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25B Information Technology Specialist


Maintained, monitored, configured and administered network systems, software, and components as follows. Ensured that all systems were in compliance with Army Regulation 25-2. Designed scripts to effect changes to network machines to ensure Information Assurance Vulnerability Asset (IAVA) compliance. Identified and eliminated system vulnerabilities. Conducted regular security, vulnerability, and anti-virus scans on up to 6K network computers and all visitors' computers. Implemented Microsoft Security updates and IAVA updates. Participated with teams on information technology programs to ensure controlled accessibility and authorized information systems to prevent and defend against unauthorized access to systems, networks and data. Participate in network and systems security policies and procedures. Provide assistance to facility management or system owners on the risk management process for information systems as require throughout their life cycle and to identify vulnerabilities and the protection needed.


Provided functional and technical support for, but not necessarily inclusive of, the following Logistic Information (LIS): SAMS-1E, SASM-2E, SAMS-IE, SAMS-1A PBUSE, CSS-VSAT, and CAISI 2.0. Distributed all new Army LIS/equipment to CASSAMO customers; distributed new Software Packages, Engineering Change Proposals (ECP) and Incremental Change Packages (ICP) to CASSAMO customers as well as maintained a Historical Library of System Software and Change Packages. Maintained and Issued LIS Floats, monitored Contract and Maintenance Support (Warranty/Maintenance Repair), provided User Level LIS Sustainment Training, restore equipment to operation by replacement of line replaceable unit, troubleshoot automation equipment and systems to the degree required for isolation of malfunctions to specific hardware or software.


Demonstrated experience of VTC systems, in particular, Polycom and Cisco systems. Demonstrated experience and ability to implement and operate various types of fully integrated computer-based VTC systems with minimal oversight. Demonstrated experience and ability to test and operate all phases of the system life cycle. Ability to operate all system components to include mainframe, mini, and microcomputer hardware, software, and mass storage devices. Ability to effectively communicate with Executives as well as systems users both verbally and in writing.


As the IASOs for the 45th Sustainment Brigade, managed 222+ personnel at Brigade level and ensured Battalion elements met the IA standard, which encompassed an estimated 1000 soldiers. Enforced IA policy, IA guidance, and training requirements derived in the Army and Department of Defense (DoD) regulations. Also ensured all users met regulation requirements prior to granting user access to information systems as well as maintained annual IA awareness training to support user access. Tasked with reviewing system logs and judge the ramifications of system changes have on the security posture. Made sure all systems were certified, accredited, and reaccredited, and made sure all software was properly licensed and verified. Also insured any security violations and incidents were reported to the applicable RCERT.


Served as the Information Assurance Officer (IAO) for the 45TH Sustainment Brigade, keeping abreast of certification and accreditation (C&A) mission requirements, monitoring IA Network Security projects/programs/activities, and studying network security operations. Evaluated planning documents associated with assigned systems to ensure appropriate IA controls were incorporated. Processed Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Public key Infrastructure (PKI) requests and participated in the review of the 45TH Sustainment Brigade information security program, by assisting in the performance of internal control and security investigations and reviews. Provided technical and programmatic Information Assurance Services to internal and external customers in support of network and information security systems. Designs, develops and implements security requirements within the organization. Prepares documentation from information obtained from customer using accepted guidelines such as DITSCAP (DoD Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process). Conducts security program audits and develops solutions to lessen identified risks.

System Administrator

SGT Smith was responsible for the configuration of all the tactical servers during the 12-13 April BDE Staff Training Exercise (STAFFEX) for the 4th Sustainment Brigade (4SB). He worked up to twelve hour days prior to the exercise starting to ensure that all the servers were properly configured with expert knowledge of the systems.

SGT Smith performed outstanding during the April STAFFEX. His knowledge of digital C4I systems proved to be critical to the success of the mission. He ensured that all digital systems were both configured correctly and were able to communicate with each other, a critical aspect during a digital Tactical Operations Center (TOC) STAFFEX.

SGT Smith worked side by side with both users and with digital engineers and understood many of the complicated issues associated with the digital systems within the TOC. He also helped to ensure that operators understood the systems and assisted the contractors with the training aspects of the systems.

While assigned to 4th Sustainment Brigade rear detachment, SPC Doe held the position of system administrator. In this position she helped maintain 100% compliance with Directorate Of Information Management (DOIM) standards. SPC Doe' responsibilities were supervising and overseeing the re-imaging of all systems on the network, updating system software to new Fort Hood standards, and updating all user agreements within the rear detachment and supporting units.

