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MOS 42 Administrative Awards

42A - Human Resources Specialist

Human Resources Sergeant

SSG Buie served as the Human Resources Sergeant and assistant NCOIC for three years. During her tenure, she supported over 6,000 AIT Soldiers and 600 cadre. Her untiring work ethic contributed to the overall management and mission success within the Battalion. SSG Buie stood in as the NCOIC flawlessly and never let the pressure get to her. She personally maintained accountability and processed over 500 awards, 400 personnel actions, and thousands of AIT students' finance issues with a timeliness rate of over 95%.


While serving as the Company's Human Resource Sergeant, Sergeant Doe performed and oversaw day to day operations of Delta Forward Support Company. His duties included Personnel Actions, Officer and Enlisted Evaluations, Promotions, Awards Processing, Finance, and Military Personnel files maintenance for over 109 officers, NCOs, and Soldiers assigned to the Unit. On a monthly basis he would travel to all Village Stability Operation (VSO) sites to provide better support in Human Resources for the Company.

Sergeant Doe in and out-processed over 109 assigned Soldiers and ensured all Soldiers' awards and any other pertinent information were input into eMILPO before they redeployed. SGT Doe also updated and uploaded the SGLI/DD93s for 109 assigned Soldiers to meet the new Brigades standard before the Department of the Army suspense date. He single-handedly adjusted all assigned Soldiers' dwell time and tour credits IAW Army policies upon the redeployment of Delta Forward Support Company.

Sergeant Doe diligently processed all administrative paperwork in a timely manner, processing over 109 End of Tour awards for all members of Delta Forward Support Company. SGT Doe facilitated the promotion of his fellow Soldiers and compiled and maintained 100% accountablility of all members' personnel records including all red cross messeges during the unit's deployment. His task-oriented demeanor allowed him to successfully upload over 600 Tattoo policy memos to IPERMS.


While assigned to the PAC office, SPC Dukes was responsible for answers and inquiries from the command team to help and advise them on personnel actions, administrative and clerical issues. She performed typing and clerical duties showing a preceding level of skill and provided technical guidance on administrative data to Platoon Sergeants. She also prepared suspense control documents and maintained active control of suspense files ensuring that they were in accordance with the Army Records Information Management System.

SPC Dukes' dedication to duty and superb organizational skills were essential to the daily operations of the 227th Quartermaster Company PAC office. She effectively managed and completed over 1500 personnel actions and various additional administrative tasks which proved instrumental to the success of the company's daily actions. With her intense competitive spirit and a refreshing motivational ability, she set the example for her peers to emulate.

42A30 Administrative Supervisor

o implemented systems to improve the processing rate of daily status reports, awards, evaluation reports and all personnel actions from 75% to 98%

o received a commendable rating for admin personnel actions and movement tracking during UFG '10; received a coin of excellence from the JNCC.

o demonstrated the patience and ability to articulate clearly so others understood the task at hand; resulted in a 100% success rate

o commended by the Director for outstanding performance as his Executive Assistant; while simultaneously performing her duties as Admin NCOIC

Served the S1 section commendably throughout his tenure with the battalion. He provided personnel support for seven active components, three Active Guard Reserve and over 115 Reserve component personnel. His advice, assistance and resourcefulness were often sought and needed as a direct result of the professionalism and mature judgment he displayed. Deeply involved in all facets of S1, he took charge, made sound recommendations and decisions and led by example.

For outstanding achivement in the management of current operations in the S-1 office. As the systems expert, he performed regular and thorough inspections of the S-1 section, completed over 40 additional duty memorandums, and ensured all programs were in compliance with regualtions. SPC Carl's acheivemnt demostrates his technical expertise as a professional soldier and sets the example for all others to emulate. Specialist Carl's outstanding performnce reflects great credit upon him, the S-1 section, and the United States Army.

For outstanding achievement as Orderly Room NCO, 411th ASB, while deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. SGT Lucky tracked and processed over 150 unscheduled leaves and passes while maintaining a 99% manning rate. Under shifting command and austere conditions, she organized and prepared the unit for redeployment and reintegration into central region upon completion of their 15 month deployment with zero loss of accountabilty.

