MOS 88M Motor Transport Operator Awards

88M First Sergeant

SSG Michaels served seven years admirably with the FSC 980th EN BN as a Platoon Sergeant and the acting First Sergeant. As a Platoon Sergeant, he was responsible for over 10 million dollars in equipment and 42 Soldiers in the Distribution Platoon. SSG Michaels stepped up to fill the role of the First Sergeant and was responsible for 115 Soldiers' morale and welfare, as well as the senior enlisted advisor to the Commander. As the acting First Sergeant in the first month he brought the companies medical readiness from 40% to 75%.

SSG Michaels completed over 300 missions successfully without any loss of equipment or life, also has driven over 10,000 miles during his time with the company. He has volunteered for Advon and Trail party on every ECT for 7 years to accomplish the Company and Battalion's missions successfully. SSG Michaels mentors many of the soldiers in the unit and has personally prepared 12 soldiers for the promotion board to Sergeant, in which all 12 have been promoted. His dedication to the unit and his soldiers is unmatched in the company.

SSG Michaels' exemplary handling of administrative matters attests to his professional knowledge, willingness to accept responsibility, attention to detail, and the ability to adapt himself to any assignment or situation. He was recommended to be the UAT for the company and this afforded him the chance to further his knowledge and assist the unit with all administrative personnel issues. He helped complete 22 NCOERs for the company with none returned for corrections and taught the other NCOs how to properly write evaluations.

SSG Michaels' has served in the Reserves for 7 years and 12 years in the Active Duty. His 19 years of experience in the Army has made him extremely proficient in accomplishing all of his missions. His skill sets for the company consist of Platoon Sergeant, First Sergeant, Unit Administration Technician, Equal Opportunity Leader, Ammo Handler NCOIC, Master Driver, Drivers Training Instructor, Sponsorship Program Coordinator, Tax Assistance Officer, and Total Army Family Program. His skill set will be difficult to replace for the company.

For meritorious service as Platoon Sergeant and First Sergeant for the Forward Support Company, 980th Engineer Battalion, from June 22nd, 2014 through August 31st, 2021. SSG Michaels' professionalism, attention to detail, and tireless work ethic directly contributed to the unit's success. His outstanding performance and dedication to mission accomplishment reflect great credit upon himself, the 980th Engineer Battalion and the United States Army Reserve.

88M PLS Transporter Mission

SPC Mendez, Jose for his meritorious service while supporting as a motor vehicle operator for the 666th RSG during their live training events that took place between XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. And the outstanding performance and dedication to complete the mission into the night while driving from Place, State to Place, State, four times totaling 660 miles carrying gear and supplies for the 666th RSG. Specialist Mendez demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism and technical competence in the care of, identification, loading, and transportation of critical equipment across the state. He securely transported one Conex box full of S-4 gear and cooking equipment components including: field range, cooking racks, pot cradles, serving line griddle, and one Mobile Kitchen Trailer (MKT). Specialist Mendez's foresight, research, and extensive knowledge of the state roadways combined with his relentless pursuit of excellence were the driving factors that ensured safe and complete delivery and mission success. Specialist Mendez's distinguished performance reflects great credit upon himself, the 111th Transportation Company (PLS) and the United States Army Reserves.

Master Driver

SGT Valenzuela was selected over three other Noncommissioned Officers to serve as the NCOIC for the Squadron Drivers Training Program. She revised and implemented the Phase I through Phase III Training program with 100 percent success throughout the Squadron. She trained over 140 Soldiers and NCOs and increased Squadron operational readiness of drivers/operators by 36 percent. SGT Valenzuela demonstrated exceptional classroom professionalism and superior communication ability above and beyond her rank and experience.

SGT Valenzuela advised the Squadron Command Team weekly on the Drivers Training progress. Her Drivers Training powerpoint slide became the template for Drivers Training across the Brigade. She mentored and motivated 13 Troop level Master Drivers to accomplish all missions, and brought the Squadron OIP inspection from a 65 percent to an 89 percent in only 10 months. SGT Valenzuela performed leadership duties in a decisive and positive manner with exceptional results.



