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TRAINING NCOER Bullet Comment Examples

o conducted numerous classes for the squad including: EPW Search, Range Card, and 9-Line MEDEVAC

o conducted crater analysis training for 40 NCOs and Officers with a sister unit to improve force protection

o established Modern Army Combatives training program for the battalion while forward deployed

o coached, mentored, and trained over 100 Soldiers and NCOs during four different Warrior Training Task iterations; increased Soldier readiness and proficiency

o coordinated, planned, and conducted SGT's time training on the confidence course for over 50 HHB Soldiers; facilitated esprit de corps and physical fitness

o quickly integrated a new Soldier into his team, capable of understanding the complex ballistic missile operating environment, improving the quality of analytical products

o selected above peers by unit leadership to conduct NCOPD for over 70 NCOs from SGT to CSM; improved knowledge of how IEDs affect Army Operations

o coordinated ten commercial satellite access requests valued at over ,000, providing vital ACAS network access in support of BDE and unit training missions

o re-introduced the unit's High Capacity line-of-Sight system after three years of inactivity; successfully demonstrated the high data throughput capabilities of system

o his emphasis on signal training during leaders time training led to a CPN team excelling with 99.4% uptime during JRTC rotation 15-06

o continually displayed determined effort and steadfast commitment to the unit's missions and training programs in garison and the field time

o ensured that critical training for pre-deployment requirements were resourced and completed by 1600 personnel in the Brigade that deployed to OEF-15

o succesfully trained over 130 Soldiers and briefed the senior leaders on the updated Army suicide intervention program

o trained and mentored eight mortar crewmen on the 81mm and the 120mm mortar system; resulting expert gunner on the mortar gunners exam and safety exam

o enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated to provide every soldier with quality training

o 78% of his platoon have completed Structured Self Development; platoon completed 75% AWT and Battle Drills training by second quarter FY13

o instrumental in the organization and flawless execution of two M203 Ranges, one M4/M16 Range ensuring 100% qualified and received quality weapons training

o 57 Soldiers completed the MOS Bronze level training through the Thunderbird University Certification Program; 97% completed during this rated period

o worked as a safety NCO in a zero range resulting in an accident-free exercise

o skilled in expressing requirements in versatile ways to reach multilple individuals

o understands 20 level tasks and maintains the proficiency to convey them to subordinates

o ensures his training provides the sharpening stone to make sharp leaders out of strong Soldiers

o takes advantage of down time by training his subordinates in the infantry fundamentals

o taught division level counter intel course to company leadership

o organized classes for Security Escort, mail handler and CROWS weapon system

o the company's most knowledgeable "Command Post of the Future" systems operator and "TigerNet" battlefield imagery administrator

o cross trained 3 92W Soldiers on fuel operations; resulting in 308th BSB always being able to provide fuel for the 308th BSB, I CORPS and Camp Basrah, Iraq

o demonstrated persistent support and continuous ability in meeting mission requirements and objectives of a deployed Brigade Support Battalion

o spearheaded all of the Battalion range qualification weeks; qualifying over 900 Soldiers on 10 different weapons and protective systems

o instrumental in the coaching and mentoring of FA instructors to exceed TRADOC instructor standards

o taught four MOS 52D Soldiers how to design, install, monitor and maintain a generator powered 175 Kilowatt transmission and step down distribution system

o designed and supervised the installation of a three phase, 875 kilowatt, overhead power transmission and distribution system that supported 33 structures during CG 10

o graduated the Antiterrorism Officer Basic Course and immediately assisted in revamping USARPACs AT/FP SOP; received a 100% GO on the installation inspection

o quailty performance as a RSP trainer

o due to his background in marksmanship, he was chosen to train unit in proper firing techniques with M4 and M9 weapons

o established a MOS training program within the squad decreasing the NMC of vehicles by 40% and increasing the technical knowledge of subordinates

