MOS 42B Human Resources Officer OER Bullets

o organized and prepared the unit for redeployment and reintegration into central region upon completion of their 15 month deployment with zero loss of accountability

o coordinated and pushed the daily status report and the JPERSTAT with accuracy and on time

o maintained administrative data for 88 Joint service members and Soldiers assigned to Charlie Delta Battery

o refused mid-tour leave and contributed hundreds of hours of off-duty time to ensure all tasks were accomplished on time

o selected as Financial Obligation Officer, ensured all funds were accounted for and spent in accordence with regulation

o served as acting Battalion Senior Human Resource NCO, trained 5 new Battery Admin NCOs and sustained battalion operations

o validated and processed 79 Red Cross Messages in support of deployed members

o Kept the Commander apprised on Personnel Accountability

o pushed 278 troops forward, fully equipped and administratively prepared

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