Heavy Vehicle Operator

While serving as a Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) driver, SGT Velez moved over $26 million worth of equipment belonging to the 354th Civil Affairs Brigade and 450th Civil Affairs Battalion, from Riverdale, MD to their new facility in White Plains, MD. SGT Velez completed this mission driving the heavy equipment on stressful, congested highways in the Washington, DC area, without loss of either military or civilian equipment and without negative incident.

SPC XXXX has been an outstanding Paratrooper since his arrival to the unit in JUN 2012. As a PFC during the 2012 rotation at JRTC, he was one of the most reliable gunners for all convoys. He showed extraordinary situational awareness and tactical knowledge well above his pay grade, had an exceptional understanding on the operations of all weapon systems assigned to him and eagerly shared this information with his fellow Paratroopers, further advancing the combat effectiveness of his Platoon during Convoy Live Fires.

As a junior leader, SPC XXXX has repeatedly exercised initiative in the absence of orders from higher elements. His dedication to duty was prominently displayed routinely as he conducted transportation missions during the 2013 and 2014 JOAXs that required extremely early report times paired with minimal recovery time from the day prior. Eager to take on more responsibility, he was always the first to report, the last to leave, and was always ready to complete the mission to the standard typically associated with a well rested Paratrooper.

Following two of the three Company Training Exercises to the field in which he participated, SPC XXXX volunteered time not typically associated with the normal duty day for his fellow Paratroopers and the unit. His selfless service was made plain as he put the needs of his peers and subordinates above his own by offering to take additional duty shifts so that married Paratroopers could spend time with their families. His altruistic actions contributed to the morale of both Paratroopers and their families and showed great credit on the unit.

SPC XXXX served primarily as a Motor Transport Operator in the Distribution Platoon during his time with the White Falcons and has driven over 5000 incident free miles delivering classes I & V as well as transporting White Falcon Paratroopers, enabling them to complete vital training. SPC XXXX is task oriented and detail minded; completes assignments to the fullest while staying focused to make sound and timely decisions. SPC XXXX has kept inventory, maintained 100% accountability, and reduced incidental losses.

Squad Leader

SGT Santos demonstrated himself as a professional Noncommissioned Officer while serving as the Palletized Loading System (PLS) NCOIC during NTC rotation 16-02. SGT Santos was in charge of the movement of five PLSs and Trailers and the transportation of all equipment in support of the 64th CSSB. In addition, he was selected over his peers to serve as the NCOIC of seven Medium Tactical Vehicles (MTVS) and the movement of 90 pax over a span of five days.

HHD Motor Sergeant

SSG Hall distinguished himself through exceptionally meritorious service in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom while serving multiple roles as the HHD Motor Sergeant, Equipment Readiness Division (ERD) NCO, as well as managing the Battalion's daily Fleet Slides and Materiel Condition Status Report (MCSR) requirements to Brigade for three Heavy Equipment Transportation (HET) companies, one Gun Truck company, two watercraft detachments, and the Battalion HHD.

SSG Hall contributed significantly to the overall success of the battalion's mission while working in the Equipment Readiness Division (ERD). As a result of his tireless efforts, the battalion maintained an Operational Readiness (OR) rate of 92%, which enabled the Battalion to execute over 400 Convoy Logistics Patrols concluding with nearly 22 million miles in Iraq and Kuwait.

SSG Hall managed over 80 lines of Class IX repair parts and equipment valued in excess of $500,000 as part of the AutoZone program designed as replenishment parts for the Convoy Support Teams (CST) at six locations throughout theater, significantly reducing the Non-Mission Capable time of battalion equipment on the road and allowing the convoys to complete critical support for the theater with reduced lost time due to maintenance.

SSG Hall managed many special projects within the battalion. He provided technical assistance and guidance in the design and construction of parts of the motor pool layout. SSG Hall is the NCOIC of the Battalion level Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program, which resulted in greatly reducing breakdowns on convoys.

88M Heavy Vehicle Operator

SPC XXXX served as an 88M (Heavy Vehicle Operator), dedicating himself to the personal care and maintenance of his assigned vehicle which was instrumental in supporting the White Falcons. His selfless service was evident during the multitudes of non-standard duty hours that he worked, driving 5,000 incident free miles both CONUS and OCONUS as well as being responsible for the receipt, storage, issue and turn in of 20% of all class V material used by the battalion in the last four years.