o a consummate trainer always mission oriented

o able to properly counsel his subordinates

o academic average of 3 classes during the rated period was 93%, not 1 failure; a direct reflection of his ability to train

o all 15 members of his section achieved a 1st time 100% pass on CTT

o all soldiers on his team qualified expert on assigned weapons

o always ensured that all training schedules were accurately maintained

o always ensured that his section training was well planned and professionally executed

o always willing to share his knowledge with others

o as a result of his training the HQ s company excelled over 3 other companies during Bn weapons qual

o as a result of his training, his soldiers could readily assume the next higher position without hesitation

o assisted in developing a 150-lane orienteering land navigation course for state-wide use

o because of his training no vehicles in the company have failed a road side inspection

o builds a winning attitude through tough and realistic training

o commended by BDE CDR for outstanding performance and dedication during Bn gunnery exercise

o commended by Foreign Minister of Defense for his outstanding instruction to 250 soldiers

o completed the Contracting Officer s Representative Course

o consistently briefs his soldiers fully on details of each training exercise

o constantly seeks new ways to improve his teams basic soldiering and signal communication skills

o continues to assist students in other areas besides his own area of expertise

o continuously strives to set the standard for the company in all areas

o created the strongest staff section in the division by utilizing tough standards of training and leading by example

o created training plan based on the unit METL for the battalion NCO FTX

o cross-training of personnel on critical tasks was a combat multiplier; soldiers could immediately step up to a task

o dedicated and well organized trainer

o demanding and tough leader; always fair

o demonstrated professionalism while training Initial Entry soldiers

o developed NCO Certification Program for newly assigned Sergeants

o developed strategic doctrinal training that will lead the NCO Corps into the next century

o developed training packets on several pieces of critical equipment

o developed training plans for all NBC teams within the company

o develops training materials that enhance the soldier's performance and duty related skills

o effectively shares his knowledge and expertise with his team

o emphasis on personal training resulted in 8 of 10 Drill Sergeants scoring above 90 on SQT

o energized a critical shortage of drivers within Bn by developing an intense classroom/hands on drivers testing program

o ensured 100% of directorate passed CTT

o ensured that over one hundred soldiers were trained to the highest standards for CTT and mandatory training

o ensured training was effective and timely

o ensures soldiers are trained and cross trained

o established a 76Y training plan that greatly increased job performance from subordinates

o established a supply training plan greatly enhancing job performance of subordinates

o exemplary performance as a trainer

o extremely adept at preparing his section for professional and technical excellence

o focuses on training IET, SOBC, and NOMC students

o generates positive attitudes in students

o gives constructive suggestions to subordinates

o had no equipment down time in past 9 months

o helped train the unit on the new SINCGARS Radio system

o his mentorship produced 1 BDE Soldier of the Quarter and 2nd second runner-up for 2 quarters

o his section has been tasked numerous times by the Signal Center for communication tests

o his sincere concern for soldiers and meticulous training style turned 2 marginal soldiers into exceptional soldiers

o his team achieved 100% GOs during Battalion CTT

o his team received certificate of achievement for outstanding switch testing support from C-E board

o his training produced competent, tough and aggressive small-unit leaders

o improved his soldiers SQT scores by 10 points

o improves the skills and develops the talents of subordinates

o initiated procurement of high tech communications van to aid in the recruiting effort

o instituted MOS training for soldiers working outside their primary MOS

o instructed an indigenous force of 140 individuals in Spanish on various subjects

o instructed foreign national students in their native language on numerous subjects; received accolades from students/staff

o instrumental in training civilians on doctrine; resulted in a smooth fielding of battlefield software and interim hardware

o intense focus on maintenance training resulted in zero company vehicles failing a roadside inspection; over 100 to date

o made commandant s list for the Movement Control Specialist Course

o outstanding ability to instruct in accordance to TRADOC standards

o patiently instructs CPR students until they understood and qualified for certification

