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Staff Duty NCO Duty Descriptions

Rear Detachment Staff Duty Noncommissioned Officer
Served as a Rear Detachment Staff Duty Noncommissioned Officer assigned to Regimental Support Squadron, 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment; responsible for the health, morale, training, and welfare of one Soldier; responsible for the supervision, security, and accountability of all property attached to Regimental Support Squadron, 3d ACR footprint; responsible to maintain a staff duty log DA Form 1594, during the tour of duty; responsible for the good order and the basic military standards are enforced, as well as maintain the policies and the standards set within the SOP.

Staff Duty NCO
Performs supervisory and managemant duties at prescribed level of skill. Performs supply staff duties at all echelons of Army Logistical System. Analyzes statistical data and reports to ascertain trends, conformance standards and directives, and efficiency of operations. Assists in the development and execution of training programs to correct deficient areas and enhance individual proficiency.

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