SPC XXXX desire to improve his skillset both within and outside of his MOS paired with his eagerness to learn led him to be cross trained as an 89B (Ammunition Supply Specialist). In the absence of any 89Bs in the battalion, SPC XXXX was a much needed asset to the Ammo Section. His ability to adapt and be flexible with rapidly changing mission requirements coupled with his incomparable attention to detail ensured that class V operations continued despite the constant ineptitude of ammunition forecasting in the Battalion S3.

SPC XXXX technical knowledge and sense of duty was quintessential in standing up two Field Ammunition Supply Points to standard. He regularly embraced challenges typically associated with leadership positions well above his pay grade and completed them in a manner consistent with that of a professional. His endless hours of work and dedication to the unit allowed the First Sergeant and Company Commander to carry out combat arms training few Forward Support Companies receive.

While regularly working a minimum of 60 hours a week, SPC XXXX still managed to find time keep himself within the Army standards for the APFT, maintaining a 257 average, passing the height and weight standard and qualifying as an expert with his assigned weapon. He also ensured 100% accountability of all class V materials by conducting weekly inventories, without regard to the sacrifices he made of his personal time. As a result, the battalion suffered zero losses during his tour of duty.

88M Motor Transport Operator

SGT Goodman served as a Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Operator, supporting over 60 deployment support logistic missions by transporting critical cargo over 10,000 accident-free miles. In an area with the highest vehicle theft rate in the world, SGT Goodman ensured all supplies, equipment, and personnel returned in good condition from every mission.

SGT Goodman took great pride in the care and upkeep of his assigned equipment. He took time every day to ensure his assigned vehicle systems were in top condition and at 10/20 standard. His regular maintenance was the sole factor in his vehicles never failing and contributed to the detachment maintaining a 95% operational readiness rating.

SGT Goodman served as a Squad Leader in a Trailer Transfer Detachment. As Squad Leader, he supervised and advanced the careers of all 5 squad members.

SGT Goodman was selected over his peers to maintain accountability and operational readiness of BII and property book equipment.

88M Motor Transport Operator

SGT Conan truly set the example by working numerous hours during evenings and weekends. He showed his technical skill as a 10K ATLAS operator, ensuring the safe transportation of needed equipment from the Rail Operations Center to various 1st Calvary Division (CAV DIV) sites to assist the 1st Brigade Combat Team (BCT), 2nd BCT, 3rd BCT, and 4th BCT in support of the 1ST CAV DIV redeployment. He assisted in assuring that an astonishing 4,321 miles were driven and 265 containers were moved without accidents.

SGT Conan's strong emphasis on safety resulted in zero accidents and incidents throughout all missions conducted. His contributions helped the 13th Expeditionary Sustainment Command (ESC) provide critical equipment for deploying and returning units. This enabled the Units to expedite the utilization of the equipment for the return to the fight against the enemy in the war on terrorism. He played a vital role for the safe loading and unloading and transporting of over 2,500 containers from February to June 2011.

SGT Conan's exceptional driving skills in the operation of the M1088 with M871A3 Trailer resulted in the unit achieving over 103 successful and exceptional Class I Refer Van support missions to numerous units throughout III CORPS to include the support of Freedom Fest 11, Single Soldier Day 11, 21st Combat Support Hospital Expert Field Medical Badge Testing and the 3rd BCT 1ST CAV DIV Gunnery exercise, logging over 13,000 miles accident free and the delivery of Class I with the value over $2.5 million.

SGT Conan was a key player in the safe and successful relocation and consolidation of the 553rd Combat Service Support Battalion (CSSB) and 180th Transportation Battalion motor pools, assisting with the movement of over 125 Connexes, 65 Quad cons, 75 Individual Storage Units (ISU) 90's, 45 M1088A1s, 65 M871 A1/A3 trailers, 44 M998s, 35 M1078s, 12 M10Ks, 5 M6Ks, 25 Refer Van Trailers without accidents or damage to government property in June 2011.

Volunteered to go on ADVON for Annual Training and served as the NCOIC of Ammo Operations until relieved by an NCO upon arrival of the unit's main body. Without his ability to operate the LHS, and more importantly, his knowledge and skill sets of ammo handling, F-Co would not have been able to complete this portion of its mission. In the absence of an experienced NCO in the ammo section, SPC Melton served as the ammo handling expert. In addition he played the role of a team leader providing the necessary direction, mentorship, and guidance needed for his section of lower enlisted Soliders to accomplish their mission.

