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MOS 68/MEDICAL NCOER Bullet Examples

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o hand selected by the Chief Clinical NCO over five Master Sergeant to serves as the Senior Clinical NCO based on his record of proven competence and perfomance

o demonstrated superb leadership as the Senior NCO for Perioperative Services; resulting in positive patient outcome in over 1500 surgical procedures

o enhanced the health and welfare of Ft. Campbell beneficiaries

o organized the 2014-2015 influenza campaign and the vaccination of over 25,000 Soldiers in less than 90-days; first FORSCOM unit to reach 95% compliance before MEDCOM deadline

o supported over 70 live fire ranges, obstacle courses, and road marches; ensured that all Soldiers received the best medical care possible

o supervised the BN Eagle First Responder Course, resulting in more than 350 EFR qualified; directly improved combat medical care throughout the 1BCT AO

o ensured MEDPROS data for the BN as maintained and annotated in database; improving combat effectiveness of more than 73 Soldiers

o integrated a Forward Surgical Team into his Level II+ MTF without incident; resulting in exceptional medical care throughout 1BCT AO Regional Command East

o designed and implemented a vigorous physical fitness program resulting in his Platoon scoring the highest PT average in the Company, with zero failures

o encouraged subordinates to excel both in garrison and on the battlefield through realistic medical training; resulting in countless lives being saved on the battlefield

o produced outstanding results while serving as first sergeant during his absence; directly attributed to 73 Soldiers' security, morale and drive to win on the battlefield

o committed to providing the best medical care possible to Soldiers; personally took the lead to ensure new medics were tactically and technically proficient

o set a positive example for his Soldiers by competing in the 1BCT Sergeant Audie Murphy Selection Board despite a combat OPTEMPO

o planned, coordinated and supervised the BN immunizations and deployment SRP drive; resulting in 100% combat readiness for a BN of over 350 Soldiers

o improved combat effectiveness for over 120 Soldiers during two small arms ranges

o ensured 100% of his Soldiers completed EMT-B, Basic Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course and CPR Certifications in preparation for OEF XI deployment

o deployed 35 Soldiers and equipment worth $715,000 to JRTC 10-03 and OEF XI; maintained accountability of a Level II+ MTF MES valued in excess of $2,000,000

o maintained uncompromising enforcement of PCIs; ensured no safety incidents occurred during the company's foot marches, ranges, or daily operations

o selected by BN Commander to serve as the Company Contracting Officer Representative

o produced exceptional results while serving as BN CSM for 350 Soldiers during his absence, allowing the BN CSM to conduct 13 battle field circulations

o managed a level II+ aid station that treated more than 1,000 non-battle injuries, 175 battle injuries, and 200 MEDEVACs in less than three months in support of OEF XI

o supervised the company defensive perimeter, defensive position construction, and integration with FOB security

o dynamic and energetic leader who exceled in all areas, scored 272 points on APFT despite rigorous combat OPTEMPO

o maintained excellent physical and mental condition for over 73 Soldiers despite austere deployment conditions and long work hours

o trained, coached, and mentored two NCOs to compete in the Brigade's Sergeant Audie Murphy Club board; one NCO selected to compete in Division SAMC

o planned, coordinated, and resourced the medical support for every battalion range and combat patrol, as well as multiple distinguish, visitor FOB visits

o despite the extremely high combat OPTEMPO was able to exceed expectations by completing all missions and providing personnel for all tasking requirements

o developed and implemented a MASCAL plan that became the standard for the FOB

o managed a two month Eagle First Responder program in garrison that trained more than 65 Soldiers from the Brigade on combat life saving skills

o coached and mentored one sergeant and two staff sergeants to serve as platoon sergeants; directly improving combat effectiveness for more than 73 Soldiers

o supervised the completion of countless B-Hut and aid station construction projects in two and a half months; significantly upgrading living and working conditions

o directly responsible for the serviceability and accountability of over $9.3 million dollars worth of equipment

o had zero losses of equipment or safety incidents during his Soldier's movement throughout Regional Command East, Afghanistan Area of Operation

o provided expert dental support for over 950 patients during sick call and routine appointments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom XI

o conducted dental services to outlying FOBs in theater with the brigade dentist, resulted in over 15 Soldiers treated without leaving their area of operation

o completed nine hours of civilian education with a GPA of 3.5

o displayed a good attitude when faced with difficult tasks

o maintained physical readiness through a personal exercise program without supervision

o set a positive example for his Soldiers by completing a half marathon

o led daily flag honors detail for 12 consecutive months in a combat zone

o encouraged his Soldiers to enroll in college classes and complete correspondence courses, achieved over 500 hours to promote their personal and professional growth

