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MOS 15 AVIATION DA Form 638 Examples

15H Aircraft Pneudraulics Repairer

Pneudraulics Repair Supervisor

o accountable for the maintenance of three aircraft ground power units, five hydraulic purifiers, and special tools valued at $1,279,383 with no loss

Aircraft Pneudraulics Repair Specialist

o manufactured bypass lines to establish an extreme hydraulic flush of the CH-47 aircraft preventing further damage to the hydraulic system due to hydraulic pump failure--prevented over $40K in damages

o instructed maintenance personnel in the removal and flushing of the components and the rebuild of the hydraulic system components while maintaining two CH-47s--agile mission support

15J OH-58D Armament/Electrical/Avionics Systems Repairer

OH-58D Weapons Specialist

o maintained 100% accountabiliy on all tools and equipment

o assumed responsibility for aerial gunnery pad, trained Soldiers of equal and higher rank

o qualified expert with assigned weapon and scored first time GOs on all common Soldier training tasks

o performed over 1400 accident-free hours of aircraft armament maintenance and over 4000 integrated combat loads on squadron aircraft

o served as Section Sergeant in his absense, preserved ops tempo while maintaining 100% operational readiness of assigned aircraft

Section Seargent

For sustained meritorious service in support of the 603rd Aviation Support Battalion. SGT Noel was personally recognized by the Squadron Commander as the most efficient and resourceful Section Sergeant in the Battalion. While deployed, he managed, recovered, and reset over $10 million worth of refueling equipment without loss or damage. The equipment in his charge maintained an Operational Readiness Rate of 98% due to his meticulous and strict maintenance regiment. During this period, the professional skill, leadership, and ceaseless efforts of SGT Noel contributed to the effectiveness and success of the 603rd Aviation Support Battalion and reflect distinct credit upon himself and the United States Army.

Crew Chief

Demonstrated great pride and enthusiasm in every task he undertook, producing excellent results throughout the deployment. His knowledge of tactics, techniques, and procedures contributed to the success of the company's mission. His personal contribution allowed for the safe execution of over 400 flight hours and the movement of key personnel and equipment to sustain operations in theater.

Managed the maintenace of the Squadron's assigned 13 gunnery aircraft; flying over 720 hours in three weeks

15P Aviation Operations Specialist

Aviation Operations Specialist

SGT Ciola was an important asset not only to 2-1 AAB, but to the ADAM/BAE section during the train up at JRTC. His relentless attention and operational awareness ensured that the section operated successfully during the BDE's rotation. His quick thinking and ability to stay calm under pressure ensured that the section succeeded in not only a downed aircraft simulation, but the section's daily missions as well.

Flight Operations Clerk

SPC serves as a Flight Operations Clerk in a 15-ship HH-60M Blackhawk Air Ambulance Company. His duties while assigned to Charlie Company include maintaining aviation operation files and records and scheduling aviation operations, as well as tracking all missions and flights for the Company. SPC excelled in his position, and was vital to Charlie Company's ability to successfully accomplish all missions.

SPC attention to detail and knowledge were essential during the 3-82ND Battalion Aviation Resource Management Survey (ARMS) Inspection. SPC identified and corrected issues in over 150 rated and non-rated crewmembers' flight records. This resulted in Charlie Company recieving a passing score for the inspection of Flight Operations.

Since his assignment to Charlie Company, SPC has been a valuable asset. His commitment to excellence and dedication to duty allowed for the successful deployment and redeployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom XII. SPC showed great pride and enthusiasm in every task he undertook, producing excellent results throughout his time in Charlie Company. His knowledge of tactics, techniques, and procedures contributed to the overall success of Charlie Company's mission.

Aviation Brigade Training Technician

For exceptionally meritorious achievements while serving as the Brigade S-3 training technician, Headquarters 36th Combat Aviation Brigade during the period of 1 April 2012 to 30 November 2013. His outstanding initiative, leadership, and management abilities produced greatly improved readiness, training, and personnel programs in the company and led to an increase in unit preparation and ARMS inspection readiness. His skillful administration of the Digital Training Management System, unit Standard Operating Procedures and training management policies resulted in the Company's successful completion of its ARMS inspection. Specialist Cronaur's outstanding achievements and devotion to duty reflect favorably upon himself, the 36th Combat Aviation Brigade, and the 36th Infantry Division.

