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Planner NCOER Bullet Examples

o clearly identified and assigned responsibilities for resources; reduced "left-behind" equipment and crypto errors by 90%

o only NCO to consistently return from planning TDYs with comprehensive notes and informative trip reports

o synchronized efforts of comm troops and refueling schedulers; facilitated no-errors exercise

o assigned as the lead planner for the Rakkasan Combat Advisor Academy due to his experience

o coordinated with partner units to ensure that they were able to provide training on required topics

o ensured the brigade's culminating training event was adequately resourced, planned and executed IAW SOP

o adapted to last minute changes, and overcame all transportation issues, delivering a superb training event

o developed and instituted a load plan, moving 40 special forces operators safely and on time with all of their eq

o achieved operational goals of joint mission with minimum resources or support

o facilitated requests for needed equipment, arranged movement of equipment and gear, and gave precise instructions to team members

o his foresight and actions gained up to 48 hours for leadership to meet last minute tasking critical to operations

o provided command and control for 22 members from three units spanning two states

o enhanced the J4's ability to plan and execute Humanitarian and All Hazards operations during Exercise Saber Guardian

o planned, organized a 3-day Brigade Leadership Conference for all Brigade leadership including Bn and Co Commanders

o disseminated information gained from CAPEX planning conference to all involved; best integration to date

o revised coordination requirements and reporting instructions, leveraging available resources and priorities

o produced comprehensive lessons learned report and checklist after Ft Bliss exercise, streamlined operations

o addressed support short-falls during hotwash; improved logistic and admin support dramatically

o identified common mistakes during planning meeting with HQ, prevented avoidable delays

o planned and arranged all schools, weapon ranges, and predeployment training requirements for two subordinate units

o increased coordination with C-130 crews and planners, reduced chalk loading confusion

o planned and executed multiple TAIS exercises to ensure all personnel were fully qualified to assume mission ISO Operation New Dawn

o attention to detail from transportation to radio frequencies and COMSEC ensured msn success

o averted scheduling crisis by arranging previously unknown alternative support, achieved unit milestones

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