SGT Cox's dedication to duty and superb organizational skills allowed him to effectively manage and assist in all facets of HHC orderly room operations, directly impacting the company's ability to accomplish the mission. He not only executed his assigned tasks quickly and efficiently, he anticipated taskings and took the initiative to prepare for them beforehand. This facilitated and increased the company's speed in meeting HHC suspenses and made our office the model of the battalion.


o personally ensured each one of his Soldiers were intimately familiar with the purpose, employment, and operation of all Data Systems within the HR Arena

o competence and close attention to detail proved to be an asset in cross-level training for each soldier increasing the S1's effectiveness by 50%

o productively ensured the completion of over 453 Family Seperation Requests while deployed with zero deficiencies

o created and enforced a strict accountability of all administrative documents within the S1, ensuring prompt and reliable service for over 800 Soldiers in the Battalion

HR Sergeant

o task oriented and detail minded; completes assignments to the fullest while staying focused to make sound and thoughtful decisions

Administrative NCOIC

o coordinated all S1 and administrative actions, prepared all student documentation, drafted and published graduation publications and documentation

o coordinated and pushed the daily status report and the JPERSTAT with excellent accuracy

o maintained administrative data for 76 soldiers assigned to Delta Battery from 3 different services

o refused mid-tour leave and contributed hundreds of hours of off-duty time to ensure all tasks were accomplished on time

o selected as Financial Obligation Officer, ensured all funds accounted for and spent in accordence with regulation

o served as acting Battalion Senior Human Resource NCO, trained 4 new Battery Admin NCOs and ensured battalion operations countinued

o processed 120 Red Cross Messages in support of deployed members

o Kept the Commander up to date with Personnel Accountability

o pushed 355 troops forward, fully equipped and administratively prepared

Human Resources Specialist

SPC Williams worked in the battalion mailroom and excelled in her duties as the mail clerk. SPC Williams conducted daily mail operations including picking up, sorting, and distributing mail to over 1,000 Soldiers. SPC Williams' attention to detail and hard work were immediately evident.

SPC Williams exemplified the total Soldier by seeking self improvement while assigned to the 502nd HRC. She exhibited determination by taking college classes earning 30 college credits towards her Associates Degree. Her commitment to higher learning set the example for fellow Soldiers to follow which resulted in four other members of the platoon's enrollment in Distant Education programs.

SPC Williams participated in numerous platoon and company postal training exercises. She lived the Warrior Ethos by always placing the mission first. SPC Williams encouraged her team to perform the assigned tasks above the standards and ensuring the platoons success on postal operations.

SPC Bronson graduated from the Postal Operations class as the Distinguished Honor Graduate. SPC Bronson completed and graduated from the Warrior Leaders Course (07-10), Combat Life Savior Course, and the Combat Service Support Automated Information Systems Interface (CAISI) Course.

SPC Bronson volunteered and received training as the units Training Aid Support Soldier. As the Training Aid Support Soldier, SPC Bronson was responsible for creating numerous projects that promoted visual and motivational awareness throughout the unit. He trained his peers how to create and accomplish visual/training aid projects for the 81st AG (Postal) Detachment. SPC Bronson's work ethic ensured all projects were completed in a professional manner.

SPC Bronson volunteered to serve as the Unit Mail Clerk upon returning from deployment, ensuring mail was properly safe guarded, efficiently distributed, and fulfilled all mission requirements required to perform his duty.

SPC Bronson stepped up to take on extra responsibly and duties whenever possible, in order to help out his peers to accomplish their missions. With his intense competitive spirit and a refreshing motivational ability, SPC Bronson sets the example for his peers to emulate and accomplish their own goals and desires.

o deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and 222d Broadcast Operations Detachment

o compiled and maintained 100% accountablility of all member's personnel records including cross-leveled Soldiers as the unit prepared for deployment

o selected over 9 of his peers to act as Bn mail room clerk, a duty outside his MOS, maintained 100% accountability

o supervised the Company's efforts to get all its Soldiers through the Kuwait gateway and in and out of Iraq

o assisted in the DEMOB of 22 UICs; equipment evaluated, repaired, and stored, ready for immediate redeployment

o tracked and processed all unit leaves while maintaining a 90% manning rate

o coordinated with active and Reserve component agencies to achieve great success

o completed 5 Mobile Postal Missions to austere locations, across unsecured terrain, resulting in 100% mission completion