SPC Doe assisted team members in the installation and operation of multichannel line-of-site and tropospheric scatter communications systems and networks. She assisted team members in the performance of unit level maintenance on assigned communications equipment and interfacing them with with baseband circuits.

SPC Doe's resourcefulness and sound judgment, combined with her ability to work without supervision, contributed greatly to the structuring and implementation of the 4th Sustainment Brigade's computer and network operations. She contributed long hours and relentless efforts to ensure that daily operations ran smoothly and effectively.

Her ability to adapt to an ever-evolving and challenging network whenever it was needed is commendable. Her devotion to duty and strong sense of personal excellence provided superior quality services to 12 deployed networks in the middle east during Operation Enduring Freedom 2010.


managed the successful distribution and accountability of over 60 pieces of automations equipment to 4 different companies valued at over 40K

Information Systems Squad Leader

Motivated and trained a newly formed squad of seasoned and inexperienced 25B's to deploy in support of the 640th ASB's deployment to Iraq (25B30)

Information Systems Team Chief

Managed the successful distribution and accountability of over 60 pieces of automations equipment to 4 different companies valued at over 40K

S-3 Training NCOIC

Conducted over 100 hours of Digital Training Management System (DTMS) training, increased battalion's qualification rate by 30%

Improved battalion's overall training readiness tracking and reporting procedures by 75% with inherent DTMS skills

COMSEC Custodian

o is a motivated troop but needs further guidance in intiative and accountability

o revised and updated the COMSEC Hand Receipt Holder's Course for the Brigade, reduced class from 3 hours to one

o aided immeasurably in several Operational Readiness Inspections, Unit Compliance Inspections, and Communications Security Inspections

o completed the Electronic Key Distribution Course; used new skills to automate COMSEC Key distribution throughout Afghanistan AOR

o masterminded the control and security of 75 classified equip items garnering a 100% inventory of $2.5 million in assets with zero security violations

o packed/processed 14 full COMSEC packages to teams deploying in support of Haiti Relief Operations enabling deployment within 12 hours of alert recall

o maintained 12 COMSEC accounts with 100% accountability and zero COMSEC compromises or reportable COMSEC Incidents

o ensured the Automated Net Control Device (ANCD) was updated and ready with all new cypto for COMSEC roll over

o trained over 150 soldiers in the day to day management and storage of COMSEC material

25C Radio Operator Maintainer

Radio Trainsmission Operator

Sergeant Miller's outstanding professional skill and ability to adjust to the mission with very little instruction was key to the Movement and Maneuver section's success during the War Fighter exercise during Annual Training. He was assigned to the section on the first day of the live mission without previous training or preparation but learned our tasks and responsibilities and quickly became so indispensable that he frequently carried the section's responsibilities single-handedly.

Communications Team Chief

o trained soldiers and NCOs from 82 CAB and 5/2 Striker Bde on radio system operation, significantly enhanced combat readiness significantly.

25F Network Switching Systems Operator/Maintainer

25L Cable Systems Installer/Maintainer


SGT Flores demonstrated tremendous knowledge and expertise in his field by training 10 newly integrated Soldiers in hot melts, fan out kits, fusion splicing, OTDR, mechanical splicing, and conduit construction, resulting in a 100% pass rate on the ARCENT Signal University certification exam, and empowering the Soldiers to have the tools to competently complete future missions in the OSP.

SGT Flores served as an Outside Plant Team Chief for 580th Signal Company. He supervised the installation and maintenance of fiber optic for over 30,000 customers residing on Bagram Airfield. He clearly demonstrated his ability to produce more results with fewer personnel on a daily basis. SGT Flores`s communication expertise directly supported the Combined Joint Task Force 101 and the International Security Assistance Forces enabling them to communicate with subordinate units throughout the theater.

SGT Flores demonstrated an impressive level of competence and technical proficiency in all areas of network telecommunications. His reliability resulted in recognition from Joint Logistic Command for completing a Battle Tracking Building which consisted of 120 SIPR lines, 120 NIPR lines, and the installation of fiber to support the Supply Tracking System which expanded the Battalion Regional Network Operations and the Supply Security Centers throughout Afghanistan.

