's training packet tracker to ensure soldiers could become/stay licensed drivers with limited personnel

o significantly increased the BN's CBRN readiness by training over 400 personnel on critical mask confidence, MOPP proficiency and Decon tasks

o provided 40 hours of CBRN training on a quarterly basis to active duty Soldiers throughout USAREUR; volunteered off-duty time to train 7th CSC reserve Soldiers

o safeguarded Soldiers and equipment as a range safety for 3 ranges that qualified more than 200 Soldiers without incident

o excellent source of information for administrative, logistical and training guidance

o constantly challenging soldiers with current event and military related questions

o possessed an innate ability to develop and empower his subordinates; resulted in the promotion of two Soldiers to Sergeant

o placed substantial effort into training the S3 shop on all battle staff tasks; led to a well trained, organized, and unified team ready for garrison operations

o directly responsible for training his Soldiers on the wartime mission by identifying perishable METL task; which helped improve their combat readiness

o coordinated CPR, CLS, and Field Sanitation Courses for BMSO resulting in certification of all assigned Soldiers

o takes the time to mentor and train unit and BN supply sergeants during CSDP visits, sharing his knowledge and experience resulting in improved logistics across the BDE

o exhibits conceptual knowledge of medical training to include surgical and drug protocol far exceeding his peers

o personally ensured that each of his Soldiers was intimately familiar with the employment, handling, and maintenance of heavy, crew-served weapons

o served as a Company Slingload Inspector; rigged and inspected twelve non standard loads in direct support of remote located Task Force FARPs

o trained and rehearsed all Soldiers to be reactive and proactive in FARP and AHA safety procedures; resulting in flawless execution of all tasks

o instilled the desire to put forth the maximum effort in missions and duties; motivated his NCOs to take on tough missions and suceed

o cross-training of personnel on protocol duties was an enhancement to the sections ability to do its job; Soldiers could immediately adapt to last minute changes

o incorporated tactical knowledge gained from three prior OEF deployments to prepare Soldiers for pending mission

o completed a 48 hour Force Protection Acadamy including a hands-on C-IED lane; increased team effectiveness

o successfully completes training with superior results

o received commendable rating during an evaluation of SGT’s Time training by the I Corps IG office

o mission focused; received Army Achievement Medal for duty related tasks

o excellent hands-on trainer

o developed and initiated the IBP Brigade's first driver's training and dispatch program resulting in over 1,000 qualified personnel

o ensures soldiers are trained on CTT

o received a Coin of Excellence from the Bde Cdr for conducting an outstanding Special Forces range in preparation for their upcoming Afghanistan rotation

o ensures soldiers are qualified on all assigned weapons and crew-served weapons

o platoon's training success key to earning four of five training streamers

o shared knowledge and experience which was valued by junior officers and NCOs alike

o his contributions directly contributed to the highest ever platoon APFT average in Battalion

o certified 50 personnel down to Company level throughout the Brigade to operate the EST 2000, resulting in dramatic improvement of weapons qualifications

o outstanding teacher and coach

o maintained the team's weapons proficiency with ranges while deployed; personally coached additional close quarters marksmanship

o focused on mission oriented training

o ensured soldiers and NCOs understood training objectives

o supervised Pre-Marksmanship Instruction utilizing the EST- 2000 for the entire Brigade and numerous external units to support weapons qualification

o developed junior NCOs by assigning them additional areas of responsibility

o her skills, knowledge and experience make her a quality leader

o qualified expert on assigned weapon

o earned 1st place overall for Battalion M4 Shoot-out

o developed company level NCO Professional Development Program; praised by the Battalion CSM

o volunteered to teach Land Navigation to 120 students at the local high school JROTC class

o trained his crew on tank gunnery skills, HMMWV gunnery, dismounted operations, live fire shoot house, and air insertion techniques

o his leadership resulted in a highly trained and motivated team during CMTC rotation

o trained each squad member to fire expert qualification with M16

o trained soldiers to function as a cohesive, highly functional team

o aggressively challenges soldiers to perform to their potential through creative and innovative ways

o ensured soldiers were properly trained and prepared for war

o always prepared to give training

o sustained a task oriented mentality by teaching three 92Y1P weekly MOS based training; enhanced the Company's supply output and functionality by 73%

Needs Improvement Bullets

o successfully assisted in the training of two NCO's on basic duties associated with the Intel Watch

o did not seek training or assistance when placed in a position outside of his typical duties

o he was not accountable for his actions when he went AWOL for 41 days, neglecting his basic soldier knowledge of being on time, in the right uniform and the right place

o does not use his free time to improve his knowledge of his MOS to become a more efficent and better leader

o overcame several obstacles to advancement but requires further training before...

o has made significant progress in qualification and may be ready for advancement

o demonstrated dedication and sincere effort to improve but limited by...

o negatively affected our state of readiness by...

o failed to take advantage of opportunities to advance

o achieved full qualification in position and needs to concentrate on...

o counseled by the Battalion CSM for having the least qualified platoon in the company

o failure to plan ahead or manage current training requirements reduced readiness

o his performance was below average and is in immediate need of retraining

o is indifferent to suggestions for advancement and misses many opportunities for improvement

o despite encouragement and efforts of peers, cannot qualify for duty and fails to make effort to improve

o will not use off-duty time for study or self-improvement, fails to advance in qualification

o failed to acquire the necessary skills and attributes to...

o despite the best efforts of trainers on and off-duty, was unsuccessful in...

o demonstrated a lack of knowledge in most assigned duties, does not comply with instructions and is a threat to the safety of this battery

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