SPC Thorsheim played a key role in the success of the 565th Quartermaster Company's transportation mission from Apr-Sep 2012. As a driver of the M1088, his keen sense of detail and safety resulted in the Truck Platoon logging over 1,500 miles accident-free. He provided transportation support for over 100 containers which enabled the successful deployment and redeployment of the 1st Cavalry Division, the 29th Infantry Division, and 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment without loss or damage to Army and units property.

In addition to specified supervisor duties, SPC Thorsheim filled in as a Truck Commander for the M1097 PLS on numerous occasions. It was to his great credit that he was assumed and executed other driving duties in order to help the team, ensuring that the 565th QM Company did not miss execution time for over 75 Surface Transportation Requests from Apr 2011 until July 2012. He personally logged over 1,500 accident-free miles and transported over 100 containers during a seven month period.

SPC Thorsheim's emphasis on discipline and high standards contributed to the unit's high morale and cohesion. He was instrumental in solidifying a sense of cohesion and teamwork with his peers. His revitalization of the seven Army values encouraged his peers to improve the quality of professionalism and integrity within the unit. This type of dedication served as an example for other members in the platoon and played a motivational role for NCOs and Soldiers.

Battalion Tactical Operations Center

-As a Team Leader, SPC Alvarez's ability to resolve many varied and complex problems was evident in the success achieved by the 107th Engineer Battalion Tactical Operations Center. Through professional competence, ingenuity and patience, SPC Alvarez met and overcame the greatest obstacles to mission accomplishment.

-During a 15 day ARTEP at Ft McCoy, SPC Alvarez's professional and technical knowledge as a Team Leader was instrumental in successful operations during the most adverse weather conditions ever encountered. His can-do attitude to mission accomplishment impressed both 107Th Engineer Bn and Ft McCoy Cadre.

-As a LMTV and M1114 driver, SPC Alvarez logged over 100 accident-free ARTEP and combat missions. He demonstrated mature judgement as well as technical and tactical knowledge well beyond that expected of his skill level. His competence set the standard for others to follow and contributed directly to the completion of the 107th Engineer Battalion Mission.

-SPC Alvarez applied his civilian education and experience in sports to develop a Physical Fitness program which increased the Battalion Tactical Operations Center's overall Physical Fitness score an average of 25 points.

Ground Transportation NCOIC

o managed section single-handedly, relentless efforts ensured no mission failed, processed over 800 LMRS

o provided critical support to YUKON Task Force fielding and retrograde missions

Operations NCO

o handled all radio communications while QRF operations outside the wire to insure that all the trucks and A Troop staff had situational awareness

o worked long selfless hours to ensure that the operations center always had an nco on duty

o arranged logistical support for over 60 successful convoy operations

o coordinated maintenace support to ensure all vehicles were maintained and fully mission capable

o managed the dispatch office ensuring superior quality customer service to all personnel utilizing vehicles

o arranged weekly inspections to ensure equipment was being properly maintained, and that no fraud, waste, or abuse of government equipment was occurring

o close management of inventory maintained 100% accountability, reduced incidental losses and reduced annual budget requirement by 10%

o enforced adherence to established maintenance safegards, revised schedule methodology to increase vehicle availability

o expanded service to joint service personnel with no increase in equipment or personnel or decrease in service

o sound management of schedule and maintenance reduced vehicle failures and increased vehicle availability doubling mission capability in 6 months

Logistics NCO

o completed over 225 financial liability investigations, recovered over $10k

Movements Supervisor

o ensured the unit's movement of equipment and containers arrived in the combat zone with zero losses or damages

Materiel Movement NCO

SSG Johnson was responsible for the safety, security, and oversight of over 330 Heavy Equipment Transport convoys totaling over 9,500 load vehicles that travelled over 6.1 million miles and transported more than 100,000 tons of mission critical supplies all over the Kuwait and Iraq Theatre of Operation. His attention to detail was instrumental in the daily reporting of over 900 reports with 100 percents accuracy for convoys and personnel movement, along with emergency and maintenance reporting within MNC-I and ARCENT.

