TRAINING NCOER Bullet Comment Examples

o demonstrates the patience and the ability to articulate clearly so all soldiers understand the training event

o developed young officers operating as peers, and subordinates in network operations and monitoring

o demonstrated exceptional proficiency in the knowledge of basic soldiering skills; provided a rigorous and challenging AWT tasks training scenario for the Company

o trained 108 Soldiers in the company on EO guidelines and reporting procedures; greatly stressed the importance of cultural diversity and team building exercises

o demanded that training remain challenging, current, and realistic; always motivated to provide insight that proved invaluable and indispensable to the mission

o adaptive NCO, changing training plans as needed to meet mission requirements

o mentored over 65 quartermaster Basic Combat Training Soldiers in: training, duties and scope of QM duties

o mentored and trained 8 Soldiers and 2 NCOs on performing technical and troubleshooting procedures for field items and sustainment maintenance

o his coaching abilities helps the section maintain 150 rifles and 15 crew-served weapons ready at all times

o quickly adapted to FSBP operations to become a highly effective NCO responsible for 100% of missions

o planned and coordinated a multiple lanes training event consisting of land navigation, medical tasks, pugel sticks, rope bridges and AWT tasks for Company of 77 Soldiers

o set up IED lanes and shared knowledge and experience into realistic training for the Company

o taught section Soldiers how to conduct Engineer reconnaissance so younger Soldiers understood how this relates to their MOS and TOC functions

o trained 3 inexperienced NCOs to pr perform Battle NCO duties at TF 983 EN BN TOC; team was formally recognized by OC/T cadre for organization and efficiency

o completed Battle Staff NCO Course during rated period

o performed duties as the Primary Instructor of the Academy EO and Resilience training programs; resulted in all Academy assigned personnel remaining certified

o his expertise was instrumental in training over 30 Soldiers on convoy operations and other battle drills which resulted in a well executed convoy operations lane

o encouraged a positive environment while conducting training meetings by promoting ideas and participation from others

o cross-trained all Soldiers in his section to be as multifaceted as himself

o has a very engaging, effective teaching style, readily accepted by soldiers

o instructed squad on Basic Rifle Marksmanship tactics resulting in 100% qualification of squad with M-4 carbine

o coached and mentored over 10 Soldiers in a rating period to shoot and qualify a minimum of 37 out of 40 hits, earning High BRM awards for the Company

o served as CLS coordinator, certifying over 500 soldiers and recertifying over 300 Soldiers within the Brigade as Combat LifeSavers

o took the lead as Movement Control Coordinator for the Unit's deployment ensuring proper seal and load of 6 containers as well as assisting the BN with movement plans

o increased the level of realism incorporated into the CLS program by using realistic lane training to imitate the rigors of care on the battlefield

o shows motivation in training subordinates to achieve unit mission

o has an extensive knowledge base from on the job experience and deployments he does not hesitate to pass on this experience to subordinates of lessons learned

o trained his soldier to take over daily operations of warehouse in his absence

o developed and briefed MISO class for the BDE S3 section for awareness and use during JRTC rotation

o completed a Tactical Information Operations course to assist the BDE Information Operations officer in data collection

o ensured training was realistic using his past combat tours, in which he was instrumental in creating a highly trained, aggressive, and lethal Foward Support Troop

o successfully conducted professional classes on short notice with limited resources

o always worked with focused determination until the company's mission was completed

o achieved a 15% increase in CTT scores, through effective training and follow-up

o aggressive and tenacious training methods ensured female weight lifting team to place 1st in post tournament

o all 12 soldiers assigned to his squad qualified expert on the M9, M16A2 and MP5; direct reflection of his training

o all 6 of his mechanics earned the mechanics badges and completed over 60 credit hours of military correspondence courses

o arranged an instructional curriculum that improved the SQT scores near an average of 15 points

o as a result of his Education Program, many soldiers in the unit are continuing their education

o as a result of his training and leadership Bn was labeled "best ever" to go through AH-64 Unit Training

o as a tank CDR, scored a perfect score of 1,000 points on Tank Table VIII

o assisted and motivated platoon to be selected best in the company for drill and ceremony 2 cycles in a row

o BDE CDR commended him for instilling the warrior ethos in soldiers thru martial arts training.

o cited by the division SJA as having the best legal training program in the division

o coached soldiers to win both Battalion NCO and Soldier of the Quarter Boards

o coached subordinate to win the HHC DISCOM Soldier of the Year

o coached the battalion's M60 machine gun team to an overall top placement in the CG's marksmanship competition

o coached the BN trainee flag football team to win first place in the brigade tournament

o commended by Battalion Commander for implementing the company's first company level PAI Program

o commended by Bavarian Ministry for training provided to Bavarian Ministry Officials

o commended by the battalion commander as having the best enlisted training program within the battalion

o commended by the Post CDR for writing extensive training pamphlet on Directed Energy Warfare

o complimented personally by the TRADOC IG for having a superior training program

o constantly commended on his instruction during Shared Training and Battle Lab FTX's

o demanding training resulted in a100% qualification for entire platoon on all assigned weapons