Flight Operation NCO


SGT Cheer's exemplary flight operation management attests to her professional knowledge, willingness to accept responsibility, attention to detail, and the ability to adapt to any assignment or situation.

SGT Cheer's devotion to duty and selfless service inspired his peers. He worked on numerous flight operation training tasks every IDT weekend. His dedication resulted a successful mission during the Opertaion Evergreen Ember 2013.


MSG Blythe established the 82nd Airborne Divison's first facilities program ensuring that projects and renovations valued at more than $80 million were tracked and completed which directly improved the efficieny of the BDE for the next 10 years. MSG Blythe created the first ever Pointee Talkee card for Army Aviation which was adopted by the Army for use during Personnel Recovery. MSG Blythe also developed the CDR's Validation Program for Company CDRs in the BDE utilizing AVCATT simulation which allowed the BDE CDR to successfully evaluate and validate the Company CDRs during Joint Exercises based upon their upcoming deployment mission requirements.

15R AH-64 Attack Helicopter Repairer

SSG _________ served as an AH-64D Technical Inspector for 4-2 Attack Reconnaissance Battalion. He was assigned as the lead technical inspector for Three AH-64D 500 hour phases and mentored countless Soldiers in different MOS specialties throughout the Battalion. His teaching abilities were instrumental in the unit's successful completion of eight gunnery exercises, CALFEX and four Hellfire gunnery exercises. SSG Eliopoulos' tireless efforts were key in the battalions operational readiness rate of 85%, 10% above DA Standard.

SPC Chavez exceeded all expectations during the recent operation at HAMETS training at Fort Carson. He was the first to volunteer for any task and help out Charlie Company with any maintenance that needed to be done. SPC Chavez worked countless hours to ensure the aircraft were at 100% for the mission. The outstanding professional skill, devotion, and ceaseless efforts of SPC Chavez was integral to the success of the Delta Company 1-1 ARB aintenance that was completed during HAMETS rotation 13-04.

15T UH-60 Helicopter Repairer

15T/Technical Inspector

SGT Martinez's professionalism and expertise as the Technical Inspector built an unwavering level of trust among crew chiefs, maintainers and maintenance officers. His technical knowledge of the UH-60M directly contributed to the success of the Battalion's mission by ensuring proper procedures were followed and maintenance tasks were conducted correctly. His knowledge was frequently sought out by numerous crew chiefs, maintainers and maintenance officers making him one of the top preforming Technical Inspector of the company.

Standardization Instructor (SI)

SGT _____________ distinguished himself through focus and dedication to the unit's mission success. Working in excess of normal duty hours, he packed, prepared for, and implemented training events for sling load and hoisting operations leading up to the unit's Annual Training. He inspected the sling load sets for serviceability and completeness, and packed extra equipment as part of his contingency planning. He also coordinated and set up a sling load training class with the Air Force out of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst NJ.

He demonstrated great pride and enthusiasm in his duties as the unit non-rated crew member Standardization Instructor (SI), producing excellent results throughout Annual Training. He completed stands evaluations on 10 non-rated crew members while performing duties as the SI during annual training at Ft Edwards Massachusetts. He flew 10 missions, totaling 23.4 hours over the 2 weeks, training non-rated crew members in sling load and hoisting operations, as well as Unit Trainer (UT) duties.

He was involved in all aspects of training in addition to his responsibilities as Unit SI. He assisted in training several crew chiefs and maintenance personnel in maintenance operations by completing several Preventative Maintenance Daily inspections and participated in 40-hour inspections. He took the time to go through the work packages step by step ensuring a full understanding of the inspection was achieved.

SGT ___________ set himself apart as an NCO and Unit leader by setting aside additional time to sit down and mentor junior Soldiers as crew members, maintainers, and as Soldiers. He always placed the needs of the mission and of his Soldiers above his own needs and lived the principles of the NCO Creed throughout his performance during Annual Training.