25M Multimedia Illustrator

Multimedia Illustrator

SPC Bird performed in a superior manner while supporting the First Brigade Combat Team, 82d Airborne Division's deployment to Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom XII. As the Public Affairs Office Combat Camera he digitally documented the actions of the unit to ensure historical documentation was accounted for. SPC Bird also maintained the unit's Facebook page to ensure quotes, photos and kid activities were available for the families of deployed Soldiers.

ARCOM bullet for a 25M Multimedia Illustrator

SPC Bird excelled in her duties while serving as the Regional PSYOP Support Element (East) Relationship Building Items (RBI) Coordinator. SPC Bird was responsible for tracking over 126,000 items valued over $750,000. SPC Bird was instrumental in the distribution of over 90,000 pieces of RBI to eight PSYOP teams and five International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Commands enabling them to foster and build relationships with local nationals and Afghanistan National Security Forces.

SPC Bird played a vital role in the production, printing, cutting, and packaging of over 180,000 PSYOP products which was later distributed by eight PSYOP teams across the Anbar Province. This enabled the PSYOP teams to build rapport with local nationals and partnered Afghanistan National Security Force (ANSF) units as well as assist with the legitimization of the Government Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the ANSF.

In her role Multimedia Illustrator, SPC Bird was responsible for the design of nine new PSYOP products and was instrumental in the creation and modification of over 64 billboard designs for two resurfacing iterations of the 100 PSYOP billboards in Anbar Province. These billboards were a critical medium utilized to directly reinforce the Commanding General's intent which was to promote the successes of the Afghanistan National Security Forces.

In addition to her daily duties, SPC Bird took the initiative to archive and organize over 5,000 PSYOP files to create a comprehensive data base for product research and development. Her efforts have saved the company immeasurable hours of research time. Furthermore, SPC Bird has completed eight leadership courses and she worked with the Regional PSYOP element's CAT II linguist to learn Dari, enhancing both her personal development, her knowledge of the culture of Afghanistan and her capabilities as a multimedia illustrator.

ARCOM bullet for a 25M Multimedia Illustrator/37F Psy Ops Specialist

Due to SGT Dan's outstanding technical knowledge of photography, he was requested by PSYOP Tactical teams on two occasions to document significant Afghanistan National Security Forces Humanitarian missions in RC (E). His technical expertise also resulted in SGT Dan performing the role of Company photographer which helped document significant events in Soldiers’ lives and the Company as a whole. His skills and contributions assisted in fostering a cohesive atmosphere among unit members.

In addition to his regular duties, SGT Dan distinguished himself as a skilled Risograph technician responsible for the installation, operation, and maintenance of three complex high-capacity Risograph printers valued at over $250,000. His broad knowledge and technical skills were evident when he seamlessly fielded and installed two Risographs simultaneously. This equipment was mission essential and allowed the Product Development Team to continuously provide printed product to PSYOP teams without any delay.

In his role Multimedia Illustrator, SGT Dan was responsible for the design of nine new PSYOP products, printing of over 250,000 products and was instrumental in the creation and modification of over 64 billboard designs for four resurfacing iterations of the 100 PSYOP billboards in Anbar Province. These billboards were a critical medium utilized to directly reinforce the Commanding General's intent which was to promote the successes of the Afghanistan National Security Forces.

SGT Dan spearheaded the multimedia illustrations and development of the 330th PSYOP Company logos, company coin and company T-shirts. SGT Dan was also selected to establish and run the Company’s Family Readiness Shutterfly website which allowed families and soldiers securely share photographs and messages during the deployment. His actions contributed greatly to increase morale of the Soldiers as well as their friends and families.

Tactical Multimedia Illustrator

Private Joe Snuffy distinguished himself while assigned to 1/9th FAR as one of two 25M in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM (OEF) XVIII. His technical expertise in the use of complicated Adobe Software allowed him to single handedly create and modify over 300 print products. These products were designed to support Morale, Welfare and Recreation events to better influence the overall morale of supported U.S. and Coalition Forces.

25N Joint Networking Nodal System Operators/Maintainers

During the BDE STAFFEX between 13 May and 27 May, SGT Hall's performance was outstanding during the digital Tactical Operations Command (TOC) setup. His expertise in configuring the BDE server systems was invaluable to the success of the mission. SGT Hall performed many tasks that were on the level of a chief warrant officer, which the BDE S6 is currently lacking.

SGT Hall demonstrated exceptional ability during Annual Training as the Joint Nodal Network NCO. Because of his preparation and cross-training with the S6 section, the Joint Network Node (JNN) maintained a 99 % network connectivity.

