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Mailroom NCOER Bullets

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Mail Room Award Examples

Mail Handler

Throughout the deployment, SPC Harrison consistently performed her demanding duties in an exemplary and highly professional manner. As the detachment's mail handler, SPC Harrison constructed, implemented, and reorganized an effective detachment level mail storage facility, which significantly increased the unit's ability to maintain accountability and manage distribution of the Soldiers' personal mail and parcels. Contributing to the high level of morale in the unit, she ensured that all mail was delivered to personnel within 24 hours. SPC Harrison attended and won the detachment soldier of the month board with an outstanding performance. During facility tours, she briefed and assisted in escorting the ARCENT CSM Frennier and the Provost Marshal commander Col. Duckett.

Mail Clerk

SPC Williams worked in the battalion mailroom and excelled in her duties as the mail clerk. SPC Williams conducted daily mail operations including picking up, sorting, and distributing mail to over 1,000 Soldiers. SPC Williams' attention to detail and hard work were immediately evident.

SPC Williams exemplified the total Soldier by seeking self improvement while assigned to the 502nd HRC. She exhibited determination by taking college classes earning 30 college credits towards her Associates Degree. Her commitment to higher learning set the example for fellow Soldiers to follow which resulted in four other members of the platoon's enrollment in Distant Education programs.

SPC Williams participated in numerous platoon and company postal training exercises. She lived the Warrior Ethos by always placing the mission first. SPC Williams encouraged her team to perform the assigned tasks above the standards and ensuring the platoons success on postal operations.

Unit Mail Clerk

SPC Bronson graduated from the Postal Operations class as the Distinguished Honor Graduate. SPC Bronson completed and graduated from the Warrior Leaders Course (07-10), Combat Life Savior Course, and the Combat Service Support Automated Information Systems Interface (CAISI) Course.

SPC Bronson volunteered and received training as the units Training Aid Support Soldier. As the Training Aid Support Soldier, SPC Bronson was responsible for creating numerous projects that promoted visual and motivational awareness throughout the unit. He trained his peers how to create and accomplish visual/training aid projects for the 81st AG (Postal) Detachment. SPC Bronson's work ethic ensured all projects were completed in a professional manner.

SPC Bronson volunteered to serve as the Unit Mail Clerk upon returning from deployment, ensuring mail was properly safe guarded, efficiently distributed, and fulfilled all mission requirements required to perform his duty.

SPC Bronson stepped up to take on extra responsibly and duties whenever possible, in order to help out his peers to accomplish their missions. With his intense competitive spirit and a refreshing motivational ability, SPC Bronson sets the example for his peers to emulate and accomplish their own goals and desires.

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