o organized and provided Public Affair coverage for multiple Brigade-level Change of Command ceremonies and 3 major command events

o established the Pass and Leave program within the BCT, coordinating the flow of Soldiers in and out of theater

o processed over 1,000 End of Tour awards for all of DSTB and attached units, meeting 95% on time

o devoted over 500 hours to checking DCS checklists for all units, ensured accuracy of over 3000 DCS checklists

o embodied the Warrior Ethos by placing the mission first at all times and completing all admin requirements prior to deployment

o put in long hours with few days off, and although junior in rank, continues to manage our most critical projects

o cleared 275 Soldiers through the Soldier Readiness Center

While serving as a Battalion Human Resource Sergeant, SGT Costas performed and oversaw day to day operations of the Special Troops Battalion S1. His duties included Personnel Actions, Officer and Enlisted Evaluations, Promotions, Awards Processing, Reassignment Processing, Finance, and Military Personnel files maintenance for over 1100 officers, NCOs, and Soldiers assigned to a rear detachment and a forward deployed unit composed of multiple companies of a variety of MOSs.

In absence of his supervisor, SGT Costas covered the responsibilities of the S1 NCOIC for an entire month while continuing to maintain his own assigned duties. He sacrificed his off-duty time to ensure the mission did not falter in the absence of the NCOIC. A perfect example of the NCO's dedication to the success of the S1.

SGT Costas educated himself on the new semi-centralized promotion system; he provided accurate and timely information and assistance to Soldiers affected by the change in the system. He conducted effective training for the unit and his peers with a professional and confident attitude which eased the transition for the S1 and the Soldiers assigned to the unit.

SGT Costas in and out-processed over 200 assigned Soldiers and ensured all Soldiers' awards and any other pertinent information were inputted into eMILPO before they departed. He single-handedly adjusted all assigned Soldiers' dwell time and tour credits IAW Army policy upon the redeployment of individual companies. He also updated and uploaded the SGLI/DD93s for all assigned Soldiers to meet the new CAC standard before the Department of the Army suspense date.

42F - Human Resource Information System Management Specialist

PFC Pierce's commitment to job accomplishment consistently resulted in products of the highest quality. He mastered all STAMIS systems to ensure optimum output at all times. He ensured 100% accountability of all Soldiers' records and maintained 100% accountability of all members' personnel records including cross-leveled Soldiers as the unit prepared for deployment.

While serving as Human Resources Specialist, PFC Pierce, displayed phenomenal devotion to mission accomplishment in support of over 800 Soldiers. He showed great pride and enthusiasm in every task he undertook, producing excellent results. He developed, maintained and utilized an accounting system which tracked over a 1,000 personnel actions with zero losses. He developed and implemented a continuity book in his section to assist all orderly room clerks with the proper and accurate processing of all Human Resource actions.

PFC Pierce's loyalty, high morals and military conduct were of high order and worthy of emulation. His tact, common sense, professional knowledge, and devotion to duty were an inspiration to his peers and subordinates. He was often called upon by his peers for advice in solving difficult problems in the field of Human Resources Specialist. PFC Pierce's keen foresight, sound judgment, and professional competence enabled him to discharge his inherent duties with precision and accuracy.

o maintained admin and logistic requirements for 4 teams while they were downrange and while at CLDJ.

o organized, stored, and maintained over 12 months worth of AIM/Mission reports from 4 different JCATs

o completed over 110 leave packets for Soldiers leaving for R&R-no delays, no schedule failures

o assisted with the unit's birth month audits for over 120 Soldiers, review cited as 100% accurate

o helped with the distribution of over 3K pieces of mail to the unit during Operation Iraqi Freedom

42R - Band Member

NCOER Bullets for Band Members

o demonstrated an expansive knowledge of vocal and instrumental music

o served as vocalist and vocal soloist for the United States Army Chorus during the premier DC performance

o frequently selected as soloist with the Army Concert Band and Orchestra

o collaborated with smaller ensembles and professional groups to hone his skills

o thrilled audiences nationwide with well-rehearsed renditions of Army standards

o was recorded with the Concert Band during the performance of the Shostakovich Second Piano Concerto

o enhanced the legacy of Pershing's Own with over 20 recorded titles

o demonstrated exceptional dedication to his performances

o her practiced dedication of over 200 hours was key to the success of the Guardsmen musical performance

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