91P - Artillery Mechanic NCOER Bullets

Artillery Mechanic replacing track on Paladin

o selected over peers to serve as MST Team Chief in the absence of the NCOIC

o was vital to the success of HHB 1-119 2012 COMET inspection

o performed detailed maintenance on units LCMR during the most adverse weather conditions leading to superior search, tracking and fail-free performance during the unit's ## indirect fire from local insurgency

o achieved 95% PWE and a 99% material general during COMET, maintaining an overall average of 99.5% for all reportable equipment in AMSS.

o devoted over 100 hours of off-duty time to prepare HHB for inspection and the convoy to Camp Grayling

o maintained as operational, over $200,000 of radios, MTS, DAGAR, weapons and other equipment

o worked with and trained two MST team chiefs to make them proficient in field operations

o instrumental in the packing, inventory, and preparation of the Connexes for departure to Operation Enduring Freedom

o contributed experience advice that enabled the battalion staff to develop a complex Field Artillery support plan

o enhanced the overall readiness of two sister batteries without allowing his own Battery to fall behind in unit readiness during field Ops

o performed and supervised more recovery missions within the Battalion than any other team

o turned in approximately $10,000,000.00 in serviceable turn-in

o managed all day-to-day operations for the battalion's three armory locations

o aided in maintaining 97% Operational Readiness Rate

o assisted in supervision of PMCS procedures during early draw of equipment

o saved thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours in repairs during the equipment turn-in process

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