o maintained 100% weapon safety record by effectively supervising daily weapons clearing procedures and functions checks

o cross trained one Soldier on dental procedures due to staffing shortage

o accomplished all missions with limited supervision

o hand receipt holder for over $900,000 worth of medical equipment with zero losses or report of survey

o possessed outstanding organizational skills; always maximized limited resources and personnel, resulted in 100% mission accomplishment

o emphasized safety, resulted in a successfully redeployment of his Soldiers and equipment

o demonstrated superior knowledge of company operations while expertly managing the company asset, personnel and equipment within the command post during OEF XI

o revamped a dysfunctional mailroom operation; directly improved the morale for over 73 Soldiers by consistently delivering over 100 pieces of mail per week

o consistently fulfilled her duties with skills and confidence; reliable NCO in the company who always met deadlines

o assisted four Soldiers with physical rehabilitation while on extensive profiles; enabling them to successfully come off profile and pass APFT

o maintained military bearing and appearance; instilled mental and physical fitness in her Soldiers

o placed the needs of her Soldiers above her own and worked to ensure her Soldiers had no unresolved personal issues

o served remarkably as the Battle Captain in a Level II(+) MTF during heightened mission OPTEMPO in support of Operation Enduring Freedom XI

o served as the Senior Medic during two Bastogne Over watch Combat Logistics Patrols; responsible for treating more than 60 Soldiers in an austere environment

o exceeded BDE CSM's expectations by planning, coordinating and executing the first BDE NCO/Soldier of the Quarter Board Competition for six Soldiers and five NCOs

o executed and demonstrated exceptional leadership in a combat zone; trained Soldiers as Triage NCOs for MASCAL exercises

o ensured 100% of her Soldiers maintained professional certifications

o directly responsible for the coordination and movement of over $1 million worth of section MTOE in support of JRTC and OEF XI with zero losses

o accepts full responsibility for issues within her charge and utilizes each situation as a teaching tool for herself and others

o prioritized all safety requirements and enforced safety which contributed to zero safety accidents

o executed the unit's equipment RESET plan for over $1.7 million in field and sustainment equipment in a timely manner while serving as the company RESET NCO

o received a 98.5% rating during the Command Supply Discipline Program competition

o completed 18 credit hours towards a degree in supply chain management despite a high combat OPTEMPO

o displayed a superior level of confidence; won the respect of seniors and subordinate Soldiers within the unit

o mentally and physically tough NCO; performed extremely well under pressure

o coordinated a seamless inspection and movement of 14 shipping containers filled with over $1.7 million worth of equipment in support of OEF XI

o selected over three NCOs to serve as the supply sergeant for a medical company; commended by the battalion command sergeant major for superior performance

o reenlisted in a deployed environment; set the example that led her Soldier to reenlist

o trained and developed a junior supply specialist on supply tasks within a brigade support medical company

o supported 12 weapons ranges as the ammunition NCO and safety NCO while deployed; demanded a safety first environment

o facilitated training for 12 sub-hand receipt holders on the property accountability protocol; resulted in zero FLIPLs

o inherited an unsatisfactory supply section and brought it to a commendable rating within 30 days

o managed $4.7 million worth of organizational and theater provided equipment during deployment without losses or damages

o developed a database tracking and maintenance system for over $200,000 worth of sensitive items; maintained a 98% readiness rate of all equipment

o displayed superior knowledge, skill and excellence by reconstructing the Arms Room; received commendable ratings at FY09 CIP inspection

o selected over 15 NCOs as an EFMB candidate; trained over 200 1BCT Soldiers on Tactical Combat Casualty Care in preparation for EFMB

o displayed superior medical proficiency by maintaining EMT-B and CPR certification

o spent countless hours training Soldiers on tactical and technical knowledge; resulting in one Soldier winning the 111th Battalion's Soldier of the Month Board

o led and trained five Soldiers to exceed all standards set forth by the commander in preparation for a 30-day exercise at the Joint Readiness Training Center

o motivated Soldiers to perform to the best of their ability as individuals and as a squad during numerous training exercises

o trained and ensured that over 500 Soldiers are medically knowledgeable and capable by instructing at the Rascon School of Combat Medicine

o mentored a newly assigned Medical NCO on duties and responsibilities in a TO&E unit

o ensured 100% of her Soldiers maintained EMT-B, Tactical Combat Casualty Care and CPR Certification

o accounted for $190,000 worth of MTOE, weapons, DAGRs, medical sets and field litter ambulances with no loss of accountability

