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MOS 14 AIR DEFENSE Citations/DA Form 638 Examples

14E Patriot Fire Control Enhanced Operator/Maintainer

SPC Martin devoted countless hours to developing himself and progressing in his military career. While in the 4-5 ADA Battalion SPC Martin maxed military correspondence hours, obtained 25 college credit hours and passed the Defense Language Aptitude Battery Test (DLAB) with a score of 100. Taking initiative, SPC Martin not only completed Structured Self-Development Level 1(SSD), but went further to even complete SSD Level 3 before it became unavailable to him. SPC Martin's determination to succeed was unmatched.

SPC Martin maintained an average score of 250 on the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). He also regularly led the morning platoon PT formation in Physical Readiness Training (PRT). Being both dependable and athletic, SPC Martin frequently paced and avidly motivated fellow soldiers in all areas of the APFT. By doing this he single-handedly instilled the drive in many Soldiers to achieve higher scores than even they had imagined. SPC Martin's level of inspiration was a cornerstone in the success of the Hardcore Battery and its Soldiers.

SPC Martin's efficiency and motivation greatly contributed to the Communications Relay Group (CRG) during his time in the 4-5 ADA Battalion. Using proficiency and skill he and his crew passed 2 Table VIII March Order and Emplacement (MO&E) certifications. With one particularly exceptional performance his crew became the only crew in the 4-5 ADA Battalion to have ever received a perfect score on the Table VIII MO&E evaluation. SPC Martin's capable disposition was paramount to the amount of success the CRG crew attained.

SPC Petersen was deployed as Systems Maintenance while serving overseas in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. During his deployment SPC Petersen engaged a multitude of systems issues that arose within the 4-5 ADA Headquarters and Headquarters Battery. SPC Petersen demonstrated motivation and determination in the face of strenuous times and increasingly difficult deadlines. SPC Petersen's strong mentality contributed to a successful deployment and a safe return back to Fort Hood.

SPC Petersen displayed initiative during many Battery and Battalion level events. SPC Peterson volunteered 46 hours of his off duty time in support of the Family Readiness Group and the 4-5 ADA community. SPC Peterson has demonstrated a magnified caliber of selfless service, and has individually raised over 500 dollars for the 4-5 ADA community. SPC Petersen's altruistic tendencies have made him an asset to the 4-5 ADA community and the United States Army.

SPC Petersen's ambition is exemplified during his tenure as Crew Member 1 of Crew 2 of the Communication Relay Group. SPC Petersen's ability to assimilate quickly to his position as Crew Member 1 of Crew 2 has characterized his motivation as a team member of the Communication Relay Group. SPC Peterson exhibits competence, professionalism, and discipline while performing all assigned tasks and additional responsibilities underlined as a Communication Relay Group Crew Member.


SSG Snuffy has selflessly served A-4 THAAD for four years and has become an invaluable asset to the Unit. He has an immense amount of tactical and technical expertise in various locations and has shared it by training the lower enlisted on the THAAD ANTPY-2 Radar. His contributions to training and mentoring led to Sensor platoon being a first time "Go" on four separate Table XIII certifications. SSG Snuffy's dedication to duty and to his peers were both keys to success within the Battery.

Patriot Missile Launcher Operator Maintainer

During the period of 1 April 2013 through 30 May 2013, through consistent inspection and regular maintenance of his equipment, Private First Class Detrich's launcher continually held a 100% operational readiness rate and has operated frequently without error including during the Battery Table VIII certification. Private First Class Detrich's launcher holds the record for uninterrupted service and serves as the model when evaluating other launchers. The distinctive achievements of Private First Class Detrich reflect great credit upon himself, the 1-56 Air Defense Artillery Battalion and the United States Army.

14H Air Defense Enhanced Early Warning System Operator

Early Warning Specialist

Served as RTO in the BCP during the 1-43 ADA deployment to CENTCOM AOR. Filled a multitude of positions including RTO and Fueler while maintaining qualification as Early Warning Specialist.

Early Warning Specialist

Specialist Elder's outstanding professional skill, knowledge, and leadership aided immeasurably in the successful accomplishment of the 2-1 HHB ADA BN mission by providing technical expertise for subordinate battery command posts and 14H's while assigned as an early warning specialist in the battalion TOC. Trained and evaluated during patriot gunnery certifications directly resulting in the battalion certification of all battery command post operators.

14J Air Defense Tactical Operations Center Operator/Maintainer

Tactical Control Assistant

For outstanding achievement as a Patriot Engagement Control Station Operator. Private First Class Johnson's outstanding professional skill, knowledge and leadership aided immeasurably in training his own crew and the battery's second crew to be tactically proficient at their jobs inside the Engagement Control Station. Private First Class Johnson has successfully completed numerous RAL 11 air battles, Table VIII-certified on multiple occasions and successfully passed 2 of the Battalion's 4 SPEAR certifications. Due to Private First Class Johnson's dedication and hard work, Charlie Battery has been able to hold the high ground in both tactics and maintenance. The distinctive achievements of Private First Class Johnson reflect great credit upon himself, the 43d ADA Battalion and the United States Army.

In preparation for Battalion Field Exercise, SGT Hanes took it upon himself to identify areas within Okinawa that are relevant training locations and ordered large scale geographical representations to be printed during his training holiday in order to facilitate and enhance the operations of HHB command Post.

Assistant Operations

o authored and implemented the first battle space deconfliction and Air Mission Request SOPs for 4TH BCT BAE/ADAM cell; adopted as a RC-W standard

o succesfully implemented a post redeployment C2 proficiency training program for AGI cell; greatly enhancing the cells war fighting capabilities

o continually sought out by seniors, peers and subordinates for technical and tactical expertise

Platoon Sergeant

14M Man Portable Air Defense System Crew Member

14S Avenger Crew Member

Avenger Crewmember

SPC Kane's outstanding professionalism and willingness to perform daily tasks kept the Battery motivated and on track. His selfless acts, high morale and devotion to duty allowed the soldiers of Charlie Battery to continue their mission and successfully perform all training to standard. SPC Kane brought forth subject knowledge that was beneficial to the Battery and the Unit during Annual Training. His accomplishments reflect great credit upon Charlie BTRY and the 2-174 ADA.

Avenger Crewmember

Corporal Denver went beyond the call of duty when assigned to represent the 4th Infantry Division 1/44 ADA as the top expert in his MOS for briefing visiting foreign dignitaries and high ranking military personnel. His attention to detail and cultural diplomacy while briefing and interacting with high ranking officers from other countries received many accolades and served to broaden and improve relations with our allies.

14T PATRIOT Launching Station Enhanced Operator/Maintainer

Battalion Patriot Master Gunner

During this period, the professional skill, expertise, and ceaseless efforts of Staff Sergeant Ames contributed to the effectiveness and success of countless gunnery certifications including two Table VIII battery collective certifications. His advanced knowledge, loyal dedication, and innovative thinking have been instrumental in the achievement of the highest standards of victory across the Battalion.

14Z Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Senior Sergeant

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