Range Operations DA 638 Examples

Division Master Gunner & Range Safety Officer

Performed Master Gunner duties in support of Expeditionary Training Support Division's live fire mission in the EUCOM AOR. He effectively counseled and advised each Rotational BDE level Commander and staff on the unique training area capabilities thoughout the eastern European theater while establishing live fire perimeters and developing each CALFEX to meet Regionally Allocated Forces (RAF) training requirements. This resulted in excellent safe live fire execution of numerous MLRS, HIMARS, and other large caliber firing events.

SFC Rococo's knowledge and expertise was critically important to the success of USAREUR-AF, 7th ATC, and Regionally Allocated Forces (RAF) on countless occasions. He enforced strict adherance to all range safety protocols on Host Nation ranges throughout the ETSD footprint ensuring zero injuries or live fire incidents. He also ensured all live fire Gunnery and CALFEXs met or exceeded training standards in support of more than 100,000 U.S. and NATO Allied Soldiers.

SFC Rococo conducted reconnaissance of seventeen live fire ranges and training areas at Bergen and Munster locales and developed scenarios to train all maneuver and indirect fire elements during a major training event. He advised USAREUR-AF planners on target infrastructure, development and communications equipment requirements in order to execute a series of successful integrated gunneries on non-standard ranges resulting in safe and extremely realistic training events.

SFC Rococo coached and mentored Hellenic Army General Officers on all aspects of range safety. His mentoring efforts contributed directly to the advancement of the USAREUR-AF strategic initiative to expand complex live fire training and exercises in the region while simultaneously working to improve internal efficiencies which ultimately led to cost savings for training support activities across the Division.

Exceptionally meritorious service as a Demonstrator and Range Safety in Alpha Company, 1st Battalion 179th Infantry (Task Force Tomahawk), 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team during training operations at the Combat Training Center, Yavoriv, Ukraine from XXXXXXX to XXXXXXX. Specialist Andrew H. Robinson exemplified the Army Values by striving for excellence and by placing the mission and the welfare of his Soldiers before himself. Specialist Robinson's performance is in keeping with the finest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, the 1st Battalion, 179th Infantry, the 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, the State of Oklahoma and the United States Army.

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