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o identified uncleared loaded weapon behind firing line; prevented accidental injuries or death

o served as Range NCOIC for one M249 Range and two M4 Ranges; produced 44 Soldiers qualified and trained on weapon systems

o prepared five NCOs to instruct company-level training on Range Cards, M240, and M4; multiplied training capacity, 49 Soldiers and NCOs prepared for BN validation exercise

o maintained 100% accountability for over $65,000 worth of CBRN equipment with no losses

o aS the NCOIC of the M16A2 rifle range, she was instrumental in the qualification of 130 Soldiers within the 100th Chemical Regiment

o coordinated and reserved over a dozen ranges for weapons qualification, both during WTXs and semiannual training

o ran the ammunition supply point (ASP) for the battalion M2 range for the last six months in addition to his regular duties

o lauded by CSM for efficient operations, from organization and ammunition pick up and storage to operations and safety

o ensured that his range was in compliance with all safety and range regulations

o served as NCOIC for Battallion 9mm Range; ensured 100% qualification rate at range over two years

o instructed common task training classes for all 140 members of the mobilizing 339th Military Police Company

o arranged the transportation of over 50,000 rounds to the range from Jan - Jun 2013

o instrumental in keeping 100% of 564 target systems operational supporting the successful training of 39 units and over 30,000 Soldiers at Camp McCain

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