MOS 25B Information Technology Specialist Decorations

Helpdesk NCOIC

SGT Doe performed extraordinarily as the Help Desk NCOIC. SGT Doe was an essential mentor of a team that completed over 2,350 Help Desk tickets and over 300 account creation packets. SGT Moore was also a crucial member of the 123 EN BDE's automations team, supervising seven buildings; guaranteeing connectivity of all equipment (PCs, VOIP Phones, Printers, and VTCs). This is to include, but, not limited to; installing, troubleshooting and testing: 260 computers, 136 VOIP Phones, 15 Printers, 7 TACLANEs, and 16 switches.

Information Technology Specialist (Data Management)

For Meritorious service while serving as Information Technology Specialist (Data Management) for the System Analysis Branch (SAB), Army Publishing Directorate Media Distribution Division (APDMDD), Army Headquarters Services (AHS), Office of the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army (AASA) from September 2016 through August 2019. Sergeant Roscoe N. Ehrlich provided significant contributions to maintaining the LAN/WAN and applying ARMY STIG policies to the Agency Network. During 2018, Sergeant Ehrlich deployed Windows 12 on 15 servers and Windows 10 on 70 workstations. Sergeant Ehrlich's dedication to the mission and commitment to excellence during his service to the Department of Defense reflects great credit upon himself, the System Analysis Branch and the United States Army.

Information Technology Specialist

Meritorious service while serving as Information Technology Specialist in support of the 704th Brigade Support Battalion, Fort Carson, Colorado from 10 June 2017 to 20 August 2019. During this period, Private First Class Jason Carter distinguished himself as a knowledgeable Information Technology Specialist. His broad knowledge and technical skill was demonstrated as he spent countless hours troubleshooting WIN-T Increment II assemblages during Iron Strike by ensuring all upper TI communication capabilities were operational across the Battalion. His hard work and dedication were crucial to the overall success of the 704TH BSB S-6 section and reflects great credit upon himself, the 704th Brigade Support Battalion and the United States Army.

His oversight was instrumental in identifying the cause and restoring connectivity and functionality within the Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility (SCIF). SPC Kline's efforts and dedication to the MID enhanced the MID's organic ability to provide intelligence to support the Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha (SFODA) and was vital to posturing the teams for operations within Central America (CENTAM) and Southern Cone/Andean Ridge (SCAR). His support allowed intelligence personnel within the SCIF to meet the 1/7 SFG(A) Commander's mission and intent. Specialist Kline's performance reflects great credit upon himself, the Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha, and the United States Army.

Provided exceptional assistance to the 1st TSC G6 section. SGT Myers demonstrated a high level of technical skill and experience as he provided information technology support in resolving trouble tickets. SGT Myers imaged computers and ran patches for CPU systems enabling the G6 section to increase the number of patches run, which eliminated average downtime to under 0.5% which allowed the G6 to achieve a readiness rate of over 99.8%. SGT Meyers' performance reflects great credit upon himself, the 316th ESC and the United States Army.

Specialist Kline's outstanding professional skill, knowledge, and leadership aided immensely in identifying problem areas. He provided continuous technical support during the division's scheduled briefings daily. The utilization of his applicable skill sets was key in resolving any technical issues that any officer, senior enlisted member, soldier, or airmen may have incurred during the training unit's battlefield update meetings within the immediate training area. His confidence, professional demeanor and willing efforts to assist personnel ensured mission continuity and success. Specialist Kline's outstanding achievements and devotion to duty reflect favorably upon himself, DHHBN, 34th Infantry Division, and the the United States Army.

Special Operations Force Deployable Node (SDN) Operator

PVT Snow served as the Special Operations Force Deployable Node (SDN) operator charged with providing secure satellite communications for three Company Headquarters, 18 Special Forces Operational Detachments-Alpha, and three Special Forces Operational Detachments-Bravo. He mastered seven different satellite platforms and was in charge of maintenance and operations for 22 SDNs ensuring the Battalion could effectively communicate operational information across different operational environments.