o designed a mentoring guide for soldiers; currently in use army wide

o developed a "Study for Success" class that reduced course failures from over 40 in FY88 to 12 in FY89

o developed a budget of $118,000 to meet all training demands for MTMC Europe

o developed a training plan based on the unit METL shortcomings as a result unit received rating as best in Bn

o developed and implemented a highly realistic cavalry scout combat training program at NTC

o developed and implemented an intensive hands-on evaluation for MOS certification

o developed BNCOC FTX-STX; adopted as the ''model" for all Noncommissioned Officer Academies

o developed company level NCO Professional Development Program praised by the Battalion CSM

o developed good SUE training program for the Battalion

o developed the PMCS prevention maintenance program for the Battalion Communications center

o developed, planned, instructed sniper course for Alaska National Guard

o devised a Mission Essential Tasks List for the Post IG; dramatically increasing productivity

o devised a training program that raised tank crew scores on TT VII by 78 pts

o during off-duty time rewrote or created all SOP's for the platoon which earned commendable ratings

o emphasis on training and attention to detail produced a 100% pass rate for the EMFMB, totaling 5 soldiers

o enrolled every soldier in his platoon in the CLEP Program to earn college credit

o ensured training was effective and timely, a support to unit missions

o ensured all of his soldiers successfully completed PLDC and other career enhancing courses

o established a BDE drill team; resulted in 2 of his NCOs being accepted to all Army Drill Team

o expert training method ensured his Ranger Challenge Team won 1st place in BDE Ranger Shootout; 1st win for the unit

o expert training methodology resulted in his section being the only one in the Bn to achieve a perfect score at Gunnery

o expertly trained 7 soldiers after duty hours to earn the EFMB

o hand picked as the subject matter expert by BDE CDR to train all staff elements on TOC operations

o hand picked by scuba team OIC to train 1st Group pre-scuba course

o has raised individual training proficiency from less than 50% to over 90%

o has trained Ranger Challenge Team to a history making First Place Finish in Brigade Ranger Shoot Out

o his Bn NCO Certification program was commended by USAREUR IG as the standard for Europe

o his company was recognized by CSA as the Army's best electronic warfare unit; direct reflection of his ability to train

o his counseling and training resulted in a 100% graduation rate for 28 students; 5 honor graduates

o his detachment achieved a 96% expert qual rate as a result of his marksmanship training program

o his drill and ceremony training resulted in his platoon being selected best in the company drill 2 cycles in a row

o his effective training techniques achieved a 15% increase in CTT scores; recognized by unit leadership

o his expertise in TOC operations; resulted in the only TOC solely operated by NCOs for a 9 month deployment

o his facilities were awarded TRADOC's Best Classroom Facilities

o his no nonsense approach to training significantly contributed to his section being selected as the best 60mm crew in Bn

o his platoon receiving a 98% first-time pass rate in weapons qual; as a result of his exceptional training

o his squad placed 1st of 9 and went on to represent unit in the Infantry Skills Competition; placing 2nd of 30

o his squads finished 1st and 2nd in company "Top Gun" Competition; 20 squads competed

o his strong work ethic and detailed training plan produced a 26% increase in EIB recipients within the Bn

o his training motivated his unit to earn the Distinguished Marching Unit designation for excellence in D&C

o his training of the section contributed to the company 60mm mortar section being selected as best in the Bn

o implemented environmental science training program; entire staff nationally recognized in food service certification

o improved PAC operations by 10% as a result of his training plan and mentorship of soldiers

o improved staff PT scores by 35 points by developing an intense PT program

o instrumental in training/coaching Bn marksmanship team to win post championship

o knowledge of supply operations ensured the unit won Div Qtrly Supply Award

o licensed 12 soldiers within 30 days by developing and implementing a drivers training program

o magnificent training has resulted in 5 DA Culinary Arts Competition finalists

o marksmanship instructions resulted in 96% of the detachment firing expert with the M16A2

o mentored 5 soldiers to achieve an average a perfect score on promotion board; coined by Bn CSM

o mentored 9 consecutive BDE Soldier of the Month Board winners, 5 during the rated period

o mentored Regimental instructors to achieve an unprecedented 91% pass rate from the Ranger Course

o mentored two drill sergeants to be selected as Battalion Drill Sergeant of the Quarter

o meticulous training ensured Bn's M240B machine gun crews won 1st place in CG's marksmanship competition

o meticulous training resulted in 50 medical MOS students passing the National Certification Exam; 100% pass rate

o motivated his entire squad to enroll in college, 3 graduate this fall

o obtained a 100% GO rating in Special Forces Desert Stakes

o on his own initiative developed an Audie Murphy study tape; resulted in 10 soldiers being inducted

o orchestrated and developed training plan for 2FTXS; completely NCO-led.

