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Initial Counseling, OCONUS

[Also applicable for Reserve Soldiers drilling OCONUS; yes, we exist.]

Initial Counseling as (position) for (element)

Welcome to [unit].

Discuss the following topics:

Organizational - Team and Unit METL (Readiness), Chain of Command/NCO Support Channel, Command Policies and SOPs, Physical Fitness, Operation Tempo, and Organizational Goals

Professional - Individual Readiness (Flags, Official Passport, GTC, MRC, DRC, etc.) Duty Position, Additional Duties, NCO Rating Scheme, Evaluations and Rating Intervals, Professional Development Opportunities, Career Enhancement Opportunities, Civilian and Military Education, Equipment Maintenance and Accountability, Hand Receipt

Personal - Alert / Call Roster, Personal / Family circumstances, Family Support Group, Finances (Pay, Entitlements, etc.), Civilian Employment, Host Nation residence status

___Review Unit METL, Command Policies and SOPs
___Prepare for diagnostic APFT; the next APFT is scheduled for _________
___Review any standing continuity books and meet with your fellow team leaders
___Conduct initial counseling of your subordinate leaders
___Provide verification of your last NCOER
___Conduct inventory of your assigned equipment (Hand Receipt) by _______________
___Provide contact info relative to the FRG

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