Radio Operator/RTO DA 638 Examples

For diligence and extraordinary team building efforts in support of the 1-145th Field Artillery. SGT Young went above and beyond his assigned RTO duties and, on his own initiative, ensured all radios were working and trained Soldiers in his PLT and others on the expedient use of their various radio systems. In addition, using his knowledge of Fire Direction Control protocols, he trained and prepared operators for live fire exercises, resulting in greatly improved communications and subsequent battlefield coordination and success. The actions of SGT Young bring great credit upon himself, the 1-145th Field Artillery and the United States Army.

During this period, SGT Young demonstrated superb technical skills in support of the Communications Directorate, Combined Joint Task Force HOA while at forward operating location Tadjoura, Djibouti. He provided secure and non-secure, round-the-clock voice and data capability to 404th Civil Affairs personnel in order to keep command staff directorates apprised of current operations. His expertise was vital in the proper set up and configuration of radio equipment, blue force trackers, satellite phones, and Land Mobile Radios and radio procedures. In addition, he provided emergency communications support on multiple occasions to the 407th Civil Affairs team in Ali Sabieh, Djibouti. The relentless efforts of SGT Young bring great credit upon himself, the Combined Joint Task Force HOA and the United States Army.

During this period, SGT Mixon was assigned as the primary radio operator at the team house in Tadjoura, Djibouti, where he operated and maintained the single channel UHF radios and the Secure and Non-Secure Access Point terminal in support of the 407th Civil Affairs team. In addition, he supported three Civil Affairs team missions focused on strengthening local relationships in Tadjoura through team building activities. He also assisted Navy Coastal Riverine Squadron One in isolating and repairing deficiencies in their communications network, restoring comm for three patrol craft and ensuring mission readiness to protect high value assets from piracy. The actions of SGT Mixon bring great credit upon himself, the 407th Civil Affairs Team and the United States Army.

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