MOS 74 CBRN, Chem Warfare NCOER Examples

Soldier wearing gas mask

74D/CBRN Staff NCO (Brigade)

o superior adaptability and performance resulted in her creating a HIMARS pre execution checklist adopted by 82nd ABN Division for use during JOAX 13-02.

o selected over three seasoned 13F40s to perform as FFA HQ Battle NCO as part of the 82nd ABN Division GRF.

o demanded realistic training and certification from Battalion CBRN Teams; affirmed by DIV CBRN Sergeant Major as the best CBRN-trained brigade in the Division.

o developed the Division standardized training plan to train top CBRN Soldiers to compete in the Best CBRN Warrior Competition.

o efficiently coordinated and supervised the transfer of $506,000 worth of training JSLIST from XVIII Corps to subordinate battalions.

Hazardous Response Platoon (HRP)

o developed and implemented a new training program for HRP platoon battle drills resulting in the platoon's successful execution of squad and crew certification

o his experience and knowledge were key to the rapid transformation of a decontamination platoon into a highly effective HRP Team

o executed more than 15 training events in various levels of PPE and extreme weather conditions with no injuries

o developed a platoon training program that ensured all members of HRP were capable of conducting sterile sampling techniques of chemical and biological agents

o took the initiative to combine training experiences and school opportunities to develop a comprehensive sampling SOP for the new CBRN HRP concept

o selected above all CBRN participants to demonstrate sample techniques at_____ to the ______ Army Chief of Staff and _______ Commanding General

Chemical Warfare NCO

o performed over 200 convoy missions without incident--protected entire bn while ensuring readiness.

o maintained perfect accountability of over $400K worth of vehicles and chemical equipment with zero findings at turnover.

CBRN Specialist

o maintained 100% accountability of the Company's CBRN equipment valued at a $1,000,000 on the property book


o conducted the first Chemical chlorobenzalmalononitrile range in 5 years with 26 participants, instilled confidence in protective gear

o set up static display of the Fox M93A1 Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Reconnaissance System (NBCRS) as training aid, enhanced understanding

o led the Battalion through its first JRTC rotation in preparation for deployment in support of OIF

o ordered equipment to assemble 30 Individual Chemical Equipment packs for rapid deployments teams; ready for extended deployment

o completed over thirty ground support equipment (GSE) missions in support of Task Force Troy

o coordinated the transfer of M40 protective masks for MP Battalion pre-deployment training; increased deployment readiness

o arranged logistic support to deliver equipment and outfit down range participants during Austere Challange 2012

o supervised and trained personnel to conduct Protective Assessment Tests

o demonstrated and taught 15 Soldiers to Decon over 25 M1 Abrams Battle Tanks during Squadron-level gunnery range

o conducted four NBC chambers and a Command Inspection Program (CIP) for 2 Companies that made the Battalion 100% compliant with annual and FORSCOM training requirements and deployable

HAZMAT Technician

o served as a TC and Assistant Convoy Commander for over 150 armed escort missions of the Rhino bus

o volunteered as PSD for MNC-I General Officers traveling to the International Zone and other MND Baghdad AOO areas

BIDS Operator

o his efforts during the 2nd Chemical Battalion Best CBRNE competition won a first place overall victory for the 13th Chemical Company and qualified the team to represent 2nd Chemical Battalion at this year's Regimental Best CBRNE competition

o took initiative to review and supervise preventive maintenance inspections on the unit's protective equipment and produced a report listing equipment fit for service, ensured the unit was 100% prepared for any contingency

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