Avionics Repairer

SGT Miller's devotion to mission was paramount in maintaining 24 UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopters across three companies. He consistently exceeded standards by going above and beyond what was expected. SGT Miller executes extremely well with unfaltering reliability to accomplish the most challenging of tasks.

Property Book Officer

MSG Cochran played a vital role during this extremely demanding period as the Army’s newest Assault Helicopter Battalion and the 16th Combat Aviation Brigade stood themselves up and initiated operations. While serving as the company property book officer, he supervised and facilitated two changes-of-command with a property book accounting for more than 1,000 items. He managed the distribution and transfer of property during the creation of two new sister companies in the battalion. As one of only five Government Purchase Card holders in the battalion, MSG Cochran procured over $25,000 in supplies for various battalion assets such as creating a new flight operations center and a new tactical operations planning room.

UH-60 Blackhawk Crewchief

For heroic achievement during the periods of 30 October through 11 November. SSG Michael Meaner's outstanding professional skills, tactical abilities, and leadership led to 11 aircraft flying over 50 hours of successful rescue missions during hurricane Sandy.

UH-60 Blackhawk Crewchief

SGT Kentor excelled in his duties as a UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter repairer and Crew Chief. He contributed to the successful unfolding and pre-test flight maintenance of 2 MEDEVAC UH-60A helicopters and 7 Air Assault UH-60A helicopters, while conducting port operations in Mannheim Germany. His specialized skills were indispensable to the mission and reflected great credit upon himself and the 2-238th MEDEVAC.

SGT Kentor demonstrated selfless-service when he volunteered to deploy early to Mannheim, Germany. On arrival, SGT Kentor assisted in overseeing the off-loading of aircraft and mission equipment from the ships and started the reassembling process to get all 9 UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters operational and mission ready before the arrival of the main force.

SGT Kentor's actions directly contributed to the combat readiness of all UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters for theater operations in the country of Kosovo in support of KFOR 13.

15W Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator

SGT snuffy quickly earned her Readiness Level 1 status, months ahead of her peers. SGT snuffy flew 450 hours as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator which greatly contributed to the unit's ability to support 4-25 Brigade's Arctic mission.

Despite being the most junior SGT in his company, SGT B. was selected from his brigade to attend Ft. Benning's Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Version 2 Master Raven Trainer Course making him the Brigade's 2nd UAV Master Trainer and 3BSTB's 1st Battalion Master Raven Trainer capable of training all SUAV operators in any/all real world scenarios.

Private First Class Hess' outstanding professional skill, MQ-1C system knowledge and determination aided immeasurably in allowing fellow soldiers to advance to RL1 and have over 90 missions used in pre-deployment exercises which in return was essential to the unit's overall deployment readiness.

SPC Kelly went above and beyond the call of duty. Due to a need in the 42nd Combat Aviation Brigade for an Airfield Management Element and a shortage of personnel at the unit, SPC Kelly took on the additional responsibility outside his unit and MOS. Without hesitation SPC Kelly began to fill roles needed to maintain the Udairi Army Airfield. His outstanding professional skill, knowledge, and leadership aided immeasurably in identifying over 25 milvan containers for disposal in a two month period, learning both a new logistics system and making contacts outside the 42nd CAB to refurbish them. SPC Kelly worked tirelessly to ensure all inventories were completed and units rotating in had the tools and supplies they needed to accomplish the mission.

15Y AH-64 Armament/Electrical/Avionic Systems Repairman

SPC XYZ demonstrated exceptional initiative, diligence and commitment as he mobilized a Down Aircraft Recovery Team (DART) with very little notice when aircraft 0805XXX performed a precautionary landing on XX XXXXX 201X at approximately 1940. SPC XYZ arrived at the DART site and with in two hours had a preliminary diagnostic to get the aircraft back to hangar. SPC XYZ showed determination and hard work when his mission was suddenly changed. His actions are the embodiment of what it means to "Fight Tonight".

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