As the Day Shift Operations NCO, SSG Johnson ensured that the Battalion met 21 Required Delivery Dates and 20 Available Load Dates of over 11 BCTs without fail. His outstanding ability to communicate the commander's intent decreased convoy s turnaround time, on average by two days. SSG Johnson's ability to oversee three company Liaisons NCOs for tracking convoys throughout Iraq allowed the Battalion to have situational awareness at all times during the entire deployment cycle, epitomizing leadership.

SSG Johnson's ability to train, mentor, and sustain an outstanding Battalion tactical operation center was paramount to the overall success of the Battalion mission. His leadership ensured back haul, front haul, routes status, tracking reports, situational reports and mission analysis was executed to the highest standard during the entire deployment. SSG Johnson's attention to detail, experience, and dedication to the mission accomplish ensured success at every endeavor throughout the entire spectrum of the theater of operations.

SSG Johnson successfully tracked the movement of two Logistic Support Vessels and two Landing Craft Utility vessels that sailed over 50,000 nautical miles while transporting mission essential equipments and supplies through the Central Command Areas of operations without incident. SSG Johnson supervised the movement of the Battalion Off Post Personnel (OPA's) and White Escort movements in or around the Kuwait City and adjacent Forward Operating Bases without loss or damage to personnel and equipment.

o managed the relocation of motorpool consisting of 45 vehicles and 10 CONEX boxes of parts and supplies by road, rail, and sea from Sierra Army Depot to Mosul, Iraq --with no loss of cargo

Vehicle Driver

o completed the 40 hour HET NET training making him a valuable asset to the upcoming company mission in Iraq

o sucessfully tested and licensed his team on the 5-ton and hummvv

o SSG was chosen over all other NCOs to assume duties as the Company Key Control NCO; took program from substandard to a commendable rating from the Division Command Inspection in less than 60 days.

o assisted in the Battalion's Live Fire Exercise by processing seven vehicles and 23 Soldiers through the lanes with no safety violations; two Soldiers recognized with Battalion coins

o mentored three junior personnel on activation and mobilization processing

o delivered over $10,000,000 worth of class VII cargo for deploying units safely to the shipping port

o managed ammunition point for the battalion M2 range, efficiency recognized by battalion CSM

o trained three junior personnel in various aspects of mobilization preparation and processing which multiplied section effectiveness by reaching goal 3 weeks ahead of schedule

o helped conduct over 100 successful missions while deployed in support of Operation NEW DAWN


o qualified expert on assigned weapon and the M240B

o commended by the Commander for performance as NCOIC of the Battalion M249 Range; 60 out of 60 personnel qualified, increased Battalion strength and readiness

o facilitated movement of Company from JSS Maysan Province to COS Garry Owen to improve unit's quality of life and safety

o earned best M998 of the Quarter award in entire Battalion for three consecutive quarters

o volunteered over 100 hours of personal time coaching and studying with a Soldier from another squad; he made Soldier of the Quarter for the Company and Battalion

Master Driver

o best Master Driver instructor in company

o assisted in the training of 48 Soldiers on drivers' training; increased the readiness of the unit and Battalion to accomplish its wartime mission

o trained over 50 Soldiers on the M-915 tractor/M-871 trailer in preparation for Southwest Asia deployment

o selected over 12 other NCOs for assignment as Company Master Driver

o developed, implemented a driver/operator training and qualification tracking system, decreasing site qual time by 50%


SPC Appling played a vital role in the success of the 565th Quartermaster Company's transportation mission from July 11-April 13. As a driver of the M1075 PLS, his continuous vigilance and attention to safety resulted in the Truck Platoon logging over 7,000 accident-free miles. He provided transportation support for over 2,500 containers and the successful deployment and redeployment of the 1st Cavalry Division, the 29th Infantry Division and 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment without loss or damage.

SPC Appling contributed to the transportation support for Operation Clean Sweep which resulted in the timely and accurate turn-in of excess property from units assigned within the III Corps footprint. SPC Appling delivered over 275 pallets of different classes of supply valued at over $250,000 to various logistical hubs without loss or damage. He was also a vital part of the unit's multiple motor pool moves to include the Company's Wagonmaster Shift.

SPC Appling managed and processed approximately 1,500 turn-ins, which enabled the uninterrupted success of the Directorate of Logistics during an extended period of civilian employee shortage. SPC Appling served as a valued member of a team that provided a high level of support for the 13th Expeditionary Sustainment Command deploying and redeploying units.

