MOS 919A/Engineer Equip Maint Warrant Officer

o identified and corrected 17 code violations generated by local contractors and prevented over 1 million dollars in damages that could have occurred

o installed 1.7 miles of cable, over 500 feet of duct bank, and a new 200 amp service for Langley's cantonment site

o served as interim Maintenance NCO in addition to his regular duties and excelled in both positions, reducing overdue jobs by 50%

o created a system to track and inspect all the unit's safety equipment; streamlined the process of inspections and reduced required time and workload

o documented over 100 lines of repairable and serviceable parts to ensure maintenance readiness

o created a 28 VDC NATO-compatible cable to draw power from vehicle and restored heating for shelters; restored mission

o improved the Lodging in Kind program by coordinating with vendors and ensuring all promised paperwork and payment was complete to maintain a strong working relationship between them and the U.S. Army

o completed TM Verification early, placing critical equipment in the hands of capable Soldiers

o spearheaded the motorpool's parts operation and organized hundreds of parts spanning three connexes which reduced overall repair times

o organized wrong parts and turned-in Class IX excess which resulted in a more efficient stockage and improved material readiness of other units in ASG-Kuwait

o supervised 23 Kyrgyz partners during 3.5 million dollar project; improved quality of life for over 100,000 transient personnel

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