MOS 914A, Allied Trades Warrant Officer

Allied Trades Welding

o supervised the retrofit of five M88A2 HERCULES Heavy Recovery Vehicles which increased vehicle platform readiness

o arranged a training certification program which led to 6 Soldiers receiving American Welding Society certifications; expanded section capabilities by 50%

o encouraged and developed innovative ideas to improve maintenance practices; improved maintenance accuracy and volume

o coordinated schedules and taskings with sister shops in order to optimize available skills and personnel; reduced mx waits while conserving resources

o exploited available resources to deliver reliable maintenance

o engaged assets outside the MACOM to ensure maintenance personnel were available during training events

o developed a standardized cross-training program; increased section productivity by 20% during rating period

o oversaw the restoration and 24-hour operation of the D.R.A.S.H. power units supporting the DCP; ensured operation of the number one maintenance priority

o stressed the importance of proper troubleshooting procedures to all supervised mechanics; reduced misdiagnosis of NMC faults over 50%

o shared knowledge and experience; key to his section's 100% completion rate of all scheduled services on all tactical equipment with zero delinquencies

o supervised the completion of over 300 work orders while maintaining an overall 98% Operational Readiness Rate on 500 pieces of equipment

o maintained outstanding rapport with Soldiers; extracted the most from each individual by tailoring leadership to Soldier and task

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