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o implemented a challenging PRT program to push subordinates to better themselves; achieved highest Unit platoon average of 242

o conducted personal training sessions during lunch for two APFT failures; Soldiers improved to 70 or better in each event

o confident leader that made decisions based on the best interest of the Unit; one of the most trusted leaders in the Battalion

o made higher echelon repairs to engines and other major assemblies; his outside the box thinking saved Unit over $450,000

o regarded as an expert in the maintenance realm and is often sought after by Battalion leadership for guidance and input

o restructured Unit shop stock listing to be more effective; provided increased ability for FMT to be self sustaining

o hand selected to serve as a mentor for the 36th EN BDE Team Leader Academy; enriched new NCOs grasp of leadership roles

o developed subordinates to perform duties as AOAP and TMDE coordinators; resulted in 100% compliance with zero delinquency

o shared knowledge and experience; key to section drastically reduced the misdiagnoses of faults and maintained high readiness

o organized and conducted in-depth engine classes for BN mechanics; considerably expanded knowledge and abilities

o taught six maintenance LPDs to BN leadership; increased leader knowledge and understanding of critical maintenance tasks

o coached newly promoted SSG to excel in the duties of motor sergeant; ensured a transition with production of successor

o selected by Battalion staff to revive a failing maintenance program; raised OR from 65% to 100% within two months

o improved Unit physical security inspection score from red to green for installation inspection

o overcame manning constraints by training his Platoon Leader to perform GCSS-ARMY clerk duties; enabled mission success

o filled in as Shop Foreman for a total of eight months, maintained more than 327 pieces of equipment with a 98% overall readiness for the Battalion

o quickly developed skills and knowledge outside of primary MOS required to complete mission

o replaced 8 engines and 11 transmissions on site that would normally be shipped to depot

o took initiative and performed all required duties in the absence of the company motor sergeant

o instrumental in the transport of 14 Mine Protected Vehicles (RG31s) to Bagram Airfield for distribution to companies in the battalion

o managed the maintanence of all vehicles on a three day convoy from the FOB in Paktika province to COP Kushmand, covering over 500 miles through the worst terrain on the planet, with no mechanical failures

o displayed a dogged devotion to the safety and well being of his Soldiers and used risk management in analyzing all of the squad's daily activities to prevent accidents or injury

o drew 200 vehicles during NTC rotation

o his ability to read the situation allowed his Command to station his team the farthest from the rest of the Company

o his numerous critiques and suggestions are always intelligent and help the squad improve and prepare for ever-changing tactical conditions

o performed over 100 critical annual and semi-annual PMCSs on equipment

o her diligence resulted in zero accidents or injuries during eleven months of combat operations

o installed several upgrades to fleet including gunner platforms, route clearance lights, and generator modifications

o returned 3 vehicles to FMS status in one day--resourceful and knowledgeable mechanic

o served as wrecker operator during the battalion's deployment to Iraq in support of OIF 2009

o trained 7 Jr enlisted soldiers in their Warrior Task Training and technical fields

o dedication to duty and technical expertise contributed significantly to C Battery's maintenance success

o helped identify, inventory, and turn in over 1500 lines of PLL

o supported 3rd Engineer Bn as mission was assumed from rotating unit, recoverd over twenty vehicles during named opperations

o assisted in the inventory and turn-in of 5.5 million dollars worth of excess parts and equipment

o repaired contract truck while under fire on Supply Route Tampa so the vehicle could be recovered before night

o managed maintenance, service, shop support and recovery sections--the job of three NCOICs

o processed over 77 services, handled recovery for both military and TMP vehicles, shop support rosters, ensured service parts were properly and efficiently distributed

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