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VALUES NCOER Bullet Comments

The strength of a wall is neither greater nor less than the courage of the men who defend it.
—Genghis Khan (1162-1227)

o moral leader; discouraged rampant abuse of government welfare program by those fraudulently applying for VA disability

o dynamic Non-Commissioned Officer committed to mission accomplishment and the welfare of Solders; an exceptional role model for Soldiers to emulate

o respected senior NCO, supported the unit SHARP program, emphasized safety, equity and fairness

o an asset any unit would value

o Soldiers respect and appreciate his caring attitude; always treats them with dignity and respect

o stood above contemporaries in personal commitment to professionalism and dedication to duty

o displays honesty and integrity no matter what the situation

o single-handedly assisted the Command with cleaning up non-participant numbers; lowered the Battalion's numbers by 15% overall

o set the example of a professional Noncommissioned Officer

o continually exhibited the highest standards of loyalty, integrity, and personal behavior

o vigorously supported equal opportunity and fairness for all Soldiers

o presents unyielding loyalty to the unit, seniors, peers, subordinates, and the MEDEVAC mission

o truly honest, no matter the consequences

o committed team player willing to provide assistance on any occasion

o displayed extreme professionalism in every aspect during the rated period

o the epitome of what every NCO should be; aggressive, intelligent and professional

o strongly supports the Army EEO/EO program

o maintains a fierce and steadfast belief in assigned mission

o seeks challenges no matter the difficulty

o risked personal safety to ensure safety of visiting unit and their mission

o personal lifestyle epitomizes the total NCO

o rejected transfer to rear to remain behind with his team

o displayed an outstanding devotion to duty

o effectively executed all goals or missions assigned, regardless of difficulty

o works long hours ensuring soldiers are taken care of

o goes the extra mile to complete the job

o maintains highest standards

o stands firmly on his convictions

o displays exceptional pride in his soldiers, his job and the Army

o unquestionable loyalty

o possesses pride in service and a sense of duty that inspires his peers

o supports and encourages allegiance to mission

o personal conduct on and off duty, reflects favorably on the NCO Corps

o puts the Army, mission and soldiers before own personal interests

o is the best Operations NCO I have ever encountered

o offers advice, but loyal to final decisions made by superiors

o his conduct, on and off duty, is above reproach

o stands up for his personal convictions

o dedicated to this unit and its mission

o highly motivated and honest

o always maintains very high standards of personal conduct on and off duty

o performance above the normal call of duty produced exemplary achievements

o meets challenges without compromising integrity

o displays sincerity in ambitions and objectives

o willing to spend additional effort and time to accomplish all assigned tasks

o maintains a fierce and steadfast belief in assigned mission

o displays sincerity in ambitions and objectives

o enjoys challenges no matter how difficult

Needs Improvement

o understood his role as a senior leader but failed contribute to the mission

o fails to keep track of the Soldiers under his supervision

o sometimes requires supervision on how to talk to Soldiers

o demonstrated poor judgement without consideration of results

o hid serious shortfalls until it was too late to correct them

o avoids complying with orders, regularly shows disrespect to NCOs, requires constant supervision

o is a motivated troop but needs further guidance in...

o has unlimited potential but requires more experience before...

o must realize the importance of finishing assigned tasks without supervision

o failed to use time wisely, consistently failed to complete duty assignments

o frequent unwillingness to cooperate in working toward unit goals affected readiness

o failed to fulfill his leadership's intent for positive and appropriate EO practices

o needed to be consistent with leadership style and maintain formality when in presence of Soldiers

o an excellent technician but needs to work on tact and communication skills

o has good potential but requires more experience applying daily soldier leadership skills

o good Soldier, but fails to self improve by applying sound personal management skills

o demonstrated a serious lack of integrity and poor judgment without consideration of results

o compromised integrity by submitting altered documents; poor example to subordinates

o encouraged soldiers to advance by cheating for each other, poor example

o do not send to ALC

o do not assign to positions of greater responsibility

o rater directed relief

o Soldier refused to sign

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