91C/Utilities Equipment Repairer NCOER Bullets

Utilities Equipment Repairman working on Generator

o serviced CAT C7 Engines and ensured their line met production demands

o led Okinawa earthquake assessment, reviving 102 steam distribution systems, restoring heat to 1,600 military family houses and 2,000 critical facilities

o SSG Manny's outstanding supervisory skills led to the 100 percent operational ability of five showers, six field deployable latrines, five latrine trailers, and two field laundry units in Camp Justice with no down time recorded

o installed 40 air conditioners in 14 days to support the bed down of 350 personnel, enabling first mission with Czech Republic

o repaired a heat exchanger in the Pope Army Airfield passenger terminal allowing the safe transport of over 1,500 family members

o served outside of his career field and was instrumental in identifying and correcting problems in the unit safety program as the Safety NCO.

o supervised 35 Kyrgyz partners during 4.5 million dollar custodial project improving the quality of life for over 13 million transient personnel

o identified and corrected 37 code violations generated by local contractors and prevented over ten million dollars in damages that would have occurred

o rebuilt C15 Cat engine block; installed crankshaft, o-ring kits, piston sleeves, pistons, oil pump, injectors, and rockers

o restored electrical power to the entry control search area which enabled security forces to search vehicles and personnel entering the installation enhancing the safety of 1600 personnal and over seven billion dollars worth of equipment

o demonstrated great technical capability and professionalism in maintaining over 500 facilities during which he increased the basewide overall customer service rating to 92 percent

o provided timely maintenance and precision diagnostic repairs which contributed directly to a 98% equipment availability rate and 100% monthly maintenance completion rate

o identified chronic, elusive problem areas with AC units in Stryker and legacy vehicles

o dedicated to duty; technical expertise contributed significantly to the 299th maintenance section mission success

o developed skills and knowledge outside of primary MOS in order to complete repairs and restore operations

o a key factor in winning the 1st MSC Best Maintenance Company Award

o serviced CAT C7 Engines at Red River Army Depot during Annual Training, ensured their line met production demands

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