Needs Improvement NCOER Bullet Comments


o needs to be consistent with leadership style and maintain formality when in presence of Soldiers

o avoids complying with orders, regularly shows disrespect to NCOs, requires constant supervision

o is a motivated troop but needs further guidance in...

o an excellent technician but needs to work on tact and communication skills

o has unlimited potential but requires more experience before...

o demonstrated poor judgement without consideration of results

o did not report barracks thefts until relieving NCO performed inventory

o compromised integrity by submitting altered documents; poor example to subordinates

o frequent malingerer; considered false claims of sickness to be a Soldier's right

o focused more on avoiding work than contributing to platoon goals

o valued team member but must learn to delegate

o do not assign to positions of greater responsibility


o sought ways to complete tasks after they were brought to his attention; needs to improve follow-up processes to accomplish all tasks efficiently and thoroughly

o Soldier under-performed during rating period, resulting in mission failure

o accomplished 66.6% of assigned mission; enlisted 12 soldiers against a mission of 18 soldiers

o is committed to the unit and accomplishing tasks, but lacks the self-confidence and experience to be successful

o failed to meet requirements necessary to maintain his MOS

o experienced and capable mechanic but needs to learn to delegate and follow-up

o disregarded his better judgment by negotiating an impassable mountain road resulting in damage to the non-tactical vehicle

o showed poor judgment when he attempted to navigate river bed with a non-tactical vehicle; damged undercarriage, inoperable

o needs to be consistent with leadership style and maintain formality when in presence of Soldiers

o an excellent technician but needs to work on tact and communication skills

o has unlimited potential but requires more experience before...

o valued team member but must learn to delegate

o an outstanding technical resource but needs to work on tact and communication skills

o his performance was often inaccurate but wildly incorrect when under stress

o failed to use time wisely...consistently failed to meet administrative suspense

o did not always make the effort required to become proficient in her duties

o performance is sometimes above average but erratic and undependable

Fitness, Military Bearing

o superb performance but uniform and bearing do not meet standards and will hold this Soldier back

o immaculate military appearance but needs to focus on common, standard office courtesies; no personal phone calls

o displayed outstanding aerobic fitness; but barely meets minimum standards in the Army Weight Control Program

o delegation and supervisory skills exceed expectations but use tact when addressing subordinates

o NCO displayed substandard appearance and military bearing for NCO of his maturity

o failed to meet the body fat standards during rating period; maintained three to eight pounds of weight loss and removed himself from the AWCP

o soldier is on profile and cannot conduct an Army Physical Fitness Test or participate in any physical training events

o presented an unprofessional appearance and lacks military bearing

o he continued to undermine what it means to be a soldier, let alone a leader

o attempted to abuse position and authority to cheat on previous record APFT

o sets wrong example when wearing PT clothes after PT and during the duty day

o displayed outstanding aerobic fitness; but barely meets minimum standards resulting in continued placement on the Army Weight Control Program

o had to be constantly reminded to watch and manage his weight to remain within tolerance of AR 600-9

o presents an unprofessional appearance and lacks military bearing

o complained about time spent in the field, deployments, adversely affected morale and discipline

o unable to manage his weight effectively resulting in constant placement on the Army Weight Control Program


o presented the appearance of favoritism; always relied on one or two Soldiers; poisoned work center morale

o did not enforce standards evenly; allowed NCO who chose to live too far away to miss work during highway traffic tie-ups

o morally bankrupt; encouraged subordinates to "pad" their medical records in order to justify future disability claims

o always relied on advice of his subordinates rather than issuing directives when given a task

o avoided responsibility whenever possible

o constantly needs to be monitored to ensure deadlines are being met

o demonstrates outstanding leadership and management skills but should work on staff skills

o does not use his free time to improve his knowledge of his MOS to become a more efficent and better leader

o exhibited strong inability to lead; showed no focus on future goals

o failed to develop subordinates; did not perform mandatory NCO-ER performance counseling

o failed to maintain standards and allowed his workcenter rating to decrease from Excellent to Satisfactory

o fails to follow up on delegated tasks

o fails to understand the importance of his position, avoids responsibility when possible

o her behavior, lack of discipline and failure to follow orders consistently disrupted daily operations in the EWO section and the Tactical Operation Center (TOC)

o identifies errors and mistakes without fail but never discovers accuracy or efficiency

o is an effective leader but needs more confidence with making immediate decisions without supervisors guidance

o lacks enthusiasm in his duties and has no pride in his performance

o lagged behind contemporaries in...

