MOS 915A, Automotive Maintenance Warrant Officer

o coordinated with the Environmental Management Division to have the company HAZMAT area inspected; resulted in motor pool passing the DPW inspection

o tracked over 9,200 equipment items during fielding, ensured the unit maintained an accurate depiction of readiness

o set up maintenance programs establishing connections for 5 battalions and over 40 STAMIS systems

o executed motor pool operations for multiple units; successfully completed over 300 Job Orders on all Fall Classic Equipment

o recovered 210 vehicles and arranged and coordinated repair for all of them

o developed and implemented a driver training program that didn't exist prior to his arrival; increased company's qualified/licensed drivers from 10% to 90% in 3 months

o prepositioned spare parts, a unit first; reduced maintenance delays, restored tracked assets to operation in record time

o guided the transition from Unit Level Logistic System - ground (ULLS-G) to the Standard Army Maintenance System - IE (SAMS-1E) Maintenance Supply system

o achieved 95% PWE and a 99% material general during COMET, maintaining an overall average of 99.5% for all reportable equipment in AMSS

o executed and provided oversight of the lateral transfer of 32 items of motorpool equipment, ensuring adherance to 10/20 standards

o conducted PBUSE to SAMS1-E scrubs until all equipment administrative data matched; lead to Support Battalion's first error-free AMSS in over 5 years

o challenged and motivated Soldiers to aggressively manage their careers; resulted in two graduating SLC, two graduating ALC, and three graduating WLC

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