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Sponsorship Program NCO Duty Descriptions

MCoE Installation Sponsorship NCO/Liaison
Responsible for granting and removing ACT access to all BDE unit sponsorship coordinators and BDE CSM; maintains duty appointment orders for all BDE USC; monitors 20,000 plus Soldiers inbound/outbound for Fort Benning; mitigates TASP issues with Soldiers, Commands and other installations. provides Garrison CDR/CSM with ACT reports monthly; trains all BDE coordinators on roles and responsibility within TASP; manages SM's assignments in conjunction with BDE's responsibility for the morale and professional development of two Soldiers.

Installation Sponsorship NCO
Assists Soldiers, civilian employees, and families during the reassignment process; tracks inbound and outbound assignments and assigns sponsors; develops sponsor letter templates; coordinates with ACS relocation readiness services and base agencies to develop and produce sponsorship packages; trains sponsors on their responsibilities; follows up with sponsors and new arrivals; refers Soldiers to appropriate agencies for assistance; provides current and relative information on housing availability, financial issues, local area, and duties.

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