MOS 91H/Track Vehicle Repairer NCOER Bullets

Track Vehicle Repair

Track Vehicle Mechanic

o selected as operator for M88 Recovery Vehicle and HEMTT Recovery Wrecker, maintained the M88 and Wrecker operational the entire time

o worked extra hours after duty to prepare the Company for the upcoming COMET inspection; results reflected thorough preparation

o aided in the on-schedule qualification of 7 M1A2 SEP V2 tanks; foresight guaranteed readiness

o created a system to track and inspect all the unit's safety equipment; streamlined the process of inspections and reduced required time and workload

o demonstrated a high level of versatility throughout the 2014 annual training

o assumed the duties of squad leader, performed leadership tasks supporting both annual training and COMET preparation

o responded within minutes to calls to repair disabled tracked vehicles critical to the battalions mission

o prepositioned spare parts, a unit first; reduced maintenance delays, restored tracked assets to operation in record time

o his versatility proved to be a major asset to the 2137 FSC

o issued tools and maintained records for the 2137th FSC SATS trailer with 100% accuracy

o his dedication to duty helped the vehicles sustain contunious combat readiness making it possible for the Wrecker and M88 to consistently complete all recovery missions without delays

o ensured all tools were properly calibrated and marked; SATS trailer lauded by the NGB inspector during the CLRT-X

o assigned as Recovery Vehicle Operator, not only for the M88 but also for the HEMTT Recovery Wrecker

o key to the success of the 2137th FSC's outcome during the CLRT-X

o used time efficiently to meet critical deadlines

o exceeded his duties maintaining control of critical recovery equipment

o diligent oversight ensured the Wrecker and M88 were available for recovery missions 100% of the time

o trusted with responsibility for the M88 Recovery Vehicle during OIF 9

o kept the M88 and Wrecker combat effective at all times

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