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Recruiter NCOER Examples

Recruited 42 qualified personnel for entry into the Army using judgement in interpreting and adapting guidelines such as SOPs, policies, and regulations, to determine enlistment eligibility.

Interviewed, counseled, and qualified applicants for enlistment. Conducted a high school junior/senior recruiting program at 5 separate high schools across 2 counties including the conducting of classroom presentations monthly. Supervised recruiting and recruiting support activities.

Prospected for leads. Determined basic enlistment eligibility. Counseled applicants. Prepared enlistment forms and documents. Arranged for transportation, meals, and lodging for applicants where required. Conducted marketing research and analysis and made appropriate recommendations to higher.

Applied extensive rules, procedures, operations, functions and commitments to secretarial and clerical assignments.

Performed the procedural and administrative work of the office, such as screening calls and visitors, maintaining a calendar, preparing, reviewing and editing documents, locating and assembling information for various reports, and maintaining files/records. Used knowledge of correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and format to accurately prepare and edit written correspondence and reports, and transcribed material.

Publicized recruiting programs and events by writing articles for local newspapers and creating targeted posters/flyers that resulted in an increase in interest in US Army programs among target age high schoolers in local recruiting market.

Planned and executed monthly physical and recreational activities for groups of 5-25 high school juniors and seniors in support of US Army recruiting program.

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