o mediocre staff skills contributed to mediocre results during inspection

o occasional challenge to authority affects his leadership ability with Soldiers

o performance fluctuated based on emotional outbursts; fostered a toxic environment in her section

o quick to publicly reprimand for minor issues; slow to praise

o received verbal and written counseling for insubordination and unprofessional behavior

o sets low expectations and fails to achieve them

o tends to pass off responsibility for negative observations onto subordinates

o weak management skills; relies on blanket e-mails for direction


o is not qualified due to deployment during annual training visit

o Soldier did not meet minimum selection requirements; recommend counseling to determine cause of trend

o failed to take advantage of opportunities to advance

o must learn to prioritize; put training ahead of unit activities

o failure to plan ahead or manage current training requirements reduced readiness

o has made significant progress in qualification and may be ready for advancement

o has no patience, loses control when training

o went AWOL for 41 days, neglected his basic soldier knowledge of being on time, in the right uniform and the right place

o his performance was below average and is in immediate need of retraining

o is indifferent to suggestions for advancement and misses many opportunities for improvement

o negatively affected our state of readiness by...

o overcame several obstacles to advancement but requires further training before...

o successfully assisted in the training of two NCOs on basic duties associated with the Intel Watch

o unable to relate to trainee, does not possess good people skills

o will not use off-duty time for study or self-improvement, fails to advance in qualification


o follows orders under supervision but does not attempt to be an independent problem solver

o works well under supervision but needs to develop self-discipline and work independently

o needs to realize importance of performing daily tasks and the effects of ignoring them

o is uncooperative when corrected and displays a consistent lack of interest in section goals

o his failure to follow orders led to the loss of his security clearance and now section is undermanned and unable to meet quota

o cannot be depended on and is frequently late for shift. Recommend...

o reported to work under the influence of alcohol and was unable to execute his duties as...

o was entrusted with our most critical and essential tasks but disappointed his mentors

o cannot be relied upon to maintain production rate in the absence of supervision

o cannot be trusted to oversee safe delivery of...must be supervised at all times

o was and is negligent in meeting his responsibilities causing numerous obstacles to mission accomplishment

o failure to supervise subordinates or follow procedures resulted in the loss of $2,000 worth of equipment

o unexcused absence from duty left soldiers unsupervised

o fails to understand the importance of his duties, takes advantage of every situation to avoid responsibility

o demonstrated little regard for the security and accountability of sensitive items during deployments

o had to be constantly reminded to counsel and mentor Soldiers on a regular basis

Senior Rater Comments

o SGT Smith's passive aggressive attitude is detrimental to morale and the unit's mission success

o unable to attend NCOES Schools for further development as a leader

o do not recommend NCOES or promotion at this time; with further mentorship and training this Soldier may be ready for greater responsibility

o has difficulty understanding, acknowledging, and accepting constructive criticism, thus limiting his potential

o recommend provide SM with time to refocus on the Army and being an NCO in a less demanding and stressful position

o unable to report to work on time and needs constant supervision. Retention is not advised.

o SSG Smith is uncooperative with leadership

o fails to understand the difference between "taking care of the troops" and following orders

o combative attitude is counter-productive and a liability to this Command

o requires constant supervision and is unreliable

o resists suggestions for improvement and actively works against the orders of his superiors

o put forward much effort but unable to progress; consider reclassification

o not fit for this type of activity, exhibits a negative attitude and should be disqualified

o has the potential to be an excellent technician but is often careless with...

o cannot work with his peers and is counter-productive

o does not possess the qualities neccessary to advance to the next level

o allowed the pressure of family issues to affect her performance

o recommend release from duties and counseling until such time she can resume work without endangering others

o lacks maturity, displays poor judgement, needs further development

o despite increasing assistance and training, continues to have difficulty completing assigned tasks, recommend reclassification

o lacks experience and fails to understand the importance of advancement

o unable to adjust to deployment or the diverse demands of a joint environment

o probably the worst performer in our Command

o is diffcult for others to work with

o failed to meet Brigade standards and should not be retained

o demonstrated a lack of skill in some duties, has potential, should double training efforts

o does not comply with regulations and is a threat to the safety of this battery. Recommend discharge at earliest opportunity.

Redeployment Problems

o makes continuous attempts to assist other Soldiers with pre-deployment training but unable to express himself due to nervous condition

o complies with all training requirements but progress after return from deployment is slow; recommend counseling

o dedicated himself to the well-being of the Soldiers but is neglecting his own health to the point that the misison is threatened

o exemplifies the total Soldier but increasingly fails to show patience for training since redeployment

o performance has declined since redeployment; all efforts appear to require more effort with lessened results

o showed rare aptitude for operations planning but unable to work with peers or participate in group planning; recommend counseling

o first rate vehicle maintainer; turn-around time still good but half of what it was before Afghan rotation

o his techniques and procedures contributed to unit success during both stateside and overseas missions but family life has deteriorated and SGT is often late for work

o displays alternately a keen motivation and a distrust and unwillingness to follow orders; recommend medical evaluation

We need more bullets that demonstrate NCOs' inability to adapt or readjust after returning from deployment. NCOs with PTSD are being medically boarded and these NCOs are getting hurt when they send NCOERs to the Medical Board which fail to document the symptoms of PTSD or how performance was affected.

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