SPC Appling's emphasis on discipline and high standards contributed to the unit's high morale. SPC Appling was instrumental in establishing a productive work environment and a healthy sense of morale within his company. His emphasis on the seven Army values encouraged his peers to improve the quality of professionalism and integrity within the unit. This type of dedication served as an example for other members in the platoon and played a motivational role for NCOs and Soldiers.


SGT Troup set the example by working numerous hours of overtime on evenings and weekends. As a M1088 operator, he ensured the safe transportation of equipment from the Rail Operations Center to various 1st Calvary Division sites across the most dangerous terrain ever encountered by this unit to assist the 1ST CAV DIV redeployment. He drove an astonishing 3,500 miles and moved 300 containers without incident.

SGT Troup's strong emphasis on safety and preparation resulted in zero breakdowns and accidents throughout his deployment. His contributions helped the 13th Expeditionary Sustainment Command provide critical equipment for deploying and returning units. This expedited the utilization of the equipment for the return to the fight against the enemy in the war on terrorism. He played a vital role in the safe loading and unloading and ultimately the delivery of over 2,500 containers from March to July 2012.

SGT Troup's exceptional operation of the M1088 with M871A3 trailor contributed to over 110 successful Class I Refer Van support missions to numerous units throughout III CORPS including 21st Combat Support Hospital Expert Field Medical Badge Testing and the 3rd BCT 1ST CAV DIV Gunnery exercise, logging over 10,000 accident-free miles and delivering Class I payload with a value over $1.5 million.

SGT Troup was a key player in the relocation and consolidation of the 553rd Combat Service Support Battalion and 180th Transportation Battalion motor pools, moving and integrating over 150 Conexes, 75 quad cons, 75 Individual Storage Unit (ISU) 90s, 46 M1088A1s, 65 M871 trailors, 40 M998s, 25 M1078s, 11 M10Ks, 6 M6Ks, and 26 refer van trailors.


Throughout his tenure with the unit, the depth and breadth of knowlege of Transportation systems, processes and equipment directly contributed to the exemplary performance of the 297th Cargo Transfer Company during their support of various deployments. His ability to quickly identify requirements and organize and orchestrate complex operations simultaneously and seamlessly proved him to be experienced well beyond his fellow soldiers.

SPC Clark's ability to safely operate the Kalmar (RT240) contributed to the 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) and 3rd Air Calvary Regiment deployments and redeployments to Iraq. During his tour of duty at Fort Hood he safely and quickly ensured that two major divisions were able to deploy and re-deploy. His technical and tactical proficiency enabled him to move 25,000 pieces of equipment ahead of schedule.

SPC Clark spearheaded the Fort Hood 4th Quarter plastic drive for FY 09 Winners by turning in over 500 pounds of plastic which were critical in the company recognition. SPC Clark's hard work and dedication not only on duty, but on his own time, enabled his platoon to win the 297th Ghostriders 1SG competition.

Motor Transport Operator

SPC Sims' excellent duty performance greatly contributed to this company executing over 100 missions in support of III Corps and Fort Hood. His dedication and professionalism directly contributed to the success of the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Special Troops Battalion. SPC Sims was continually vigilant and enforced safety at all times resulting in an accident free environment.

SPC Sims took great pride in the regular care and upkeep of his assigned equipment. He spent virtually all his spare time ensuring his assigned vehicle system was in top condition and at 10/20 standard. Due to his attention to detail, SPC Sims' vehicle was often singled out as the best in the fleet and an example for his peers to emulate. His assistance to others in the maintenance of their vehicles contributed to the unit maintaining a 95% operational readiness rate.

While assigned to the unit as a Motor Transport Operator, SPC Sims demonstrated unequalled technical competence and dedication to the mission. SPC Sims safely drove over 4,000 accident-free miles while transporting over 300 pieces of equipment to the Rail Head in preparation for the 4th Infantry Divisions Joint Readiness Training Center and National Readiness Training Center rotations.

While assigned as team leader, SPC Sims was involved in over 50 well-planned garrison missions with zero losses to Soldiers or equipment. SPC Sims successfully distributed over $500,000 worth of classes I, III (P), IV, and IX logistical supplies and equipment to various units throughout the Fort Hood installation.

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