o patiently instructs slower students until they fully understand each task

o perfect training record - 100% of soldiers trained passed all tests

o personal supervision increased with training effectiveness

o personally trained his soldiers for ARTEP, CTT, and SQT tasks-all 16 soldiers met Army standards

o pivotal during the unit pre-deployment CTT training, trained over 10 tasks at company level

o planned and executed combat training which has prepared his platoon for the rigors of combat

o planned and executed exercise which successfully tested unit's Go to war plan

o possesses strong technical and operational knowledge utilized by subordinates for personal growth

o prepared doctrinal training that will lead the NCO Corps into the next century

o primary trainer on the New RMC Mux/Demux Systems for much improved digital secure voice communications

o proactive in training his squad; always seeks training opportunities during down time

o provided extensive training to company soldiers on the M16A1 rifle in preparation for CTT

o provides students the latest in course material by devoting after duty hours revising lesson plans

o received outstanding critiques for his instructional expertise

o relieved a critical shortage of drivers within the unit through intensive classroom training & road testing

o selected twice during this rating period as Instructor of the Cycle; competed against 10 other instructors

o served as the Division's trainer on all aspects of wartime strength accounting

o sets high standards of personal performance and excels as a team player

o sets the highest standards of technical competence in training

o spends considerable time and effort passing his vast experience on to others

o spends numerous hours training team on weak/problem areas

o spent countless hours after duty to ensure soldiers and their families were taken care of during numerous deployments

o strives for maximum team performance

o successfully improved 5 units in all common task areas during Annual Training

o takes pride in military knowledge and is eager to train others

o taught doctrine to civilians who successfully fielded software and interim hardware

o taught soldier skills and mentorship by using Bn CIP as a positive teaching tool

o taught unit NCO Certification Program for newly assigned sergeants

o trained 800 ROTC cadets in squad tactics

o trained and mentored junior leaders to create strongest staff section in the division

o trained his team to achieve assigned signal tasks

o trained soldiers to assume next higher position at any time

o trained station commanders on the DEP function program

o trained two marginal soldiers to receive air traffic control facility rating

o trained/coached unit junior NCOs for SQT and CTT; all received first time GOs

o trains for team competency

o trains his section to completely accomplish any and all tasks assigned

o trains his soldiers to excellence

o trains subordinates to lead

o used battalion command inspection as a forum to teach soldier skills and improve NBC operations

o uses experience as a training tool

o uses unscheduled down time to train his soldiers on critical tasks

o volunteered off-duty time to help train JROTC and ROTC students

o willingly shares his vast knowledge and expertise with others

o willingly shares what he learns with lower enlisted soldiers donated by

Needs Improvement Bullets

o successfully assisted in the training of two NCO's on basic duties associated with the Intel Watch

o did not seek training or assistance when placed in a position outside of his typical duties

o he was not accountable for his actions when he went AWOL for 41 days, neglecting his basic soldier knowledge of being on time, in the right uniform and the right place

o does not use his free time to improve his knowledge of his MOS to become a more efficent and better leader

o overcame several obstacles to advancement but requires further training before...

o has made significant progress in qualification and may be ready for advancement

o demonstrated dedication and sincere effort to improve but limited by...

o negatively affected our state of readiness by...

o failed to take advantage of opportunities to advance

o achieved full qualification in position and needs to concentrate on...

o counseled by the Battalion CSM for having the least qualified platoon in the company

o failure to plan ahead or manage current training requirements reduced readiness

o his performance was below average and is in immediate need of retraining

o is indifferent to suggestions for advancement and misses many opportunities for improvement

o despite encouragement and efforts of peers, cannot qualify for duty and fails to make effort to improve

o will not use off-duty time for study or self-improvement, fails to advance in qualification

o failed to acquire the necessary skills and attributes to...

o despite the best efforts of trainers on and off-duty, was unsuccessful in...

o demonstrated a lack of knowledge in most assigned duties, does not comply with instructions and is a threat to the safety of this battery

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