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Forward Observer NCOER Bullet Examples

o deployed with 1st Infantry Division to Afghanistan

o performed his duties as a forward observer with skill and poise under pressure

o coordinated the infil of four CH-47 Chinooks in support of Operation Mongoose

o in addition to his duties as a Forward Observer, SSG Miles drove for FIST HQ element, driving over 900 miles and conducing maintainence on the FSV

o developed the Complex Attack scenario for an IED Event which was adopted as the Battalion training standard

o his vigilance alerted Company to advancing enemy and continued to provide intel, repelling several waves of strong enemy attacks on our position

o assumed the roles of Fire Support NCO and Fire Support Specialist in addition to his primary role as Second Platoon Forward Observer

o completed the Joint Fires Observer course at the top of the class

o assisted in the setup, operation, and maintenance of all equipment assigned to the the Bravo FIST during Iron Focus

o passed pertinent information and intel between Bravo Company and Bulldog Brigade TOC over fifty kilometers away

o developed and implemented all company fires planning

o created and conducted various concurrent training of other members of the Fire Support Team, and established all FIST communications

o conducted accurate, safe and effective calls for fire resulting in over 6,000 rounds fired with zero loss to equipment or personel

o ensured all mortar rounds were within the acceptable tolerance of target location error and were observed safely

o conducted call for fire for NCOPD & OPD

o instructed 60 infantrymen in the field on Call For Fire and taught them the standard in conducting Call for Fire in accordance with EIB standards

o identified and walked rounds onto and destroyed enemy motorpool consisting of five vehicles

o guided the howitzer section's firing of over 90 illumination rounds in support of area-denial operations in Maysan Province; 100% coverage

o tightly integrated team member; provided fast and continuous feedback on impact; key to Battery recognition as Top Gun

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