o promoted the Army Safety Program ensuring Soldiers were supervised and practiced safety procedures while conducting daily operations

o ensured five Soldiers were enrolled in college and completed correspondence courses despite intense Battalion OPTEMPO

o hand selected by the 1SG for reassignment to a maneuver battalion as senior medic for a remote COB within Regional Command East Afghanistan

o mentored and tutored a junior noncommissioned officer and one Soldier; resulting in two NCOs winning the Battalion NCO of Month Competition

o used knowledge from previous deployments to build and develop new Soldiers and prepare them for combat logistical operations

o planned, coordinated, and assisted in developing BCT3 training for over 25 battalion medics; directly responsible for three Soldiers earning the coveted CMB

o conducted numerous company level M4/M9 ranges resulting in over 25 Soldiers trained in advanced marksmanship techniques in support of OEF XI

o shared knowledge of operations and administration; enhanced performance of peers and subordinates

o served as senior medic during ANA DUSTWUN missions supporting TF Iron Gray; treated more than 50 Soldiers on the battlefield and evacuated over 20 Soldiers

o provided expert medical support for one special forces operation; assumed the role as senior medic for brigade level target missions within ### BCT AO

o developed and implemented a plan to improve and revamp eight casualty collection points on FOB in support of over 3,500 residents

o ensured 100% of her Soldiers completed EMT-B, Basic Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course and CPR Certifications

o trained 10 Soldiers on proper operation, maintenance and trouble shooting on the (M997) Forward Litter Ambulance despite a rigorous combat OPTEMPO

o received laudatory reviews from command for her role in reconstructing a dysfunctional 20 LIN hand receipt in excess of $200,000; resulted in 100% accuracy

o stressed safety first to all Soldiers; continually emphasized to her peers the importance of an accident free environment

o enforced the Army Standards by making on the spot corrections and living the Warrior Ethos

o led and trained four newly assigned Combat Medics to exceed the expectation of the Commander during a 30-day Joint Readiness Training Center rotation

o set the example for Soldiers in her squad by demonstrating a high level of integrity and professionalism; resulted in a well organized, competent and disciplined Squad

o placed the needs of her Soldiers above her own and worked to ensure her Soldiers had no unresolved personal or professional issues

o displayed superior medical proficiency by maintaining EMT-B and CPR Certification despite intense pre-deployment training requirements

o showed extreme competence while serving as the Unit's Master Driver; performed all duties above expected standards

o ensured that all mandatory training and ranges were conducted and completed for 27 68Ws prior to their deployment in support of OEF XI

o conducted over 4,500 exposures to help accurately disgnose over 1,056 trauma patients seen at the Forward Surgical Team in 12 months during combat operations

o provided expert medical support to over 1,800 patients during sick call and routine appointments

o conducted dental support to other FOBs in theater with BDE Dentist resulting in over 40 Soldiers treated without leaving their area of operation

o encouraged subordinates, and superiors to excel mentally and physically; resulted in 17 Soldiers completing the FOB Fenty 2011 Miami Satellite Half Marathon

o displayed a positive attitude at all times even when faced with multiple difficult tasks

o demonstrated exceptional leadership in a combat zone by assisting evacuation of over 120 Soldiers to a level III medical facility in support of OEF XI

o mentored a Soldier to win Brigade level Soldier of the Quarter competion

o increased morale by taking lead on organizing holiday functions and coordinated unit shirts for the Soldiers in the company

o cross trained four medics on radiological procedures for a more efficient running aid station due to staffing shortage

o motivated trainer and mentor; prepared two Soldiers to appear before the Promotion Board earning them their promotable status

o shared knowledge of operations and administration; enhanced performance of peers and subordinates

o hand receipt holder for over $400,000 worth of medical equipment with no loss or report of survey

o stressed safety first during eleven months of combat operations, resulting in no negligent discharges and 100% accountability of all sensitive items

o possessed outstanding organizational skills; always maximized limited resources and personnel resulting in 100% mission accomplishment

o maintained administrative records for 73 Soldiers; ensuring all unit monthly reports were accurate and met Battalion suspenses

o displayed outstanding confidence and managerial skills while serving as the NCOIC of the Company Training Room

o served as the Senior Patient Administration NCO during the Brigade SRP improving Soldier Readiness for upcoming OEF rotation

o assisted in Company level Air Assault training program which enabled two Soldiers to earn the coveted Air Assault Badge

o trained ten Soldiers during JRTC as a casualty liaison team ensuring 100% patient tracking during MASCAL exercises

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