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Mail Clerk Duty Descriptions

Mail Clerk Award Examples

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Mail/Postal NCO-ER Examples

o spearheaded numerous post office improvements, reducing manual labor by two hours mail load; commended by Battalion CSM for his contributions to the post office

o oversaw Arifjan mail program; secured, maintained and distributed over 5,000 packages boosting the morale of 5,000 Soldiers

o helped with the distribution of over 3K pieces of mail to the unit during Operation Iraqi Freedom

o selected over 9 of his peers to act as Bn mail room clerk, a duty outside his MOS, maintained 100% accountability

o developed and implemented a plan that successfully transitioned the Mail Distribution Center to NCRCC without missing a delivery

o devoted Soldier support; worked during personal time to ensure Soldiers on night shift received their mail

o maintained discreet and private mail service to all unit members

o managed postal volunteer program and trained 25 Soldiers and family members reducing wait times by 50%

o conducted post office tours for local DoD elementary school classes

o created a successful APFT program, ensured 100% pass rate for all soldiers taking PT test during Annual Training

o planned and executed three Warrior Training Tasks (WTT) with a 100% pass rate

o processed 10,000 pounds of bulk mail; made available to patrons within 24 hours; surpassed DoD standard by 70%

o supervised self-inspection; reviewed 60 checklist items and corrected 12 discrepancies; poised for 2014 inspection

o relocated the DoD's largest post office in less than 24 hours, noving 30,000 pounds of mail and packages, maintained 100% accountability

o assigned to take over mail room supervision due to his bulletproof integrity; lost and undelivered mail rate immediately reduced by 50%

o identified opportunities for theft and eliminated them; increased mail delivery rate to 95%

o constructed and implemented an effective detachment-level mail storage facility, which significantly increased the unit's ability to maintain accountability of and manage distribution of the Soldiers' personal mail and parcels

o supervised Battalion mail room for 900 Soldiers

o coordinated and distributed over 12,000 pallets of mail over the holidays, ensured every Soldier received their mail, which improved morale in the Bn

o established a MOA between two services; briefed officials within the Air Force and the Navy

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