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Readiness NCO Duty Descriptions

Readiness NCO Award Examples

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Readiness NCO NCOER Examples

o ensured all RSP Soldiers were prepared which produced a 98% ship Rate for the Detachment

o mobilized over 300 personnel and 10 tons of equipment with no losses ensuring the success of four deployments

o tracked 20 UTCs and 210 personnel and provided up-to-date readiness status to Commander which enabled GWOT support

o coordinated 5 unscheduled aerovac flights to provide OIF/OEF wounded Soldiers with timely critical care

o readied/deployed 33 Soldiers and delivered 360 days of support to operations

o developed and managed short-range planning calendars for the Battalion and provided increased visibilty of operational and strategical goals

o developed a Soldier Database which tracked every administrative aspect of Soldier readiness

o chosen as TOC NCOIC over 4 other SFC's during Task Force Sustainer August 2012 C2CRE-B mission while at Camp Atterbury

o promoted to the leadership position of SFC and led his unit through a COMET re-inspection with a pass of more than 95%

o coordinated, planned, implemented unit convoy movement for Annual Training 2013

o planned the successful and safe movement of three round trip convoys from Brantley and Clayton during Task Force Sustainer 2012 to Camp Atterbury, Indiana

o personally trained and led five Soldiers during Task Force Sustainer August 2012 at Camp Atterbury

o develops training materials that enhance the soldier's performance and duty related skills

o successfully led unit to achieve 100% go's in all categories on the COMET inspection for FY 2011 (88M)

o spent countless hours ensuring that all RSP Soldiers were taken care of and thus maintained a 98% ship rate for the Detachment

o served as Interim First Sergeant for HHB during the 2012 ADA deployment

o assisted the command team in reorganizing the largest company in the state into it MTOE layout

Deploying on C-130

o reinforced command and control of deployed personnel during 150 combat missions

o supported numerous missions for deploying units while participating in numerous CPX, MRX, MDMP, and BCST training events

o his internship as Readiness NCO exposed him to the latest Command and Control tools and increased his value to the team

o worked with medical providers to ensure that proper Flight Physical processes were implemented and followed

o ensured that the unit's administrative demands were addressed with speed and accuracy

o conducted over 60 force protection patrols as a member of the Camp Arifjan's Quick Reactionary Force; ensured security of Camp Arifjan

o deployed all sections with complete complement of working equipment on 12 hours notice

o fielded fully-equipped teams due to his weekly review and facilitation of required maintenance

o all sections' equipment was operational and immediately ready for deployment; a Bn first!

o supervised day to day operations of the fulltime staff to accomplish a united effort

o SFC Bear's leadership and "take charge" attitude inspired a sense of teamwork, loyalty, and initiaive in his subordinates

o participated in the Ft Sill Christmas gift-wrapping detail; wrapped presents at the PX and raised money for the Battalion Family Readiness Group

o her enthusiasm and dedication insired her peers and subordinates to rise above themselves to accomplish all missions

o raised operational readiness rate to 98% or more for Operations Iraqi Freedom and New Dawn after identifying and correcting training deficiencies

o used local database to effectively track, plan, and coordinate all aspects of Soldier readiness administration

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