USAFRICOM/Contingency Command Post (CCP)

SSG Africom contributed to the CG's top priorities by developing leaders through coaching and mentoring of 12 subordinates, three peers, and 18 senior leaders in the implementation, use, and maintenance of the Contingency Command Post (CCP) communications systems in support of five named Operations, two Theater Security Cooperation Events, and 12 Joint Accord Exercises.

SSG Africom was the cornerstone that enabled the CCP communications team to facilitate capable and flexible mission command for USARAF during Lion Focus 16 and Judicious Response 17. SSG Africom seamlessly covered the responsibilities and duties of the CCP Communications Section's OIC and NCOIC for three months while running at 30 percent personnel strength, enabling the successful communication support of Operation Oaken Steel, African Readiness Training, and African Land Forces Summit.

SSG Africom protected the command from financial liabilities and set the standard for inventories by developing a system that meticulously maintained 100 percent accountability of over 400 pieces of equipment and sensitive items valued in excess of four million dollars. He was also responsible for drawing, maintaining accountability, and the destruction of all COMSEC material within the CCP. During his tenure, there were zero reportable COMSEC incidents and minimal down time on tactical communications.

SSG Africom while forward deployed in support of Operation Juniper Micron (OJM) established an emergency radio communications with the Embassy, improving reliability and security for the OJM team members. In addition, he maintained the Joint Coalition Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation intelligence network (BICES) in support of multiple coalition personnel. His hard work and dedication was crucial to the overall success of the OJM missions.


Maintained, monitored, configured and administered network systems, software, and components as follows. Ensured that all systems were in compliance with Army Regulation 25-2. Designed scripts to effect changes to network machines to ensure Information Assurance Vulnerability Asset (IAVA) compliance. Identified and eliminated system vulnerabilities. Conducted regular security, vulnerability, and anti-virus scans on up to 6K network computers and all visitors' computers. Implemented Microsoft Security updates and IAVA updates. Participated with teams on information technology programs to ensure controlled accessibility and authorized information systems to prevent and defend against unauthorized access to systems, networks and data. Participate in network and systems security policies and procedures. Provide assistance to facility management or system owners on the risk management process for information systems as require throughout their life cycle and to identify vulnerabilities and the protection needed.


Provided functional and technical support for, but not necessarily inclusive of, the following Logistic Information (LIS): SAMS-1E, SASM-2E, SAMS-IE, SAMS-1A PBUSE, CSS-VSAT, and CAISI 2.0. Distributed all new Army LIS/equipment to CASSAMO customers; distributed new Software Packages, Engineering Change Proposals (ECP) and Incremental Change Packages (ICP) to CASSAMO customers as well as maintained a Historical Library of System Software and Change Packages. Maintained and Issued LIS Floats, monitored Contract and Maintenance Support (Warranty/Maintenance Repair), provided User Level LIS Sustainment Training, restore equipment to operation by replacement of line replaceable unit, troubleshoot automation equipment and systems to the degree required for isolation of malfunctions to specific hardware or software.


Demonstrated experience of VTC systems, in particular, Polycom and Cisco systems. Demonstrated experience and ability to implement and operate various types of fully integrated computer-based VTC systems with minimal oversight. Demonstrated experience and ability to test and operate all phases of the system life cycle. Ability to operate all system components to include mainframe, mini, and microcomputer hardware, software, and mass storage devices. Ability to effectively communicate with Executives as well as systems users both verbally and in writing.


As the IASOs for the 45th Sustainment Brigade, managed 222+ personnel at Brigade level and ensured Battalion elements met the IA standard, which encompassed an estimated 1000 soldiers. Enforced IA policy, IA guidance, and training requirements derived in the Army and Department of Defense (DoD) regulations. Also ensured all users met regulation requirements prior to granting user access to information systems as well as maintained annual IA awareness training to support user access. Tasked with reviewing system logs and judge the ramifications of system changes have on the security posture. Made sure all systems were certified, accredited, and reaccredited, and made sure all software was properly licensed and verified. Also insured any security violations and incidents were reported to the applicable RCERT.