SGT Hall worked side by side with the civilian digital engineers and understood many of the complicated problems associated with server configurations and Joint Network Node integration. His expertise in the field of automation is far above that expected of a new E-5. He also worked tirelessly throughout the exercise ot make sure there was no interruption in comm.

SGT Hall continually provided the highest level of service by constantly studying and increasing his technical proficiency and continuously updating the unit SOP to ensure reliable comms.

JNN Operator

o proficiently cross trained the Platoon on the troubleshooting procedures in the Joint Network Node (JNN) which ensured the reliability of the DIV C4I architecture

o set up and initiated communication network for the deployed 214th MP BN, provided around-the-clock, reliable comm

o maintained 99.9 % network connectivity by diligent foresight and experienced trend analysis

o managed, maintained, and operated JNN Shelter equipment valued at over $1,000,000, provided critical technical support

o developed continuity book detailing network topology for incoming unit scouts and guaranteed seamless turnover

o maintained generator for JNN Shelter and all NIPR/SIPR computers and phones; zero power failures or loss of comm

o maintained the gator, spares kit for the JNN shelter and the ECU units with zero failures due to lack of supplies

o inventoried sensitive items daily and submitted report; maintained 100% accountability

o fulfilled BDOC requirement as OP5 Tower Guard for over 300 hours, received CAB for the attack of assigned tower

o voluntered to serve as certified mail handler for FOB Salerno and FOB Lightning in spare time

o came in second during 12K Mountain Run on FOB Thunder, excellent example to subordinates

25P Microwave Systems Operator/Maintainer

25Q Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator

25Q Tropo team

SPC McEntee during Tropo Mission in Qatar continuously volunteered to work above and beyond his peers during his down time to ensure the Tropo was fully mission capable. SPC Andrew McEntee continuously took initiative to ensure his battle buddies were knowledgeable about the equipment and physically fit. He was always fully missioned capable with little to no guidance. SPC McEntee contributed to the mission's success. SPC McEntee while still performing all of his duties as Tropo operator, still found the time to also score over 300 on his PT test. SPC McEntee never complained about missions assigned to him, and always completed every task to the best of his ability.

CPN Team Chief

His extensive knowledge played a vital role in the successful and reliable FDMA and TDMA uplink connectivity providing SIPRNET/NIPRNET access for over 20 users in the brigade with 98% percent network connectivity.

25Q20 Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator

o key instrumental leader for the transition of the WIN-T communications network from 601st eCAB to the 40th CAB Transition of Authority

25S Satellite Communication Systems Operator/Maintainer

STT Team Chief

SSG _____demonstrated outstanding technical expertise during OIF 06-08 in the Joint Network Node and KU Band trailer Theatre testing. During this phase he created and published the KU Band trailer Technical Inspection Checklist on the SIPRNET Portal for the entire 1st Cavalry Division Signal Community to utilize as reference on the proper PMCS procedures for the KU Band trailer.

25U Signal Support Systems Specialist

Signal Support Systems Specialist

SPC Doe displayed great knowledge and with limited experience, assisted with the troubleshooting and set-up of communication systems, including RT-1523, PRC-148, RT-1694D, OE-245/GRC, FBCB2, JCR, TACSAT radios, CPOF, and antennas in support of over 17 RTUs at JRTC. SPC Doe participated in numerous platoon training exercises and encouraged her peers within the section to perform their assigned tasks above standard. Her dedication contributed to the success of JRTC Signal Plans team.

Signal Support Systems Specialist

SPC Doe consistently distinguished herself from her peers, quickly assimilating the technical and tactical knowledge in the accomplishment of her duties. SPC Doe's dedication to duty and expertise of vast radio systems provided seamless voice communications for 2nd BDE, 82nd ABN DIV. Sharing her knowledge, she helped in the cross-training of newly arriving Soldiers and noncommissioned officers on effective troubleshooting, communications repair, and the maintenance of various tactical combat network radio systems.


o quickly adapted to his/her new MOS of 25U from an infantry MOS of 11B

o coordinated over 280 VTCs which supported the medical missions within Afghanistan

o his invaluable experience played a vital role in the Brigade's success during CCMRF; ensured the Brigade had reliable reach-back communications

Forward Support NCO

o personally designed a telecommunication network which included a secure net for secret email transfer of information, tactical mission planning, and reporting

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