o organized, trained and leads an OPFOR team which aggresses SOBC students participating in FTX's

o performed extremely well during three month long MSE New Equipment Training Crew Drills

o personally trained Division NCO of the Year after duty hours

o planned and executed the 1st BDE Military Stakes Competition; recognized personally by DIV CSM for his work

o planned and organized an EFMB program in which 26% of the candidates received the badge

o planned, coordinated, and executed 1st NCO run BN Live Fire Howitzer Section Evaluation

o proactive approach to training, increased quota utilization and reduced attrition by 35% for MOS 89D

o provided primary training to battalion medics which earned the section the Division EFMB Streamer

o received accolades for his realistic/challenging training of reservists scheduled to deploy into combat

o received Armor School's Outstanding Instructor Award for demonstrated Excellence in Tactical Skills

o received commendable comments on numerous tests and displays for MSE

o received commendable rating in training during Brigade Inspection

o recognized by MACOM CG for best training during Aerial Gunnery Exercise

o recognized for dramatically improving technical training by developing an MOS certification program in the Bn

o researched, designed and executed highly realistic cavalry scout combat training program at the NTC

o rewrote, edited and condensed a 600-pg TACSOP into a user friendly document in 2 months; after-duty hours

o saved the army $6,500 annually by developing a student handout that reduced POI man-hours by 60 hours

o selected above his peers for trip to New York to train West Point Cadets

o selected by the J3 and JTF CDR to train staff on all aspects of TOC operations

o Sgt s Time Training was selected as the centerpiece for USAREUR TODAY television series

o single out by the Bn CDR as having the best enlisted training program within the Bn

o singled out as the driving force in winning TRADOC CDR's Award for Excellence of an Outdoor Trng Facility

o singled out by the CG/ADC for having the best squad area in Bn

o singled out for his superior training program by the TRADOC IG

o trained 6 tank companies for qualification gunnery with a 95 percent pass rate

o trained 7 reserve component instructors in the train-the-trainer concept; all of which were recognized by CG

o trained 85% of the BN's CMF 11 soldiers to earned EIB

o trained all communication teams to exceed ARTEP standards

o trained all medics in his section to proficiency; resulted in section winning Best Medic Section in Div streamer

o trained battalion and brigade reenlistment NCOs to win 1st Qtr FY91 Reenlistment Award

o trained company on maintenance/logistics; resulted in unit winning Army Signal CMD Supply of Excellence competition

o trained Forces Command Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team of the Year

o trained her NBC Teams to win four consecutive quarterly Battalion NBC Competitions

o trained his OPFOR to receive a rating of Excellence; only one in the Bn to receive this recognition

o trained his soldier to receive a Silver Star in the Culinary Art Competition

o trained over 50 officers from the former Soviet Republic of Moldova; received by name commendation

o trained staff to provide medical threat briefings to soldiers deploying to 13 different countries; coined by CG

o trained subordinate to be top recruiter in company 7 out of 8 months

o trained the crew which won the 32d AADCOM best crew competition, by scoring a perfect 1113 points

o trained Unit team to win Command Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team of the Year

o trained/mentored 12 soldiers to win 16 medals in the Army s Culinary Arts competition

o training and personal involvement helped improved 4 squad members GT from 102 to 116

o training developed a warrior ethos that resulted in his squad being able to deploy in 12 hours

o training led subordinate to be top recruiter in company 7 out of 8 months

o tutored 12 soldiers after duty hours improving GT scores from an avg of 99 to 115

o volunteered to teach Land Navigation to 120 students at the local high school JROTC class

o willingly shares knowledge with lower enlisted Soldiers

o won 32d AADCOM best crew competition; obtaining a perfect score of 1,000 points.

o won BDE Reup award; a direct result of his exceptional training of Bn and Company reup NCOs

o won best instructor qualification for teaching international students; selected by his peers and students

o won Outstanding Instructor Award for demonstrated Excellence in tactical and technical skills

o won Post instructor of the Year and 2nd in TRADOC Instructor of the Year competition donated by

Needs Improvement Bullets

o successfully assisted in the training of two NCO's on basic duties associated with the Intel Watch

o did not seek training or assistance when placed in a position outside of his typical duties

o he was not accountable for his actions when he went AWOL for 41 days, neglecting his basic soldier knowledge of being on time, in the right uniform and the right place

o does not use his free time to improve his knowledge of his MOS to become a more efficent and better leader

o overcame several obstacles to advancement but requires further training before...

o has made significant progress in qualification and may be ready for advancement

o demonstrated dedication and sincere effort to improve but limited by...

o negatively affected our state of readiness by...

o failed to take advantage of opportunities to advance

o achieved full qualification in position and needs to concentrate on...

o counseled by the Battalion CSM for having the least qualified platoon in the company

o failure to plan ahead or manage current training requirements reduced readiness

o his performance was below average and is in immediate need of retraining

o is indifferent to suggestions for advancement and misses many opportunities for improvement

o despite encouragement and efforts of peers, cannot qualify for duty and fails to make effort to improve

o will not use off-duty time for study or self-improvement, fails to advance in qualification

o failed to acquire the necessary skills and attributes to...

o despite the best efforts of trainers on and off-duty, was unsuccessful in...

o demonstrated a lack of knowledge in most assigned duties, does not comply with instructions and is a threat to the safety of this battery

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