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Readiness NCO Award Examples

Readiness NCO

Sergeant First Class Miller's outstanding professional skill, knowledge, and leadership aided immeasurably in identifying problem areas prior to and during Annual Training 2014. His actions in developing and implementing solutions to solve the problems that arose during the reset year of the 2-174th ADA were exemplary and taught the next generation of leaders how to overcome all obstacles to success. If any issues developed that he didn't know how to solve from his own experience, he showed resourceful vigor in researching a viable solution and implementing it before the issue developed into an obstacle. In addition, he served as interim First Sergeant for HHB during the 4th ADA (THAAD) deployment to the Marshall Islands. During that time SFC Miller continued to demonstrate leadership and ensured the unitsí administrative demands were addressed with speed and effectiveness.

SSG Miles, served in a position in which he had no previous training but, through regular coordination with shop chiefs, identified the causes for maintenance delays and assisted the motor sergeant in assuming higher level maintenance responsibility, significantly reducing vehicle downtime and keeping the fleet at a 95% readiness rate throughout the deployment.

SSG Mile's leadership and experience were major factors in the effective care of the Soldiers and their equipment. His ability to get the individual shops to work as a team and integrate their efforts aided immeasurably in Company B's passing numerous COMET and other inspections and consistently maintained the unit equipment readiness rates above 90%.

He demonstrated responsibility and delegated it to the section team chiefs. His relentless efforts and can-do attitude inspired his fellow Soldiers and transformed the overall effectiveness of the organization from indiviual combat readiness to a well oiled machine.

Demonstrating maturity beyond his grade, he routinely coordinated with Family Readiness and other base support agencies to ensure the health of unit members and their families and to prevent personnel issues that might affect morale or readiness.

SFC Ciola, as president, coordinated and executed numerous Promotion Boards for the Darby Military Community. His experience and leadership skills were the primary factors in their consistent success. In addition, he supported and orchestrated the Best Warrior Competition and contributed hundreds of hours of his off-duty time to the welfare of the community. He volunteered for and supervised the annual Angel Tree event for the Camp Darby Community and coordinated with local charitable agencies for the toy drive in December 2013. His deep sense of community led him to organize the visit of a local Italian school class to participate in our tree lighting ceremony on the Camp Darby Community.

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