MOS 913A Armament Systems Maintenance W.O.

o negotiated the special purchase of mission-essential parts from local nationals in Ahamadi, Kuwait

o raised the unit's Fully Mission Capable (FMC) rate from 75 to 94 percent

o monitored 27 fighting vehicles on the Bradley Range under austere and extreme conditions; proactive maintenance prevented failures

o coordinated with HHQ and synchronized the movement of 179 pieces of equipment in preparation for deployment

o planned and coordinated the operational, logistical, and administrative requirements for the turn-in and consolidation of Connexes

o trained Soldiers and NCOs on building a sustained and successful scheduled maintenance program

o stood up the NIE Transient Arms Room and developed effective physical security procedures that integrated with Task Force operations

o instructed the team on how to verify the M777A2 nitrogen and hydraulic systems which are most common sources of mission degrading problems; reduced failures by 50%

o maintained active communications with senior and subordinate units while participating in Combat Aviation Brigade's refurbished small-arms service team

o improved the documentation, condition and safety of the 2-7 IN BN 1ABCT equipment

o stepped up and assisted with the convoy movement to Fort Chaffee

o tracked over 1,400 equipment items during fielding; ensured the unit maintained an accurate depiction of readiness

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