MOS 91A/M-1 Abrams Tank System Maintainer

Inside an M1 Abrams

o assisted in the qualification of 7 M1A2 SEP V2 tanks

o participated in the successful completion of 16 annual services in less than 90 days; team success!

o selected for FRS operator due to performance and attention to detail before, during, and after gunnery

o maintained Company's vehicles to a high standard; no vehicles broke down during battalion exercise -a first!

o coordinated with the Environmental Management Division to have the company HAZMAT area inspected; resulting in the motor pool passing the DPW inspection

o completed SSD-1 in less than 12 hours and is ready for WLC

o improved the documentation, condition and safety of the 2-7 IN BN 1ABCT equipment

o stepped up and assisted with safe convoy movement to Fort Chaffee

o tracked over 1,000 equipment items during fielding, ensured the unit maintained an accurate depiction of readiness

o proved to be a key asset to the maintenance support team during Annual Training 2013

o brought the JCOP's generators back to standard within weeks; trouble-shooting abilities are second to none

o set up maintenance programs establishing connections for five battalions and over fifty STAMIS systems

o foresight and attention to detail ensured B Co tanks were always operational

o negotiated the special purchase of mission-essential parts from a local national in Ahamadi, Kuwait

o raised the unit's Fully Mission Capable (FMC) rate from 70 to 90 percent

o stepped up and served as Maintenance Manager, Maintenance Tech and CSSAMO when these key positions were vacant

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