91M Bradley Fighting Vehicle System Maintainer

Bradley Fighting Vehicle in the field

o his performance during the June NTC rotation validated him as an essential element

o went on over 12 recovery missions and assisted FSC with vehicle turn-in; all paperwork up-to-date

o improved equipment readiness by taking the lead on 11 vehicles, some of which were outside his MOS

o monitored dozens of fighting vehicles on the Bradley Range during extreme temperatures; proactive maintenance prevented failures

o coordinated the movement of 288 pieces of equipment in preparation for deployment for Iraq 10-11

o planned ahead, put in long hours on Bradleys, armored personnel carriers, and Humvees

o ensured all Bravo Co vehicles were fully mission capable

o played a key and indispensable part in accomplishing the battalion's overall mission

o key to unit winning second place in the first annual Bulldog maintenance rodeo

o filled in for the Motor Sergeant and assumed his duties in addition to his own

o assisted in the turn-in of over $4 million in Class IX parts and excess equipment

o went above and beyond to ensure all A Co 1-8 infantry wheeled vehicles were ready to complete all combat missions

o repaired 60kW generator, rewired, restored power and security to 13 COP TJ buildings and a raid tower

o guided the transition from Unit Level Logistic System - ground (ULLS-G) to the Standard Army Maintenance System - IE (SAMS-1E) Maintenance Supply system

o alerted MNB-TK to indirect fire attack; actions crucial to effective response; checked on potential casualties despite immediate risk

o planned and coordinated the operational, logistical and administrative requirements for the turn-in and consolidation of Connexs

o trained Soldiers and NCOs on building a sustained and successful scheduled maintenance program

o provided expert technical expertise on tracked vehicle carriers during the Table VI and Table XII Gunnery at Fort Riley

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