Served as the Information Assurance Officer (IAO) for the 45TH Sustainment Brigade, keeping abreast of certification and accreditation (C&A) mission requirements, monitoring IA Network Security projects/programs/activities, and studying network security operations. Evaluated planning documents associated with assigned systems to ensure appropriate IA controls were incorporated. Processed Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Public key Infrastructure (PKI) requests and participated in the review of the 45TH Sustainment Brigade information security program, by assisting in the performance of internal control and security investigations and reviews. Provided technical and programmatic Information Assurance Services to internal and external customers in support of network and information security systems. Designs, develops and implements security requirements within the organization. Prepares documentation from information obtained from customer using accepted guidelines such as DITSCAP (DoD Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process). Conducts security program audits and develops solutions to lessen identified risks.

System Administrator

SGT Smith was responsible for the configuration of all the tactical servers during the 12-13 April BDE Staff Training Exercise (STAFFEX) for the 4th Sustainment Brigade (4SB). He worked up to twelve hour days prior to the exercise starting to ensure that all the servers were properly configured with expert knowledge of the systems.

SGT Smith performed outstanding during the April STAFFEX. His knowledge of digital C4I systems proved to be critical to the success of the mission. He ensured that all digital systems were both configured correctly and were able to communicate with each other, a critical aspect during a digital Tactical Operations Center (TOC) STAFFEX.

SGT Smith worked side by side with both users and with digital engineers and understood many of the complicated issues associated with the digital systems within the TOC. He also helped to ensure that operators understood the systems and assisted the contractors with the training aspects of the systems.

While assigned to 4th Sustainment Brigade rear detachment, SPC Doe held the position of system administrator. In this position she helped maintain 100% compliance with Directorate Of Information Management (DOIM) standards. SPC Doe' responsibilities were supervising and overseeing the re-imaging of all systems on the network, updating system software to new Fort Hood standards, and updating all user agreements within the rear detachment and supporting units.

SPC Doe assisted team members in the installation and operation of multichannel line-of-site and tropospheric scatter communications systems and networks. She assisted team members in the performance of unit level maintenance on assigned communications equipment and interfacing them with with baseband circuits.

SPC Doe's resourcefulness and sound judgment, combined with her ability to work without supervision, contributed greatly to the structuring and implementation of the 4th Sustainment Brigade's computer and network operations. She contributed long hours and relentless efforts to ensure that daily operations ran smoothly and effectively.

Her ability to adapt to an ever-evolving and challenging network whenever it was needed is commendable. Her devotion to duty and strong sense of personal excellence provided superior quality services to 12 deployed networks in the middle east during Operation Enduring Freedom 2010.


managed the successful distribution and accountability of over 60 pieces of automations equipment to 4 different companies valued at over 40K

Information Systems Squad Leader

Motivated and trained a newly formed squad of seasoned and inexperienced 25B's to deploy in support of the 640th ASB's deployment to Iraq (25B30)

Information Systems Team Chief

Managed the successful distribution and accountability of over 60 pieces of automations equipment to 4 different companies valued at over 40K

S-3 Training NCOIC

Conducted over 100 hours of Digital Training Management System (DTMS) training, increased battalion's qualification rate by 30%

Improved battalion's overall training readiness tracking and reporting procedures by 75% with inherent DTMS skills

COMSEC Custodian

o is a motivated troop but needs further guidance in intiative and accountability

o revised and updated the COMSEC Hand Receipt Holder's Course for the Brigade, reduced class from 3 hours to one

o aided immeasurably in several Operational Readiness Inspections, Unit Compliance Inspections, and Communications Security Inspections

o completed the Electronic Key Distribution Course; used new skills to automate COMSEC Key distribution throughout Afghanistan AOR

o masterminded the control and security of 75 classified equip items garnering a 100% inventory of $2.5 million in assets with zero security violations

o packed/processed 14 full COMSEC packages to teams deploying in support of Haiti Relief Operations enabling deployment within 12 hours of alert recall

o maintained 12 COMSEC accounts with 100% accountability and zero COMSEC compromises or reportable COMSEC Incidents

o ensured the Automated Net Control Device (ANCD) was updated and ready with all new cypto for COMSEC roll over

o trained over 150 soldiers in the day to day management and storage of COMSEC material

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