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MOS 74 CBRN, Chem Warfare Awards

74D/Mounted Recon

SPC XXX expertise on maintenance of the NBCRV and all of the sensor suites helped the platoon maintain the lowest overhead maintenance cost in 23d CBRNE Battalion. His tireless efforts culminated in XXX CBRN CO and the Army re-appropriating over $400,000 worth of equipment during the Battalion's Logistical Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise.

74D/Operations Sergeant

As the Subject Matter Expert in Mass Casualty Decontamination, SSG Pardon-Varde demonstrated expert technical skills and superior leadership over a period of three days by teaching and mentoring 33 Chemical SOLDIERS with little to no experience in Mass Casualty Decontamination about the various roles and responsibilities of each overlapping section. Under his guidance and attention to detail the company played an instrumental role in successfully supporting the 55th Civil Support Team in achieving a 'GO' on its validating mission.

Through accomplished organizational abilities SSG Pardon-Varde maintained 100% accountability of all Mass Casualty Decontamination Equipment with zero loss or damage by displaying an unmatched commitment to equipment readiness and accountability. His urgency to ensure that all accompanying equipment was serviceable and in good working order contributed greatly to the overall success of each mission and fostered an environment of mission and equipment readiness.

Displaying exceptional competence and professionalism SSG Pardon-Varde was influential during all phases of planning and preparation. He was able to effectively communicate the exact needs of the company, secure desired training areas for Mass Casualty Decontamination training, and coordinate multiple training lanes to enhance combat readiness and esprit de corps. Through his tireless efforts the company achieved high level training values and was able to sustain a rapid OPTEMPO throughout the entire exercise.

Demonstrating exceptional competence and professionalism SSG Pardon-Varde was able execute all tasks inherited in his role as the interim operations sergeant. He was able to skillfully publish all unit deliverables to include Training Schedules, Operation Orders, Rosters, complete purchase requests, and accurately forecast rations and POL. His timely submission and publication of deliverables allowed for outstanding dialogue with exercise coordination cell and the coordination of needed support to make the mission successful.

74D/CBRNE Team Member

SPC Mulkin exceeded all expectations during the field exercise Operation Lion Charge, the first 23D CBRNE BN FTX in the Korean Theater of Operations. As a member of the initial entry team, he showed great technical and tactical proficiency by precisely surveying and identifying possible samples to the Command Post. Because of his physical prowess and dedication to mission accomplishment, SPC Mulkin led his team to quickly and efficiently evacuate a downed team member out of the "Hot Zone".

74D/CBRN Specialist

Inherited duties and responsibilities far above his rank and completed all required tasks with proficiency. His hard work and enthusiasm during CBRN operations ensured safety standards were met while his attention to detail as CBRN specialist enabled soldiers and trainers precise and timely maneuver.

Chemical Specialist

When called upon, SPC Montgomery diligently maintained the post assigned with little or no supervision in which he displayed professionalism whith all persons he encountered.


o his expertise and knowledge in CBRN operations make him instrumental to the CERFP's validation on 16 Sep 11

NBC Specialist/74D10

o PFC Montgomery maintained perfect accountability of chemical equipment with zero discrepencies which led to 100% accountabilility for taskers needed during CSTX Training.

o PFC Montgomery was responsible for the safeguard of sensitive items that were not described in his duties during CSTX Training. The Duties were given to him during circumstances that he fulfill the duties with limited downtime.

o When called upon, SPC Montgomery diligently maintained the post assigned with little or no supervision in which he displayed professionalism whith all persons he encountered.

o In the absence of NCO's PFC Montgomery encouraged compassion and leadership abilities to soldiers of the similiar or lower rank which were similiar to Army Leadership standards.

o provided exceptional decontamination support for 6-37 FA, and Bravo Company during numerous Field Training Exercises; maintained highest OPS TEMPO in the unit

o provided heavy decontamination support; processed over 400 wheeled and tracked vehicles and trained over 100 personnel in decontamination procedures

Chemical Warfare NCO

o performed over 200 convoy missions without incident--protected entire bn while ensuring readiness.

o maintained perfect accountability of over $400K worth of vehicles and chemical equipment with zero findings at turnover.

CBRN Specialist

CBRN Specialist

SSG Miller served as the Chemical, Biological, Radiation, Explosive (CBRNE) NCO in a forward deployed transportation battalion. His accuracy, foresight, and professionalism enhanced the battalion's operational capabilities and ensured the commander's intent was executed to the highest standards. SSG Miller's ability to multi-task all his responsibilities within the Operation Center and tracking FRAGOs throughout the battalion allowed the HHD 180th Trans BN to have situational awareness at all times during the deployment.

SSG Miller's tremendous dedication resulted in over 500 FAGOs being tracked and reaching the units in a timely manner. His vast knowledge of logistics resulted in timely information being passed continuously throughout the Theater of Operations. SSG Miller's attention to detail and dedication to the mission ensured success at every endeavor.

SSG Miller produced the FRAGOs Operation Tracker, which was used at all levels of the operations for tracking purposes. He trained three battalion NCOs and integrated them into the battalion operations flawlessly. His unmatched ability to serve all levels in the operations was critical to the success of the 180th Transportation Battalion's missions throughout Theater.

As an Equal Opportunity leader, SSG Miller instructed over three Equal Opportunity training classes for over 200 personnel. SSG Miller ensured the battalion met all the commander's goals within regulation. His devotion to duty contributed significantly to the accomplishment of the unit's mission.

SPC Gutierrez successfully served as a RNS Team Operator while assigned to the 172nd Chemical Company. He performed his duties with confidence and reliability beyond reproach. Ever a team player, SPC Gutierrez readily shared his RNS tactical and technical knowledge with his peers and subordinates alike. His efforts made significant contributions to the units' initial readiness and helped to ensure mission success. His performance was noteworthy and to be emulated by peers and subordinates alike.

HAZMAT Technician

o served as a TC and Assistant Convoy Commander for over 150 armed escort missions of the Rhino bus

o as the acting Platoon Sergeant for over 90 days, was responsible for the safety of 29 Soldiers during one Decontamination support mission and the Battalion's Live Fire Exercise, sustaining zero accidents or injuries

o volunteered as PSD for MNC-I General Officers traveling to the International Zone and other MND Baghdad AOO areas

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